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nvubu 21st Oct 2019 19:59

Name that Flying Machine
After the image of the Stanley 12-904 Bailey No. 4 9-3/4" Smooth Bench Plane - I'll start the thread.


dook 21st Oct 2019 20:14

A Rumpler model ?

Wait until SincoTC gets here - he'll bag them all !

nvubu 21st Oct 2019 20:27

Interesting .... On further research (i.e. searching for Rumpler) my source documents are showing it having the has the same model name as a Rumpler, but the side on view is different and the manufacturer named is different. There are a few aircraft in my source documents that say "similar to Rumpler but...."

So not a Rumpler.

dook 21st Oct 2019 20:27

Rumpler C-VIII maybe.

Posts crossed.

I don't think Rumplers had "names" - just a letter and number.

It might therefore be an AEG.

nvubu 21st Oct 2019 20:38

Definitely not a Rumpler.
Manufacturer founded in 1911.

nvubu 21st Oct 2019 20:43

Yes - Letter/number combination same as a Rumpler.

Not an AEG.

One of the founders of the company was the son of a famous inventor.

dook 21st Oct 2019 20:49

Might well be an AGO.

nvubu 21st Oct 2019 20:56

Yes - it is an AGO C.iv. When I looked up Rumpler, I found their C.iv - which threw me a bit.

I'd never heard of AGO until today, founder - Gustav Otto, son of Nikolaus Otto - the Otto engine.
Company closed by 1928, resurrected by the Nazis in 1933.

Your turn.

dook 21st Oct 2019 21:02

I used to belong to another site doing this sort of thing. Must dig out the reference sites again.

This was your AGO....


dook 22nd Oct 2019 09:24

Good day all.

There have been some strange things built in the past.

This is one of them.


nvubu 22nd Oct 2019 11:55

Rocket powered?

dook 22nd Oct 2019 12:10

Piston engine pusher prop.

"lifting body".

dook 22nd Oct 2019 13:09

Another view...


nvubu 22nd Oct 2019 13:19

Aereon 26....

dook 22nd Oct 2019 13:31

Thar ye go. :ok:

Aeron 26 it is.

May we have another.

nvubu 22nd Oct 2019 13:40

Thank you, and here's the next one.


dook 22nd Oct 2019 13:54

I thought it was a Sikorsky but it isn't.

Onwards wearing out my keyboard....

nvubu 22nd Oct 2019 14:15

You are correct, it isn't a Sikorsky.

chevvron 22nd Oct 2019 15:01

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10600620)
Piston engine pusher prop.

"lifting body".

And intended to be filled with helium I believe, so really a dirigible.

dook 22nd Oct 2019 15:46

Only a later enlarged model. That one wasn't.

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