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Dizzy Llama 10th Nov 2009 07:59

(she's currently 10 months old)...http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/tongue.gif
the timing should be great - just ready to start Primary School in Dubai/Ireland/Germany (select appropriate) !! :ok:

brissyboy 13th Nov 2009 00:35

Hey enemyMIG

Congrats on the tower offer nice one - quick question are you a new entrant or one with previous experience? I checked the box to be considered for tower course but I know chances are very slim. Just going for panel / board interview in a couple of weeks. Is tower course still down in melbourne?

enemyMiG 13th Nov 2009 11:51

Hi brissyboy

I'm a new entrant with no previous experience other than having a crack back in '05 and just missing out on getting to the interview.
(They gave the results at the end of the day's testing back then - damned SORT test!)
I also checked the Tower course box.

The training will be done in Melbourne, apparently sharing a class with the Enroute guys for the first couple of months before diverging.
Check out jrbridge's post on Aug 29 for a rundown of the topics covered.

Good Luck

fivel 16th Nov 2009 10:12

Well I would encourage anyone who is waiting on the merit list to contact ASA to get more information.
After a few emails and phone calls I was finally replied back to. Unfortunately informed that i'll probably make it for a June intake not the March. Still it's good that i have a bit more of an idea now. And im glad they finally insured me they were still processing me.

I just wonder that if I didn't annoy them they would have never told me anything. So I could be waiting thinking at any moment I would have 9 weeks to get to Melbourne. At least now I know I have about 6 months and can better organise my life.

Still with all these little things I am looking forward to starting ATC. I recon though i'll study up a bit before hand so i don't find the first month too overwhelming

good luck everyone

gemmy 19th Nov 2009 01:31

I know this is still a fair way out, but if anyone happens to have a spare room or knows of someone looking for a roomie around mid Feb (near Melbs Airport), let me know.. as I will be starting at the Academy on March 1st.

I was going to move all my furniture down, but would prefer to wait and see where I'll end up getting posted.

Thanks !!:ok:

Cuong 19th Nov 2009 11:32

Behavioural Interview
Hi guys
Just had my interview in Sydney for the 2010 intake, among the first to get it done.
Some info that people may find useful, out of about 1300 applicants they cut out 1200 through the psychometric testing and phone interview and are interviewing about 100 people. Was told that I can expect to get an email early next year about making it onto the merit list, and most likely won't get an offer till towards the end of next year.
I've read through all the information in this thread and it has been a major help throughout the application process, so thanks to everyone for sharing that information!
Not too many people have talked about what to expect from the behavioural interview, so might throw in my bit.
First question was informal, give a bit of background information about yourself. From then on the questions all involved things that have happened in your previous experiences, things like stressful situations, matters of safety, working with people you don't like. What they're looking for in the answer (which I was told by Casey AFTER my interview was over) is how you responded to the situations you were involved in from a safety point of view, as in, you did what you could to ensure a positive outcome whatever the situation.
Another forum I found very useful in preparation for the interview is here: FAA | ATC Interview Guide - Air Traffic Control - ATC - Aviation
Although not all those questions were asked, if you prepare good in-depth answers to those questions then you should be all sweet for the interview.

gemmy 19th Nov 2009 23:33

Well done on getting through your interview Cuong... now the `waiting game' begins. Welcome to it !

A lot of new applicants who are about to attend their interview will thank you for adding more detail about the interview, but a little hint.. you are also up against about another 99 people for the highest spots on the OOM list, so you've perhaps just helped out a few before you even have your place on the list :-). But very nice of you... haha.

Cuong 20th Nov 2009 07:52

I realise that Gemmy...
But I'm sure that not everyone going for the interview will be reading this... and those that are reading this are at least doing some research and should be rewarded a little :)
Plus I'm feeling fairly confident about making it onto the merit list, fingers crossed that it will be on the top end of it!

And yes the waiting game >< Time to figure out what to do for the next year...

