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MReyn24050 14th Apr 2020 10:12

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10748831)
The fuselage was indeed basically a Nieuport. At the time of the photograph the engine had not been decided.

Just some thoughts. There is something very different about this Parasol, aircraft. The wing looks really solid almost like Junkers J21 wing. The elevators are also large could they be called elevons? The quality of the photograph is poor and would indicate early 1910s yet the size of the hanger would suggest a date later than that.

MReyn24050 14th Apr 2020 11:42


Found it. The aircraft is the Malinowski's Stemal III first flew August 1922.

MReyn24050 14th Apr 2020 15:35

It appears that “dook” is unable to post on the Aviation History and Nostalgia threads at present I have been informed that the challenge photograph is from the Flight Magazine of 15th March 1923, as reported on the Avia DejeVu website, and is of an aircraft under trial by the Aircraft Disposal Co (ADC) Ltd. In the Flight report it is stated that ADC had recently secured a design in which the camber of the wing was able to be varied.

Flight Magazine report:-

“An experimental machine incorporating this feature arrived at the Waddon factory some weeks ago, and we understand that flying tests will be carried out shortly. The machine is stated to have been flown by the original makers, but the A.D.C. desire to carry out thorough tests of their own before finally deciding on the merits of the design.”

The Malinowski Stemal-III (Type-III) was an experimental airplane based on a fuselage
of Nieuport 83 with a mutated parasol high-wing, built and flown in Poland in1922.

According to the Airwar.ru website:- “The Malinowski’s aircraft allegedly called Stemal III , was sent to Warsaw, where on August 12, 1922, Lt. Col. Kossovsky circled it. However, the characteristics of the aircraft were unsatisfactory and soon the aircraft was left on the edge of the airfield and soon became unusable”

I believe the aircraft which arrived at Waddon was the Stemal III.

Open House.

fauteuil volant 16th Apr 2020 09:24

Here's something that shouldn't tax too many for too long .....


sablatnic 17th Apr 2020 14:15

It has a bit of that Delgado look, but then again it hasn't - interesting!

fauteuil volant 17th Apr 2020 14:28

I'm not sure what a Delgado looks like - but this isn't one!

MReyn24050 17th Apr 2020 18:28

Is it from Italy?

fauteuil volant 17th Apr 2020 19:01

Nope, not Italiano. It evolved out of a racer that didn't race, becoming a fighter that didn't fight. It was developed before WW2, but the photograph posted is of it after WW2.

fauteuil volant 18th Apr 2020 11:18

Oh well, it doesn't seem that there is much interest in this offering so I'll bring it to an end. It is the 1939 Nennig C.5, developed from and using components of the Nennig C.3. The C.3 was constructed for the 1935 Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe, but wasn't ready in time to compete. The C.5 was constructed as a fighter, but it wasn't completed before the Fall of France. It survived the war in the care of Amiot and was restored for exhibition in Bordeaux in 1948. I don't know what became of it subsequently. Open house, please.

Self loading bear 18th Apr 2020 12:32


I was searching by looking for French race aircraft but could not find it.
The various threads are all quite slow.
You should not blame it on your challenge!
Nice aircraft!

Buster11 18th Apr 2020 16:28

OK, here's another one with its tail on a trestle.

MReyn24050 21st Apr 2020 10:56

The aircraft looks to be a possible racing aircraft or one built to break a speed record. It is similar to the Gloucestershire Mars.I. Is the aircraft from France or the USA?.

Buster11 21st Apr 2020 20:08

Neither France nor USA.

Self loading bear 22nd Apr 2020 20:01

An inverted sesquiplane.
Not so many of those.
Looks a bit like AVRO avenger but definitely different tail.
Am I on the right track?

Buster11 22nd Apr 2020 22:14

Not English. Head south.

Buster11 23rd Apr 2020 09:54

Ignore that 'Head south'. The brain cell's clearly under some strain here. Try east from France instead.

fauteuil volant 23rd Apr 2020 11:24

Don't worry, Buster11. I once described the site of a 1920s flying field as being 'south of Brighton' - and wondered why I was met with a very puzzled look - before realising that I had made an unwitting 180 error and wasn't talking about seaplanes!

MReyn24050 23rd Apr 2020 15:37

It has to be the Czech Avia BH6.

Buster11 23rd Apr 2020 15:45

Got it MR. Well done. Passed to you for action.

Background Noise 23rd Apr 2020 18:03

Can I jump in - with MR's permission? This is a genuine question since I don't know what it is. Seen at the side of the road in a scrap yard or 'private collection' in north Texas. Any ideas please...


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