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Beamr 14th Sep 2021 11:09

Whats this, a Plywood Gazelle?

Noyade 15th Sep 2021 04:13

Tis another from the land of wombats and wallabies.
Construction started in 1960 and one site says it flew in 1970. Never registered.
Powered by a Gypsy major engine.
Ended its days as a rather fast (59mph) swamp boat.

The designer also built a light aircraft in the 1930s, that was at one stage flown by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

Planemike 15th Sep 2021 08:48

More likely a GIpsy engine...!!!

Asturias56 15th Sep 2021 17:24

The only helicopter I can find is the VTOL Aircraft Phillicopter in Oz at that period - but it isn't that

Noyade 16th Sep 2021 04:11

Originally Posted by Planemike (Post 11111426)
More likely a GIpsy engine...!!!

Yes - my apologies to de Havilland. :ouch:


Beamr 16th Sep 2021 05:24

ahah, Wikner Wikopter!

Noyade 16th Sep 2021 05:35

Originally Posted by Beamr (Post 11111910)
Wikner Wikopter!

Very well done mate! :ok:
Over to you.

treadigraph 16th Sep 2021 05:42

Did you find that on Wikopedia ? :}

Beamr 16th Sep 2021 05:47

We'll make a very fast turnaround then, how about this?


Pypard 16th Sep 2021 08:23

Ivchenko AI-20L or AI-20M turboprop? No idea who makes the propeller.

treadigraph 16th Sep 2021 08:53

One of them Russian WIG thingies?

treadigraph 16th Sep 2021 15:50

I was thinking of the A-90 Orlyonok - very similar fin top engine installation and tail planes but not identical. Hmmmm...

Beamr 16th Sep 2021 16:56

Engine is correct by Pypard, and Treadigraph is on the tracks.

Noyade 16th Sep 2021 21:10

Originally Posted by Beamr (Post 11112198)
Engine is correct by Pypard, and Treadigraph is on the tracks.

The SM-6 Ekranoplan?

Beamr 17th Sep 2021 10:39

Indeed, Alekseev SM-6, the base of which the Orlyonok was a further development. Your call, Noyade!

Noyade 17th Sep 2021 20:36

Originally Posted by Beamr (Post 11112507)
Your call, Noyade!

I call on Treadigraph to come forward and take control your Honour. :ok:

treadigraph 18th Sep 2021 10:25

I'd never have got that in a million years :) and in any case I'm out and about at present, so open house!

treadigraph 19th Sep 2021 09:04

No takers? OK, try this, I don't imagine it will last long as if I had heard of it... and no bonus points for the car!


Beamr 19th Sep 2021 09:10

Not quite Flipper although looks a bit like dolphin.

Oh yeah, and the car is not an E-type, it's XK-E :p

treadigraph 19th Sep 2021 12:41

Yes I can certainly see your sense of porpoise there...

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