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NATS interview process

ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.

NATS interview process

Old 22nd Feb 2013, 11:09
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Heard about these forums yesterday when down in Sheffield attending Stage 1. I was in the 2 o'clock group.

I was worried about the ATC paper beforehand as I'd only managed to look at the material for the first time yesterday morning due to family issues but found it to be straightforward. Around half of the group failed to pass this part which I found astonishing.

2nd part I finished in plenty of time and was confident I got them all right.

Then the cubes, oh god the cubes. I started okay but when I turned to answer number 29 I had already filled out 32 answers Little panic at this stage as I try and find where I'd gone wrong so I started working back from 32 and calmed down. Managed to get a few done before the time was up. Could have kicked myself when leaving.

Woke up this morning still annoyed at myself. Went to check my emails and I already have one saying I've passed and to attend Stage 2 We were told it would be 15 days probably but could be more due to the volume of applicants at the moment. I'm even happier than I would have been given my mistake and I won't need to be annoyed with myself for weeks waiting on the outcome.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 15:27
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You've received an invitation already?!

I was in the 2 o'clock group too, haven't received an email yet which would appear to be bad news

I also found the 1st paper to be fairly easy, and like a lot of others i was surprised to see that more than half didn't get through.

Answered 42/50 diagramming, pretty sure I got at least about 36 of these right.

the cubes - 1st 15 questions were pretty good and I was flying. Then it got hard, only got to question 30/40 when the buzzer went.

It was a good day, good learning experience but the lack of email would suggest I didnt get through. Good luck to everyone who did get through and those still to sit stage 1.

Any questions anyone has about the day who hasn't sat it yet just PM me.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 16:25
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So would you say if I read through the document a couple more times, I should be ok with the ATC? Like i say, only 4 days until stage 1 and only got my invite yesterday...

Anything I can use to revise for the cubes?

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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 17:41
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@Kinny - check your KC inbox
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 17:53
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ATC Wannabe no news may be good news!

I sat the Sheffield 9am session was in a pretty similar situation as Winklepickerdescribed, I was flying through the cubes and pretty happy with myself until I realised I had gone wrong somewhere as I was putting the answer down for an already answered question (problem was it was a different answer) I panicked a bit and couldn’t see where I had gone wrong (I had missed a couple out which I couldn’t answer straight away). Rather than go back through them I decided to concentrate on the ones which were left, finished the test and went back to finish a few which I had missed out.

Anyway point of the story is I got an email FOUR HOURS later! Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. I left a voicemail on the recruitment phone number asking if it was an automated error (someone on this forum had experienced this) however I think this is wishful thinking!

They MAY be notifying those who were nowhere near the mark (myself) and those who were performed exceptionally well (Winklepicker) early on and notifying the borderline candidates when they have the rest of the results and adjust the pass mark slightly to meet their quota.

This is a COMPLETE GUESS and I have no idea if this is the way it works. I am sure they will not lower their standard for anyone but perhaps they would raise it if slightly.

It seems strange that they are giving replies so soon when they told us to expect delays.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has received results.

Good luck to you all!
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 19:45
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They won't adjust the pass mark. If everyone achieves the required mark you all pass, it's not like they're just looking for the best 20 candidates.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 22:25
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I sat my test at 1pm in Sheffield and I am yet to hear back. They said it could take up to 14 days or even up to 30 since they are on the road recruiting at the moment. However they did mention that they will try and mark papers in their spare time and let candidates know as soon as they have results.

Rather than them choosing the best/worst I think it could just be chance that they happen to have marked the papers of the two previous posters and one was a pass and one was a fail, rather than anything else.

I am pretty sure I passed the diagramming paper and failed the cubes, but time will tell.
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 00:18
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ATC wannabe. You might have passed. Fingers crossed. I was surprised I had received an email already, especially when they said it could take up to 30 days. There must have only been around 12 of us in the 2nd part. I was one of the only few wearing jeans. I knew it was casual but when everyone started turning up in suits I felt a little bit silly.

I have read a bit of the thread tonight and as others have said, read the leaflet and you won't go wrong.
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 06:18
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Any thoughts?

