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Happy birthday to Blink


I share your sentiments is good to see a start up do so well. From what I hear Blink are acting as a driver of change in the industry, risky but also possibly needed and therefore justified. The long terms rewards will be indicative of their early success.

So I'm going to wish them congratulations on their first birthday and wishing them all the best for years to come...
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Highflight. Accepted. Group hu..............well let's not go that far

The point of responding to CV's is valid. I know they're busy and probably swamped but there are a number of valid reasons for at least sending a holding reply and it would be nice to see Blink doing so. I think they'll be a success but an appreciative audience always helps.
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As a matter of interest, just how many A/C do Blink own/fly?

This is not a dig, but looks like a great smoke and mirrors PR job with few assets in the air.

Anyway, good luck to them!
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Old 10th Jun 2009, 14:37
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Duck Rogers
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Originally Posted by Clear Prop
....... just how many A/C do Blink own/fly?
Originally Posted by Highflight420
The fourth aircraft has been in the UK for some time and has just been activated, the fifth aircraft is to be delivered shortly

Bizjet forum rule number 6969, para 2, sub-section B. "Anyone posting without reading a thread will be hung by the ankles and ridiculed"'

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Red face

OOPS!...painfull ankles and a feeling of ridicule!
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Old 11th Jun 2009, 09:46
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Thumbs down Replying to applications

I am another who applied for CP without the benefit of a reply. It was a serious application from someone with great and varied experience and it is a pure insult not to hear back. In my experience firms who treat applicants correctly are usually better run than average.
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Old 11th Jun 2009, 14:13
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I sympathize with you.

NJE used to play that game. Their attitude was the result of a big dose of "hard ball" and an over dose of testosterone. "We can kick big arse" type of guys.

Now the NJE cheerleaders will argue "well we are a big company and you get this sort of thing". Not so. BA don't attract anywhere near the venomous posts that NJE have written up on this site. VS is slightly different for obvious reasons......
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Old 16th Jun 2009, 16:41
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The present situation is that the company has an enourmous amount of applications( over 300) to sift through and not only for pilots, and only one part time HR lady to cope.

I believe that some applications that have been submitted through agencies have had a reply to the agency.

The company has recently installed an automated reply system, which should help.

Please accept our apologies if we havent got back to you, we are working hard to resolve the situation ...even if it doesnt seem so.

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I applied for a ground position last week through a well known 'aviation job search' website, and received a response almost immediately from Blink. The auto response seems to be working fine through them.

Now whether I here any further is a different matter
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I have been proven wrong so far with my "gone in a Blink' statement in the past but still feels the company defies the laws of economy so far... Interesting to watch
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Ironic really. There is a certain element of Netjets crew who swan around the fbo's like they own the place and are quick to put down start-ups and smaller operations yet Blink and others like them who have been on the receiving end of this elitism aren't the ones laying off 25% of their pilots.

Looks like there is something to be said for keeping your head down instead of telling the world how good you (think you) are.
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Old 19th Jun 2009, 09:25
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Beer Hunter, Well said!!!
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I dont know the specific details about the Blink operation but from what I hear and see from the industry they are becoming a very well respected company indeed.

A strong product offer in a new aircraft, a very experienced and renowned training team, a mean lean operational overhead and a bunch of enthusiastic individuals who are working well together to make clients feel wanted and loved. Whats not to like?

Beer Hunter perhaps the NetJets crew bemoaning Blink's success are just seething?!

I'm sold thats for sure.
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Having been invited to a Captain assessment day next week at Blink.
Does anybody know what they are paying for captains
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Old 24th Jun 2009, 16:19
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it is based on experience levels, above 50k definately
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 20:06
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Thanks Dingbat
Anybody know what the roster/lifestyle is like ?
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 21:49
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RE Blink

Hiya next aircraft GFBKA was delivered to Bournemouth last friday night,
hopefully in service soon.

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I know they need to learn how to answer their phones! Spent 45 minutes yesterday trying to get through - booked somewhere else in the end!
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I hear that they are also going to start charging low-timers for their type ratings. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't new aircraft normally come with free TR's?

Shoddy practice and the behaviour of shysters if true.
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they have been looking for Pilots, Marketing staff, sales staff, ops staff. for the last 8 months. everyone who sends them there CV are not in there eyes up to it. they have 5/6 recruitment agancys loooking for staff for them and they are all getting the hump because they always say no. I know at least 10 people that have gone for a sales job there who have 5-10 years as Manager/Coms Dir in private jet companys but still not good enough.
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