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Old 6th Apr 2009, 13:52   #1181 (permalink)
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Heard whilst waiting for taxi at EMA:

acast mids twr, XXX1234, stand 21, request push and start with kilo.

Twr:XXX1234, push and start approved, face east.

ac: push and start approved, which way is east......

I didnt catch the last few comments as my passenger was laughing too hard. I on the other hand was a little worried about the people sat behind this fella.....
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Old 6th Apr 2009, 14:18   #1182 (permalink)
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Middle of the night in a room at the top of an Army Barracks building in Germany that the fledgling Brit Army Air Corps called "The Tower" when the radio squawks and a thick American voice announces -
"Mornin xxxx tower this is xxxx xxx on 121.5"
"Good morning xxxx xxx are you aware that 121.5 is an emergency frequency ?"
"Sure do xxxx tower and as I am ferrying the biggest load of crap you have ever seen all the way back to the States I'm stayin on there"
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Old 13th Apr 2009, 23:39   #1183 (permalink)
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Thumbs up

There aren't many sites that keep me reading more than a few minutes these days, but I've read all 60 pages of this thread over the last couple of days!

Priceless...! Nice to see the P.C. brigade haven't taken over ATC just yet! Boom, boom, tsch!

Keep 'em coming!
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Old 17th Apr 2009, 20:21   #1184 (permalink)

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transmission was a bit broken:
ac: rhein...airforce...15...maintaining 370
atc: airforce calling rhein radar, this is munich south, please go back to previous channel and check the correct one.
ac: wilco

2 min later
ac: hallo again, we now realised that our callsign might be missleading. we are RYR(ryanair)4715 at 370, but if you like call us ryanairforce 15 and we`ll feel honored and be happy about any priority handling.
atc: roger, ryanairforce 15 identified,direct XXX
ac: never thought that this will work.
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Old 21st Apr 2009, 03:03   #1185 (permalink)
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Overheard while flying through the NZTG control zone.

A/C: TG TWR, ABC at XXX, 3000ft, 2 POB, Requesting joining instructions in receipt of golf 1019

TWR: ABC, TG TWR, Make a XXX Arrival, traffic is a XXX at 2500ft, Heading XXX

A/C: Roger the Traffic, ABC

Traffic: Rather you didn't.
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Old 13th May 2009, 14:49   #1186 (permalink)
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From a controller at Queenstown NZ (Queenstown has an 1800m RWY 23/05 and an 800m crossing Grass RWY 14/32):

An ATR72 is taxiing out for departure

QN TWR: Mount CookXXX short delay at the holding point a couple of light aircraft to land runway 23 ahead.
Mount CookXXX(sounding rather pissed at having to wait for a few 207s): What about the Grass Rwy!!??
QN TWR: Sorry didn't realise you would accept that... Grass 14 cleared for takeoff
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Old 18th May 2009, 07:31   #1187 (permalink)
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Best one I have heard so far was about 4 weeks ago in the morning. Adelaide approach has an American working for them that always seems to be quite funny. He has to be the most casual and relaxed ATC'r that I have ever heard.

ADLAPP: "Singapore XXX, cleared ILS 23 approach, contact tower at 5 miles"
Two seconds pass with him still transmitting (can hear him moving around)

ADLAPP: "Virgin XXX, decend to 3000, track direct to Modbury"
Another 5 seconds pass, he hasnt realised that he's still transmitting

ADLAPP: "Singapore XXX, did you recieve my last transmission?"
Then you hear him go "hang on" and some russling around before a panic'd "oh shi*" and finally the transmission cuts.

SING: "Cleared ILS approach, tower at 5 miles, Singapore XXX"
VIRGIN: "Decent to 3000, track to Modbury and thanks for the entertainment, Virgin XXX".
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Old 19th May 2009, 03:40   #1188 (permalink)
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Just happened! -

Me "Thomson 5BP contact London 132.860"

Him "132.860 Thomson 5BP, Goodnight"

North American voice "Who was that last call for?"

(Before I could reply) "Morning London Cactus 758, 370"

Me "Cactus 758 good morning route direct MID"

"Direct MID thanks 758"

Only had 2 other Americans on frequency so thought i'd check they were still with me -

"United 944 you still on?"

Reply "944 Negative"

Really didn't know how to answer that one! perhaps I should have said please come back!
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Old 19th May 2009, 10:22   #1189 (permalink)
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After taxiing clear of the active at the far end of the airfield at oh-dark 30, there appeared to be an animal trotting along the taxiway, right on the centerline, like it was a path.
I said to my Captain: "Careful Pat, it looks as if there is a dog on the centerline up ahead."
It was comical. We watched him trot along for a while, watching him on the screens we use to taxi with, seemingly oblivious to the huge jet behind him.
Captain Pat:"That's not a dog, it's a goat!"
I advised ATC: "Mumbai ground it's ABCXXX on taxiway bravo proceeding to our gate. We are behind a -uh- goat that is walking on the taxiway... also heading for the terminal..."
Without any hesitation the Mumbai ground controller stated: "Very well, follow the goat!"
Unbeleiveable- but true.
Some airports have official looking "Follow Me" cars or trucks. Mumbai has a follow me GOAT!
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Old 19th May 2009, 10:38   #1190 (permalink)
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That throwaway reply from the Mumbai controller reminds me of something that happened long ago at Edinburgh. A BEA Vanguard had just arrived and the crew had been made aware that they were the subject of a telephoned bomb threat.
"Tower, Speedbird XX where would you like me to park?"
ATC: "As far away from the tower as possible!"

