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NATS interview process

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NATS interview process

Old 20th Feb 2013, 11:24
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According to the NATS facebook this is applied to everyone at all stages of application and is to get in line with recommendations from Europe.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 11:34
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yep it applies to everyone.

You could call it unfair, but consider the fact that they aren't obliged to let you re-apply in the first place.

Won't make the wait any more fun though. I was able to re-apply 23 months after my first application, due to the closure of the application process. I'm glad I don't have to do that again...i'm not getting any younger!
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 11:42
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No , it doesn't matter when you apply . This goes retroactive , not only for the ones who apply after 1st of April 2013. If you applied in november 2012 you can reapply in november 2014 .

I talked to HR alot about this matter until we clarified it . You can reapply now if you applied last year in febuary , but if you applied in April or later 2012 its 24 month waiting time for you .

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Old 20th Feb 2013, 12:04
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Hey, I am going to bham at 11 on 22nd if you wanna meet up for revision or some chit chat?
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 15:35
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Hi there, just booked my stage 1 for the 26th in Southampton.
Was just wondering if anyone could recommend any good apps for the iphone for practicing the diagramming and cubes, would be great to practice on the go.
Good Luck to everyone with up coming assessments.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 18:37
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Is the diagramming section presented with commands in circles as in the examples?

Or are there some examples like the first few on this website ?


Thanks for any help !
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 19:03
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Hi, just a quick question for those that have done their stage 1 assessments. Can I use a calculator/do I need to bring one? I can't find any information in the emails or on the website. The search function on this forum doesn't seem to work either.

Is anyone down to do their Stage 1 in Southampton on Monday? I'm surprised that there's still so many timeslots available. When I went 18 months ago there was only about 12 of us and that was fully booked.

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Old 20th Feb 2013, 19:28
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Mines is booked for Friday at 9am im nervous! lol but yeh Ive already asked that question, you aren't allowed a calculator.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 20:40
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Booked my stage 2 for the 12th march! Anyone else going?

Good luck everybody with stage 1s coming up!
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 21:58
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Fuel Questions response

Distance = 924 Nautical Miles
Speed = 1260kts (kts = Nautical Miles per hour)
Fuel Burn = 210Kgs per hr

Without Calculator
You are travelling at 1260kts. You cover 1260 NM in an Hour

924NM is approximately of 1260NM, or 75% = 45mins

45mins or 75% of 210Kgs (which you burn an HOUR) = 157.5kgs

With Calculator
924/1260 X 60 = 43.99998 mins (or 44 mins)

210/60 x 44 = 154Kgs

If you crosscheck with your approximation of 75% equalling 924NM, you will realise 75% is actually just over 924NM, i.e. 1260/4 x 3 = 945NM (as opposed to 924NM). I would simply deduct 1 minute from 45mins to give me 44mins and run the sums. You would get 154Kgs Fuel Burn.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 22:51
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Fuel Questions

None of the above fuel questions appear at any stage of the process folks!
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 14:44
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I have just taken the test at Sheffield at 1pm. I think it went well, got through to the secondary tests anyway.

Now just have to wait 15 days (or possibly 30 as they explained due to the fact they are out around the country supervising tests) until I find out how I have done.

The diagramming was quite straight forward but the the cubes were a nightmare. I only answered around 3/4 of the questions in each test but I'm hoping they don't expect people to finish as it's a trade off between accuracy and speed.

I was surprised by how many people left after the motivation test because if you have read the document then most of the answers should come to mind immediately, leaving you time to concentrate on the ones that are less straight forward.

Best of luck to everyone still to take their tests and those waiting for results. If any of us make it to stage 2 it would be nice to meet up Apparently stage 2 tests will run during February and March. And also, as confirmed by others, the 24 months before you can apply again is true. They told us before the secondary tests.
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 15:47
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Wow the cubes were hard! Good luck for everyone that sat stage 1 at sheffield today! Fingers crossed for stage 2
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 21:42
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Hey guys, I applied and got invited today to the Stage 1, but the latest I can attend is the 26th Feb! Thats 5 days time! Is that even enough time for me to revise this 24 page paper and practice my spatial awareness? Or is it worth me giving them a call to try and arrange a later date? (if one exists) Trying to get some opinions on whether its worth me even making the trip! Thanks, Dan
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 23:09
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Hey Dan, I'm in the same boat, I applied somewhat speculatively after speaking to a friend in the role already, only a couple of weeks ago.

The combination of that and my work email address which I used to sign up being down all week has resulted in me arriving in work tonight to a congratulations email but only 2 dates available, one in Birmigham tomorrow after i've finished a night shift and one in Southampton on Tuesday which is nigh impossible to get to with my work pattern.

Sadly i think I'm going to have to take my chances and sit this round out even with the prospect of things being Frozen in March. This is for the best, this job interests me massively but i'd much prefer to have a good old research and have plenty of time to study before committing to the stage 1, especially now its a 24 month wait between failed applications.

Can any of the longer serving members of this forum advise me to how they define "frozen" with respect to applications. If i leave the stage 1 dates bit blank as recommended rather than declining, could anyone hazard a guess if and or when it may have future dates to pick from?

I only ask because I did many years ago want to become a firefighter in my county but the recruitment process was also frozen, so frosty was it that i don't think it has in fact thawed yet some 8 years later.

I know the cause of this in the fire service has been drastic shift changes and may things that all contribute. Essentially i guess i'd like to know (if its something someone can tell me?) is the recruitment likely to be frozen indefinitely for a period of years?

Sincere thanks for any help and best of luck to all that have taken or are about to take your tests.

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Old 21st Feb 2013, 23:28
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That's your last chance as they are freezing the recruitment for some time as from 1st of March therefore no further dates will be issued until they re open again.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 04:21
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Attended stage 1 yesterday.

Cubes were so hard!!!

Will post a detail of the day later for those still to attend.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 07:24
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Thanks for your reply, I guess I'll have to take what I given! Would you say it's possible to revise for in 4 days?! I can do 5 hours tonight, Saturday, Sunday and on the way to the test!
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 09:29
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What was so hard about the cubes? Did you practice with the SkyTest software, and if so were they harder than those?

I'm on for Stage 1 in two hours... fingers crossed!
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 10:34
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NATS freeze!

I have a problem regarding the freeze! NATS would be the only way I can get into ATC due to the cost of training elsewhere, and I would absolutely love to do it! The problem is, I only turn 18 in March - so I am unable to apply! I've looked everywhere and NATS hasn't seemed to have hinted when they will open up recruitment again. It will be a major blow for me! I'd hate to have to wait any longer to apply!

Anyone have any advice? Everyone who's going through assessments now, goodluck!
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