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dook 3rd Apr 2020 09:12

That must be the Me262 with propeller fitted.

At the time the jet engines were not ready so for airframe testing a Jumo 210 engine was fitted.

Herod 3rd Apr 2020 13:06

I think Dook's right on that one.
From Wiki "Test flights began on 18 April 1941, with the Me 262 V1 example, bearing its Stammkennzeichen radio code letters of PC+UA, but since its intended BMW 003turbojets were not ready for fitting, a conventional Junkers Jumo 210 engine was mounted in the V1 prototype's nose, driving a propeller, to test the Me 262 V1 airframe.[27] When the BMW 003 engines were installed, the Jumo was retained for safety, which proved wise as both 003s failed during the first flight and the pilot had to land using the nose-mounted engine alone"

Nige321 3rd Apr 2020 18:02

I know this is a model, but I suspect it's a model of a real aircraft.
Any ideas??!


dook 3rd Apr 2020 18:34

Junkers Ju352 (Herkules).

Nige321 3rd Apr 2020 19:10

dook - Thank you! Put me out of my mysery...!

Looks like it's a testbed for a differnt (lighter!) engine...

Update: It's a Ju 252...

And a video of the model flying...

Terry Dactil 3rd Apr 2020 19:16

Yes, the original challenge was the Me262 prototype when they did not trust the jet engines.
I did not know anything about this until stumbling across this in a video recently.
Dook has control


dook 3rd Apr 2020 19:50

Thank you TD.


MReyn24050 4th Apr 2020 19:54

Well 24 hours no takers. I say it is Capt R H Stocken's glider No 27 taking part in the Daily Mail Glider Compeition in 1922 at Itford Hill East Sussex.

dook 5th Apr 2020 16:18

Now that MReyn has given the game away is anyone going to name the aircraft ?

fauteuil volant 5th Apr 2020 17:54

I wonder if the good captain had French connections and wanted Airdisco to name it either Fi-fi or Pi-pi, rather than the rather latinised spelling? :hmm:

dook 5th Apr 2020 18:01

I think he did.

Your Thread.

MReyn24050 5th Apr 2020 18:46

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10740431)
Now that MReyn has given the game away is anyone going to name the aircraft ?

It was not my intention to give the game away. I found the photograph of Capt R H Stocken's glider at the Daily Mail Glider Competition at Itford Hill and in the photograph it was numbered 27 there was no reference to the craft's name. If that was not what you were looking for then I would have expected you to say that my answer was not what you were looking for and requested the aircraft's name.. .

dook 5th Apr 2020 18:57

Well, the title of this thread is Name that Flying Machine.

The name of the aircraft was Aircraft Disposal Company Monoplane Phi-Phi.

I would have accepted Ph-Phi.

dook 5th Apr 2020 19:03


fauteuil volant 5th Apr 2020 19:11

My contribution was peripheral. Mreyn24050 identified the glider. As far as I'm concerned, he has control.

dook 5th Apr 2020 19:19

Your prerogative.

MReyn has the helm.

MReyn24050 6th Apr 2020 09:02

Originally Posted by fauteuil volant (Post 10740557)
My contribution was peripheral. Mreyn24050 identified the glider. As far as I'm concerned, he has control.

Thank you fauteuil volant but dook is correct the name of the game is "Name that Flying Machine" therefore the honour id yours.

fauteuil volant 6th Apr 2020 09:53

Very well. In the spirit of the preceding challenge and in order to move on without acrimony, what I would like to be told are the identities of the machines from which that illustrated below emanated and, for bonus points, how much it cost to construct it!


dook 6th Apr 2020 15:41

1922 Brokker glider by Alec Gray and W. J. Buchanan.

It combined the wing of a Fokker D.VII with an engineless Bristol F.2 Fighter fuselage.

Total cost 18/6 or 92.5 p.

Did you find that whilst searching for mine ?

fauteuil volant 6th Apr 2020 17:47

Correct on all counts! Back to you, sir.

The constituent parts of the 18/6 outlay were:

5/- fuselage
5/- wing
8/6 fittings, dope, etc..

Those were the days when you could make yourself an aeroplane for less than a quid!

And in response to your question, the answer is no. The information came from 'The Story of Gliding' by Ann Welch - which has been in my library for more decades than I care to recollect - and my own research, which appears on another forum, concerning the Itford competition (q.v. http://sussexhistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=2277.15). If it interests anyone, there is a good deal on that forum concerning early gliding in Sussex and the county's pre-war gliding clubs.

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