These things were not taken so seriously in those days but there was a complaint and the culprit was admonished by the boss.
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Old 20th May 2009, 11:36   #1191 (permalink)
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I struggled to get my radio technique up to scratch while doing my PPL. I was flying with my instructor and he was tuning me into various ATC establishments and making me practice pasing messages to 'real people' - not busy stations however. Anyway I heard one aircraft and station have a pefect exchange of information - the exchange was crisp, the information flowed at a good rate, in the right order and was completed efficiently and very little 'er, erring' in the messages. After they'd finished I turned to my instructor and said, slightly patronisingly, "ooo didn't he do that well" - with my thumb on the PPT. Change frequencey, move on...
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Old 26th May 2009, 10:50   #1192 (permalink)
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Rising Ground

ambo xx: ambulance xx an i.f.rrrrrr king air at the eastern park, two p.o.b. in receipt of whiskey and requesting taxi.

ground: (pause)..... yes... taxi holding short delta.....(you could hear the smile)
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Old 27th May 2009, 22:37   #1193 (permalink)
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Heard today:

AC: "ABC Tower, KLMxxx."

TWR: "KLMxxx go-ahead."

AC: "This is my last flight before my holiday sir, it would be great if you could do something about our slot time of 1400."

TWR: "Ok, I'll see what I can do for you. Where are you going? Anywhere nice?"

AC: "Yes sir, I am going to this lovely place in the south of France."

TWR: "KLMxxx, new slot time... 1425."

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Old 30th May 2009, 11:08   #1194 (permalink)
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lucky he didn't ask why there were holes in the hill next to the RWY.
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Old 30th May 2009, 11:11   #1195 (permalink)
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... & direct vectors for finals
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Old 30th May 2009, 11:19   #1196 (permalink)
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rome: "xxx contact Roberto on 127.35..."
a/c: roberto 127.35

a/c: ciao Roberto xxx FL350
rome2: .....silence.......radard contact xxxx
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Old 31st May 2009, 12:16   #1197 (permalink)
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Shooting a practise ILS into Wichita Mid-Continent Intl on a quiet night some months ago with another pilot on the right seat who flew into that airport for the last 30 years:

ICT Approach just handed us over to tower, we called up and TWR came back:

Apache xxx did you receive your climb out instructions?

The pilot with me pushed the button and went off:

"Nope, approach was too lazy as usual, but I guess it's hdg 070 and 3000 ft."

I was kinda stunned about the response, especially the lazy part, but tower came back with "climb out instructions correct, you should work here part time"
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Old 4th Jun 2009, 07:59   #1198 (permalink)

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Im currently working as a CFI in california and get to hear a whole bunch of funny things from both students and ATC.

A couple of weeks ago after landing on Victorvilles 15000ft of runway with our C172 my student contacted ground once of the runway.

"Victorville ground Cessna xx at E3 request taxi to the active"

"Cessna XX Victorville ground ehhhhh okey so do you need the taxi back for the full 15000 ft or is an intersection takeoff okey?"

My student started looking around and after a short pause "Well sir we wont need the full distance, could we depart from where we came instead?"

Ended up with a nice 270 departure over the boneyard of old airplanes

Another one was when I was heading back home with a student that had some troubles with the radio. At this point we were cruising along with our BE76 at 6000 ft at approximately 120kts direct to Mission Bay VOR when an Alaskan 737 checks in with similiar numbers on their callsign.

ATC: Alaskan 509 maintain 16000 ft, 180kts until mission bay expect the visual 27.

Radio scrambles a bit but before I hear a response from the Alaskan I hear a familiar voice reading back the clearence. I turn around and see my student looking at me with a confused face just as he finished replying to the clearence.
"He said mission bay but... now what?"

Haha I laughed, the controller laughed and the alaskan laughed. Made my day anyways.
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Old 9th Jun 2009, 04:40   #1199 (permalink)
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YouTube - Funny KVNY (Van Nuys, CA) ATIS

Why can't the guys at my airport do this sometime?
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Old 9th Jun 2009, 16:23   #1200 (permalink)

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Maastricht Radar

Heard on Maastricht when Viking XXX called in.

Viking: Maastricht good day Viking XXX FL 290 inbound (point)
ATC: Hello Viking XXX continue climb FL 350 be level within 8 minutes.
Viking: Climb FL 350 level within 8 Viking XXX
Viking: Maastricht Viking XXX it will be hard for us to reach 350 in 8
ATC: You canīt climb 6000 feet in 8 minutes? You are a 320 arenīt you
Viking: Yes but we are full
ATC: And confirm you have 2 engines?
Then there was just silence on the frequency for 1 minute until everything went back to normal.

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