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ATSA1 7th Apr 2020 19:21

looks a bit like britain first

India Four Two 7th Apr 2020 19:58

Yes, the Caproni Ca.310. Not very successful as it didn't live up to the brochure performance.

ATSA1, from head on, yes, but not when viewed from the side:


Wiki says that Caproni were hoping for a trainer order from the RAF, but that fell through when Mussolini joined forces with Hitler!

Here's the only one left, in Norway of all places:


dook has control.

dook 7th Apr 2020 20:01

Cheers I42.

Someone else please shoot.


FlightlessParrot 8th Apr 2020 05:25

Originally Posted by Tarq57 (Post 10742079)
Accessing the Sussexhistoryforum site no problem, here, also in NZ.

So it's not the Coriolis force. Rum.

Buster11 8th Apr 2020 13:50


OK, it's gone a bit quiet, so how about this ?

dook 8th Apr 2020 19:10

I have been searching for quite a while so far.

Was it an extreme-stagger sesquiplane or a modified parasol ?

Buster11 8th Apr 2020 19:29

Seems to have been the former.

dook 9th Apr 2020 11:00

Was it made by Pander ?

Buster11 9th Apr 2020 11:49

Not Pander. Way to the south-east

dook 9th Apr 2020 12:02

Is Italy too far ?

Buster11 9th Apr 2020 12:40

A bit easter (Happy Easter anyway...).

dook 9th Apr 2020 12:54

Maybe what was Yugoslavia.

Buster11 9th Apr 2020 15:21

Keep going.

dook 9th Apr 2020 15:24

Thinking of countries with aircraft industries way back.

Romania ?

Buster11 9th Apr 2020 17:45

Got it. That's narrowed it down a bit.

MReyn24050 9th Apr 2020 21:47

I believe it is the Aeronautical Arsenal of Bucharest Aeron Second prototype.

Buster11 10th Apr 2020 11:26

10/10, MR. I haven't see that drawing though. You have the baton.

MReyn24050 10th Apr 2020 11:36

Originally Posted by Buster11 (Post 10745645)
10/10, MR. I haven't see that drawing though. You have the baton.

Thanks here is the next:-

dook 10th Apr 2020 14:13

Grain Griffin

Self loading bear 10th Apr 2020 14:17

I already thought I recognized that one.
You did the same (other photo) on 7 December last year.
But Dook is the fair winner!

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