Hi again everyone,
I sat the test at 2pm in Birmingham yesterday, I felt pretty confident when I ale out of the atc paper as everyone was discussing answers and we were checking back on our notes to see if we had answered
Correctly (which I had) however when the results were announced I hadn't passed which I was so disappointed about and it is very frustrating as there is no feedback or even a quick look at your paper would be good so you could see where you went wrong, just looking for some kind of closure does anyone have any idea of the pass mark they look for in this paper??? I know of 2 questions I got wrong but apart from that I genuinely think I got them all right. There were
Around 50 people at my time and they only took 7 to the next stage!!!! It's so frustrating the amount of work to put in to have an outcome
Like that any help advice feedback would be sincerely appreciated and best of luck to those who have still to sit tests
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 06:56
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I attended Sheffield on 21st at 3pm, only 4/16 of us made the next part. Already received email and happy to say i made it through to stage 2
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 06:58
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I attended Sheffield at 3pm on Thursday. Only 4/16 of us made the 2nd part of the test. Already received the email and happy to say i've made it to stage 2
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 08:03
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Was in the 10am group in Birmingham yesterday, the one where the lad got disqualified after the diagramming for carrying on answering questions after the time was up.

The test paper was much simpler than I thought, surprised by the amount who didn't get through.

Diagramming I was ok with, but only answered about 35 questions I think due to not checking what the time was when we started so took too much time over them, but pretty sure I got nearly all those correct.

Then the cubes, oh my good god almighty, the cubes

No chance I passed those so not expecting to get through. Still started checking my e-mails on the way home though, just in case

Good luck to everyone else who was there.
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 10:03
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I was in the 11am group at Birmingham yesterday. The motivation paper, I felt ok about. Nervous to begin with, but the more I answered the questions that I'd revised in the NATS document, the more relaxed I became.

The waiting was the worst part. We were told it would be 20 minutes before we were called back in for our results - it felt like an hour!

Roughly half of the group passed it. It is a ruthless way they do it: the successful candidates get taken next door and the unsuccessful are "invited to leave"...that's the nature of it though, sadly.

The diagramming, I only answered about 35/36, as I also messed up my timings. The cubes, I actually enjoyed - I'd practiced them for ages and felt that they went ok. I answered 37/40.

Just need to wait 3/6 weeks now for the result...hopefully sooner rather than later. Good luck to everyone else also waiting.

Whatever happens, it was a good day and I met some top-notch folk - particularly a certain Edinburgh Ppruner who was in the 3pm group!
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 13:40
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good luck to everyone on monday @ southampton
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 13:45
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I was at the 12 o'clock at Birmingham yesterday and passed the first test. Felt pretty good about the second exams; answered all the diagramming questions and 38/40 on the cubes.

Waiting to hear if I've moved on to stage 2 - sounds like some folks in the Sheffield group have already gotten their results. I wasn't expecting to hear from NATS until at least Monday, but has anyone from the Birmingham test heard anything yet? Lemme know, thanks!
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 17:20
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Stage One

I was on the Birmingham 3pm yesterday (22/02/13), Motivation paper was fine, diagramming was fine as well - I think - answered about 40/50, CUBES were very difficult answered 35/40 but definitely not sure about it! Spoke to some really nice folk, well done to those who got through, better luck next time to those who didn't, don't be too downhearted; you'll have a better indication now for next time! If anyone else was on the 3pm let me know how you get on!! All the best.
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Old 24th Feb 2013, 12:29
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I'm sitting stage 1 tomorrow in Southampton. I'm starting to get a bit nervous now as I don't want to wait two years to reapply if I don't succeed.

I'm fairly confident with the ATC test, but I'm not so sure about the diagramming and cubes. Even with all the practise tests/android apps people have been sharing on here.

I'll post back tomorrow afternoon. Is anyone going to the 12pm assessment?
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Old 24th Feb 2013, 17:54
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The 2 year wait absolutely sucks right. I hope you pass all stages though if you need advice for stage 2 i can help you once you've passed stage 1 anyways.

Good luck
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Old 24th Feb 2013, 19:27
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Got through stage one.. Didn't think I had!

When my name was read out I thought we were the failures! I guessed a few but found the memory ones fairly easy and I'm naturally good at math so didn't practice

I answered about 37 of the diagramming questions and a bit one of the cubes
The cubes really started easy and got very hard.

I was pretty confident that I got almost all the diagrams right but was aware I was not quick enough
The cubes I started well and some were really easy and I want sure on a few towards the end

My test was the 22nd at Birmingham at 10am

The guy that got kicked out in second session... Wow.. He protested for a while but the invigilator w having none of it
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Old 25th Feb 2013, 07:10
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I was in the 10am group in Birmingham as well, when did you get the e-mail saying you were through to Stage 2?

Congratulations though, well done.
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