Cuong 20th Nov 2009 09:24

Also, Casey mentioned that EVERYONE currently sitting on the order of merit list from last year's intake WILL get offered positions before they start with this year's list, just a matter of whether it's towards the beginning of next year or mid way. So yea, just in case you had doubts as to if you'd ever get an offer.

Casey also mentioned that she was happy for people to email her in regards to the progress of their application (if they've been waiting for yonks), so there's no need to worry about annoying her.

twisties 20th Nov 2009 10:41


Good work


Whilst you are giving out advice you may want to drop continually talking about your time in the RAAF you may risk putting some people off side. That said congrats on getting through the process thus far hopefully it all works out well for you.

Toboto 20th Nov 2009 21:31

I've emailed her on the 6th of september and the start of this week still no reply.

Amygdala1 20th Nov 2009 23:24

Gemmy '' or alternatively you may impress those privileged who have an awareness of what you are talking about. Beware of poor advice my friend and watch for the hidden agenda or jealousies.:rolleyes:

watsup 20th Nov 2009 23:46

agree with you guys....Gemmy, get a life....

gemmy 21st Nov 2009 00:45

Thanks Twisties.. I'll take that on board. But I also haven't mentioned the RAAF in this Thread since last month. Sorry, it's the only thing I can relate to at this stage in my life.. sad hey!

Watsup... nice contribution to this thread. But I looked at your past posts & this isn't the first time you've had a go at someone as opposed to constructive advice in a thread!

If you read back over this whole thread you'll see that I too have provided good advice for those applying & relating them to my experience.. it is what the thread is about after all.. it's not title `let's attack each other' thread. If this is what people are like in AsA.. than I can see why low moral is a hot topic amongst current controllers.!

Good Luck to all current applicants !

enemyMiG 21st Nov 2009 04:49


Things pretty quiet in Hong Kong are they?
Got nothing better to do than post on forums unrelated to yourself?
Get a life?
Are you serious? :hmm:

fivel 21st Nov 2009 23:33

settle down boys. :)

Toboto, I waited a month after emailing before I got a reply. So don't give up.

Coung said that Casey is happy to reply, I understand that she is busy and gets around to her emails eventually. But if she knows people have been waiting long, it would be nice if she sent a group email just to keep the communication afloat.

If you get a reply that you start in June you could be starting with me. Though i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.

brissyboy 23rd Nov 2009 02:59

Nice post TAAATS cheers

enemyMiG 23rd Nov 2009 11:29

Took a couple of sessions to get through the 87-odd minutes though! :ok:

Brains512 26th Nov 2009 04:47

Thanks for the info Cuong, got my interview tomorrow :eek: should hopefully be alright

ricciuto2 27th Nov 2009 03:13

Brains let me know how it goes, mine's on monday!

mikethepomme 30th Nov 2009 23:13

Got a confirmation today for the March course. Contract will be in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

The waiting is finally over! Anyone else finding out they are on the course please send me a message. I’ll probably be looking for accommodation

gemmy 30th Nov 2009 23:57

Congrats MikethePom,

I too got confirmation for March 1st - Enroute. I will also be needing to find accom !!

Where is your posting after successfully completing course? Mine is Melbs!!

mikethepomme 1st Dec 2009 00:00

Sunny Brisbane, enroute too.

Congrats to you also :ok:

PerkyBog 1st Dec 2009 00:55

G'day guys. I thought I'd get in on the action and let you know I just got the call saying I'm starting march 1st as well. For a position in brissy.
Thought I'd never hear anything...

mikethepomme 1st Dec 2009 01:01

Congrats Perky, i guess in a way we are lucky... still courses going on in june, others will have to wait another couple of months. 15 months ago i applied, worth the wait though i'm sure.

gemmy 1st Dec 2009 01:13

Congrats Perky.. ! Will you be relocating to melbs..? We should all try & meet up a week before course starts & catch up over a few drinks! :)

PerkyBog 1st Dec 2009 02:24

Yeah, my fiancée and I will be moving down there for the year. Not sure how I'll handle the weather, but it's only a year so I guess I'll just have to suck it up!
Now all the fun stuff begins like getting the house ready to be rented out, storing furniture that we're not taking, etc. Oh, and looking for a new job for the missus!
Congrats to you guys too!

gemmy 1st Dec 2009 03:38

Oh yes, the joys of relocating is always fun... NOT !

