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JENKINS 24th Dec 2019 12:01

There seems to be a space left by my old chum, so how seasonal is this? Never been even close to this one, albeit in a neighbouring country in my travails.

Asturias56 24th Dec 2019 15:00

Not very seasonal as it's Easter Island.

i'm travelling so open house and seasons greetings

chevvron 24th Dec 2019 15:12

Originally Posted by asw28-866 (Post 10646495)
Bravo, sycamore has it Biggin Hill it is. This is a post Air Fair shot taken in 1972 when Sportair flying club were about to depart for the annual trip to the Sportavia Fournier factory in Germany. Aircraft are lined up along the edge of runway 29/11 looking West towards the then still active (OASC) RAF side, not too far from where the below image was taken.

You have the Christmas control.

No they're not on 29/11, that was always in good nick; I would say they're on the disused runway which is now taxiway C roughly the old 04/22.

JENKINS 24th Dec 2019 15:24

Yes Easter Island, I became confused with the seasons! Asturias 56 has correct ident. OH declared.

Flap40 24th Dec 2019 16:07

Vaguely topical.

Self loading bear 24th Dec 2019 16:54

Flap40 24th Dec 2019 17:36

Well that the country correct.

Self loading bear 24th Dec 2019 20:17

Then I will give others a try first.

mustbeaboeing 24th Dec 2019 22:32

Seasons Greetings

Mulga Dalaman LTBS. DLM I think.

if correct Open House

Flap40 24th Dec 2019 22:42

Sorry, it’s not Dalaman.

mustbeaboeing 24th Dec 2019 22:59

Ok I’ll try round the corner ........

Milas Bodrum LTFE BJV

Hopefully my counting the light towers was correct this time.

Open House if correct

Flap40 25th Dec 2019 07:57

Yes, a rather quiet Bodrum at the end of the season. We were the only aircraft on the international terminal.

OH has been declared.

Haven't a clue 25th Dec 2019 10:45

A festive farewell on departure


Jn14:6 25th Dec 2019 16:56

OH, if, by some miracle correct!

Haven't a clue 25th Dec 2019 18:26

Right country, but the island to the north

Haven't a clue 25th Dec 2019 19:19

Does this help?


Jn14:6 26th Dec 2019 08:19

Sapporo/New Chitose?
Still OH if right!

Haven't a clue 26th Dec 2019 08:46

Getting warmer, But still further north.....


Haven't a clue 26th Dec 2019 15:41

This is close to the home of Japan's beautiful Red-Crowned Cranes. Zooming out both my image and the Google Earth shot will reveal the name of this aerodrome. I can put up the former, but perhaps best to wait a bit to see if anyone can find the latter.

Rather than hog the thread I will put up one or the other if nothing has appeared by tomorrow morning, say 10.00z.

SMOKEON 26th Dec 2019 16:17

Kushiro Airport, Hokkaido?

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