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MANFAN 24th Nov 2021 19:34

Ryanair banging out the winter 2021/22 and summer 22 schedules, great news!
But they also seem to be changing the timings of their schedules.
In the past 2 weeks I’ve had 5 flights re-scheduled, for travel in December and January. 2 of them moved by 24hrs later than originally scheduled.

Little flexibility as usual, can only get the free flight change fee until end of this year for the December flights. Or for the January flight, it’s one day before or after to change.
Waiting for 30 mins via the live chat on Ryanair website so temporarily given up for now…

Sober Lark 30th Nov 2021 19:16

New COVID tests prior to arrival In Ireland is spectacular political arse licking to the UK common travel area. We’ll be injecting ourselves with top up vaccines on a daily basis soon if no one stops to question the sanity of our leaders. Some here in ROI follow it hook line and sinker. I’m a SLF and just want to get on with my life, travel and those who get me to where I want to go need security of employment. I’m just fed up with all this crap and I’m going to fly. life’s too short to let others control it.

davidjohnson6 30th Nov 2021 19:20

Press conference in Brindisi tomorrow for S22

RW20 30th Nov 2021 19:43

Sober Lark

​​​​​​wow ! Thank God your in the minority,because if we were all like you there would be so many cases of covid and everything would be at a standstill !

Sober Lark 30th Nov 2021 21:21

RW20, The vast majority of my annual air travel is on Ryanair. WHO believes that travel restrictions are ineffective in most situations and that domestic measures to contain outbreaks (such as testing, isolating the sick and contract tracing or social distancing) are far more important. I'm triple vaccinated as of today and the leaflet I was handed prior to vaccination stated ' We have less information on the safety of the booster dose of COVID-19 Vaccine'. It's a risk I'm prepared to take for the common good, but today the Irish Gov (as in the UK) have stated I must get a professional PCR or Antigen test 72 hours before travel. All that proves is at the point the test was taken I was negative. So what happens in the 71 hours after that, I can go anywhere, do anything and just show them I was (past tense) negative. Its a farce. We have to learn to live with it and get on with our lives. The financial impact to the aviation industry has been huge and the opening of the skies has taken another blow. Before vaccine was available PCR was a requirement. Now I'm fully vaccinated PCR has become a requirement (you're effectively rewarding those who didn't take the risk of vaccination) and uncertainty has to be factored into my travel costs. Sure the aviation industry will have risk management in place that is creating opportunity, but don't deny me and others like me of my evolving needs for air travel by adding unnecessary blocks and costs to travel.

snowman1 1st Dec 2021 10:03

sober lark
you are supposed to isolate for the 71 hours before flying.

misteredin2 1st Dec 2021 13:23


I had my assessment with Ryanair first week of April and, to my disappointment (or luck, maybe fate is trying to tell me something here) I was unsuccessful.
My understanding is that after 6 months from the assessment we are entitled to apply again, but so far I haven’t been able to apply via the career page and any email I was in contact with doesn’t reply anymore. I also tried contacting them on Linkedin, with no luck.
Is anybody in my same position?

CCFAIRPORT 1st Dec 2021 16:52


2 new routes

Stockholm (already announced)

fanrailuk 15th Dec 2021 09:19

Six Nations 2022
Ryanair Adds 6,000 Extra Seats For Six Nations 2022

ATNotts 15th Dec 2021 10:14

Originally Posted by fanrailuk (Post 11156216)

I see the times on the press release are in a.m/p/m 12 hour clock format. Are we to assume Ryanair believe rugby fans are a reactionary lot that don't like or understand the 24 hour clock system??:ouch:

DomyDom 15th Dec 2021 11:51

1 new route:
Manchester - Genoa twice weekly (Wed/Sun)

CCFAIRPORT 8th Jan 2022 10:56


ryanair will close Frankfurt base at the end of March 2022
sorry , the article is in french

Seljuk22 10th Jan 2022 17:03

2 B737 MAX are now based at BVA replacing B737-800.

davidjohnson6 10th Jan 2022 17:56

Anyone know why Ryanair continue to sell flights from Kherson in southern Ukraine to Krakow and Vienna, with a start date of 01-February-2022 ?
Apart from the risk of bullets flying due to Russian troops in neighbourging Crimea invading Ukraine.... there has been major building works at Kherson's airport during the autumn and the Ukrainian press indicates the airport is not ready to accept 150-seat aircraft before March - all the other airlines who intend to fly to Kherson have set a start date of 27-March-2022

MANFAN 11th Jan 2022 21:32

Can someone please explain to me how Ryanair can advertise their cheap flights on TV and place a “zero flight change” fee on the screen when they continue to charge £45 per flight?!

I was able to change some flights last month to 2 days prior to my initial departure & arrival with no fee, however, when trying the same thing now I encounter a £90 fee!!

lfc84 11th Jan 2022 22:10

Originally Posted by MANFAN (Post 11168766)
Can someone please explain to me how Ryanair can advertise their cheap flights on TV and place a “zero flight change” fee on the screen when they continue to charge £45 per flight?!

I was able to change some flights last month to 2 days prior to my initial departure & arrival with no fee, however, when trying the same thing now I encounter a £90 fee!!

you have failed to read the terms


CCFAIRPORT 20th Jan 2022 10:23

New flights from Kiev:
  • Brussels (Charleroi): from March 27, 4 times a week
  • Corfu (Kerkyra): from June 7, once a week
  • Stockholm (Arlandia): from March 29, 2 times a week.
New flights from Lviv:
  • Barcelona: from March 27, 2 times a week
  • Brussels (Charleroi): from March 27, 2 times a week
  • Gdansk: from March 27, 3 times a week
  • Nuremberg: from March 30, 2 times a week
  • Stockholm (Arlanda): from March 27, 2 times a week
  • Zagreb: from March 27, 2 times a week.
New flights from Odessa:
  • Brussels (Charleroi): from March 27, 2 times a week
  • London (Stansted): from March 27, 2 times a week
  • Venice (Marco Polo): from March 27, 2 times a week.
New flights from Kherson:
  • Warsaw (Modlin): from March 28, 2 times a week.
Dublin-Nimes 29/03/2022 2pw

CCFAIRPORT 20th Jan 2022 15:44

New routes from Hahn (maybe due to closure of Fra base)


All begins between March and June 2022

Seljuk22 23rd Jan 2022 07:26

Not 'maybe' it is due to FRA closure. Flights have some flight numbers as currently used from FRA.

Possible closure of Moroccan flights
Exclusif: la compagnie aérienne Ryanair se retire définitivement du Maroc ? Maghreb Intelligence

33rd aircraft for Dublin

Sevilla will be reduced to 4 aircraft next summer and routes to BRS, BUD and FKB will be cancelled.

There might be more reductions for Spain and Germany on the cards

He said however that he expected fewer aircraft to be based in Spain and significantly fewer in Germany due to airport costs.

CCFAIRPORT 27th Jan 2022 14:11


ryanair will cut all routes from brest from Feb 5th 2022

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