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dook 31st Mar 2020 15:32

But it's not a Stampe nor Belgian.

Go west.

Asturias56 31st Mar 2020 15:48

So USA? The building in the background suggest America rather than the UK or Ireland.....

treadigraph 31st Mar 2020 15:53

Looks like there might be a US registration under the wing! Gear legs look similar to some Wacos but it's not otherwise like any Waco I can recall.

dook 31st Mar 2020 15:55

It was indeed American.

It wasn't a Waco though.

Only one made.

MReyn24050 31st Mar 2020 18:08

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10734721)
It was indeed American.

It wasn't a Waco though.

Only one made.

There is something special about this aircraft. .

DaveReidUK 31st Mar 2020 19:04

Originally Posted by MReyn24050 (Post 10734831)
There is something special about this aircraft. .

A very diplomatic answer. :O

dook 31st Mar 2020 19:06


If you know what it is then say so.

MReyn24050 31st Mar 2020 21:59

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10734885)

If you know what it is then say so.

I have no idea what the aircraft other than it looks a bit special There appears to be a large space between the engine and cockpit possibly holding a large fuel rank. There appears to be additional strengthening at the attachment of the cabane struts.to wing.

DaveReidUK 31st Mar 2020 22:12

Sorry, tied up doing an online quiz with the kids for the last couple of hours. :O

It's the one-off 1937 Collier CA-1 Ambassador (reg NX17610 just visible under the wing).

Open House, please.

Asturias56 1st Apr 2020 08:23

What was special about it?

dook 1st Apr 2020 09:42

Hawkeye DRUK has got it.

I don't know why I didn't airbrush out the registration - I usually do.

OH has been called.

PDR1 1st Apr 2020 14:59

This one may not be British...


dook 1st Apr 2020 15:16

That must have a second set of wings. :uhoh:

PDR1 1st Apr 2020 15:54

You may think that - I couldn't possibly comment...:oh:


dook 1st Apr 2020 16:32


Oertz W6 Flugschoner.

PDR1 1st Apr 2020 18:48

Image searches makes this too easy!

Dook has the chair


dook 1st Apr 2020 19:05

Well, it wasn't too difficult to find.

Had you erased the markings it would have been more difficult.

German, double biplane flying boat.

Someone else put one up.


Terry Dactil 2nd Apr 2020 23:27

It's gone a bit quiet here, so try this one ...


India Four Two 2nd Apr 2020 23:51

Well, that certainly doesn't look like a Fisherman's Bend product! ;)

Terry Dactil 3rd Apr 2020 00:32

Only about 16,000 km away from Fisherman's Bend. :)

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