The weather isn't as bad as everyone makes out.. I lived there a couple of years ago & you'll be amazed at how much Melbournians embrace the weather - nothing deters them from being outdoors at sporting events/cafes etc !! I can't wait to get back there.

I'll be moving down mid Feb to settle in.

fivel 1st Dec 2009 04:32

Congrats on the news guys.

enemyMiG 1st Dec 2009 09:12

Well done, people!

Everyone else, hang in there!

mont 1st Dec 2009 09:42

I received a verbal phonecall offer today aswell. Melbourne enroute March 1st. Can't wait to start.

V11 1st Dec 2009 12:05

Got the call today for the March course - Melbourne enroute. Well done to everyone and yep it would be great to catch up before class.

1208PUNK 1st Dec 2009 15:55

good news all around
wow seems they all emailed/contacted everyone in one foul swoop......1st march also melbourne.see some of you guys there.good luck to others placed in brisbane! just have to bare one more month of this horrible irish winter and then im outa here back to the good old land of oz!

PS if anyone is considering accommodation sharing please let me know! id def consider it though having been in melbourne many times im thinking of locating near st kilda and doin the travelling by car (know doesnt make much sense but this is prob my fav area of melbourne).any other suggestions would be welcomed!

gemmy 2nd Dec 2009 03:41

Congrats to everyone else that got accepted onto March course. It appears at this stage approx 6-8 males, 2 females!

1208Punk... St Kilda is a great place to live, although perhaps not ideal for whilst at the academy.. you will start at 0730 each day, so would be battling with traffic, plus tolls each way daily.. & not a huge income for 12mths.
I plan on Port Melbs (I have lived in St Kilda & Southbank previously) - If & when I graduate. However will look to live close to the airport whilst studying. As I don't want to waste 2hrs a day travelling when that could be spent studying.!!

Will be great to all catch up just prior to starting course though! :-)

p.s... who is posted to Melbs after successfully completing course?

gemmy 2nd Dec 2009 03:43

TAAATS.. Great point re: passing etc!! And yes, There are interviews at the moment.. so HR advised me on the phone when they made the offer.

fivel 2nd Dec 2009 04:32

Well looks like everythings happening.

Question: What do you guys think about the Tower Control path? Does it stop you from doing certain things? Are you likely to get moved around a lot?

I just got offered a Tower Contol position starting in march, seems I must have been at the limits of the intakes. I put down Melbourne as my preference, and I've been offered to start that in April. I'll be one month behind all you guys but wondering if i'm being silly to let the Tower position go.
Ahh quick decisions.

enemyMiG 2nd Dec 2009 06:23


Its getting kinda lonely here in the outer.......:\

gemmy 2nd Dec 2009 07:07

ha ha.. I would've joined you Tower guys however I changed my preference back to Enroute last week after being told by many controllers that I'd most likely be posted to Tamworth etc afterwards... hmmm NO THANKS !

Have you been told yet where you are posted to after course?

enemyMiG 2nd Dec 2009 07:28

Probably won't until next year

What's wrong with Tamworth anyway?
I happen to think that cowboy hats are rather fetching :uhoh:

enemyMiG 2nd Dec 2009 07:43

Last year I was lucky enough to sit in for an hour and a half in Melb Enroute followed by an hour in Melb Tower.

Melb Tower gave me a real buzz (I'm a bit of a plane-nerd anyway), and although it's a long shot, if there's the slightest chance of eventually ending up in a busy Radar Tower somewhere, I think I'll take it

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