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pabely 23rd Aug 2021 12:00

More of an Easy or Virgin trick with a franchise, RYR don't tend to diversity in that way unless it is a revenue stream run by someone else.

OzzyOzBorn 23rd Aug 2021 15:53

The particular problem facing a company such as Ryanair is that a significant proportion of their customers are in the short breaks market. Whilst the hassle and expense of unnecessary covid testing may be just about worth it to save a two week holiday, it probably isn't for a discretionary long weekend away. And certainly it isn't viable for those who would generally take several short breaks per year. It isn't just the money. If your full days in destination are (for example) Saturday and Sunday, imagine having to spend the Sunday searching for a covid testing clinic in a foreign city where you don't speak the language (if they actually open on a Sunday, that is). Do you go on holiday for that? Meanwhile, the threat of quarantine lingers too.

And whilst my cited example refers to leisure travel, short business trips are rendered equally impractical by these restrictions as well.

The government know what they're doing here: they're able to pretend that they have opened up overseas travel to the masses whilst in reality setting the bar so high that few can make use of the 'opportunity'. And I strongly suspect that alot of this is driven by anti-carbon climate zealots (pre COP-26) rather than those genuinely concerned about covid spread. They'll keep this going for as long as they can get away with it. Citizens of Continental European countries aren't being forced to endure this nonsense ... and the UK had a two month start on them in meaningfully vaccinating the populace.

We need to get together at an industry level and demand a complete end to unnecessary PCR testing for travel. We were told they were required to detect new variants sneaking into the country. Well, to achieve that, those returning positive results need to be sequenced. And we know that this is happening in only 5% of cases. Quite useless. So the lies of the politicians behind this are clearly exposed. The ONLY purpose of all those PCR tests is to put air travel well beyond the reach of most ordinary people. And the politicians seem quietly content for this situation to drag on indefinitely, with contemporary debate focusing on the cost of tests rather than the justification for requiring them at all.

I'm aware that MO'L has called out this hypocrisy in media interviews. I've noted similar representations from MAG and Jet2. We need more to join in now. A concerted industry-wide campaign. The time has come to agitate for these testing requirements to be scrapped, not marginally reduced in price. The airline industry owes UK politicians no loyalty or thanks. We owe them no courtesy. Remember Rishi's promised "tailor-made package of help for the airline industry" ... whatever did happen to that? And Labour are even worse than the Tories. Their kneejerk refrain at every opportunity has been to call for harsher restrictions and longer lockdowns. Libs and SNP likewise. I despair. Only a hardcore of backbench Conservatives have spoken with any sense on these matters. How have we let it come to this?

davidjohnson6 23rd Aug 2021 20:38

Ozzy has a point... but may not be aware that there are ways to do weekend breaks from the UK. I am less worried about weekend breakers with Ryanair

The first thing is to get a pack of 7 antigen-self-tests from your local pharmacy for free. Test everyone in your group the night before you leave home to minimise the risk of surprises

Collinson (one of the more reputable testers) has on-site testing at multiple airports. At Luton airport, they open for business at 5am each day
One turns up at the airport 2 hours before one's flight, get an antigen test for about 35, PDF of results in your phone available 30 mins later... if all is good, then get on the aircraft. If one does a test in the UK with a recognised test clinic (eg Collinson) on Friday morning, the PDF produced covers you for a return to the UK until Monday evening without the risk of quarantine happening anywhere (unless you get a random on-arrival test in Greece) or having to look for a clinic while on holiday. Choose hotels which are refundable until midday on arrival day if you are particularly cautious

Of course there is the cost of the antigen and PCR tests - total about 100 per person... but those weekend breaks can be done while limiting the risk

From the UK, if double vaccinated, it's only really Benelux, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and maybe Greece + Serbia that is out of bounds for weekend breaks... everywhere else is doable right now

Flightrider 23rd Aug 2021 20:45

DJ6, I can't dispute or decry a word that you've written, but you're a braver soul than I. I suspect most of the average travelling public could do what you're suggesting but simply don't have the confidence to take the plunge and do so. I put myself firmly into that category - the desire to travel doesn't (yet) outweigh my perception of the likely hassle factor.

buzz_hornet 23rd Aug 2021 22:17

Ryanair appear to have removed all Belfast International flights from sale after 30 October 2021. The airline is also expected to leave Belfast City on 12 September 2021 If true, it will mean no Ryanair flights in Northern Ireland

Alteagod 24th Aug 2021 06:08

Have heard from well placed sources that BHD would not entertain his demands for terminal changes unless FR committed to winter flying program. Not sure how tru but maybe Mr Ambrose successor is a bit more hard nosed with FR.

Sober Lark 25th Aug 2021 15:33

Recovery of passenger confidence to fly will take time so not unexpected.

4eyed anorak 26th Aug 2021 07:38

Its all to do with what Ryanair believes are not enough airport/tax incentives.

VickersVicount 26th Aug 2021 23:03

So what other UK regional airports are giving them big enough incentives? How long will NCL last ? Doesnt that just skew the market

mikkie4 27th Aug 2021 01:41

About as long as SEN

SWBKCB 27th Aug 2021 06:56

Slightly different business model. RYR are filling the gaps left by EZY and TCX at NCL.

southender 27th Aug 2021 17:59

There was a mighty big gap to fill at SEN when easyJet left.

SWBKCB 27th Aug 2021 18:06

Apples and Oranges - NCL has a wide range of scheduled operators, and had Jet2, TOM and RYR as well when EZY left. SEN had a small number of LCC's. SEN's business model was based on picking up the overspill when the other London airports reached capacity, NCL aims to serve the local region. Shall we get back to Ryanair?

Just a spotter 6th Sep 2021 15:29

It would appear that for now, Ryanair and Boeing are not besties, as MOL has walked away from negotiations for 737 MAX 10's and is 'throwing shade' on the way out the door.

From The Irish Times, 6th Sept 2021

“However, Boeing have a more optimistic outlook on aircraft pricing than we do, and we have a disciplined track record of not paying high prices for aircraft,” [...]“We do not share Boeing’s optimistic pricing outlook, although this may explain why in recent weeks other large Boeing customers such as Delta and Jet2, have been placing new orders with Airbus, rather than Boeing,” he said.

Curious Pax 6th Sep 2021 18:05

By MOL’s standards that was a very polite, measured statement that smacks of an expectation of talking again within a few months!

True Blue 6th Sep 2021 18:16

Does MOL have as much power as he thinks. There are really only 2 aircraft suppliers now. Fall out with one, the other has him over a barrel. Unless he wants to buy from China!

The96er 6th Sep 2021 18:21

Or Russia perhaps !

EI-BUD 6th Sep 2021 19:29

I completely agree with this. It might be the low cost way to have typically a common fleet but with the likes of MC-21 in Russia (which soon will be in service), and Comac in Russia which MOL has talked about before, I think it's only a matter of time until one of these types makes an appearance in Europe. Russia has lost his international business on the Sukhoi and have learned lessons. I wouldn't rule anything out.

Just a spotter 6th Sep 2021 19:46

The MAX-10's, if ordered, seem to have been pencilled in for Lauda.


Perhaps Airbus have retained that foot hold



Cityjet didn't have a happy time with their Russian choice, the SuperJet 100 didn't live up to expectations.


OzzyOzBorn 6th Sep 2021 22:08

The main problem with the SSJ-100 seemed to be the complete lack of engineering support and access to spare parts once the aircraft was operating outside the Russian sphere. Aircraft could be grounded for lengthy periods if a technical fault arose ... faults which could be rectified quickly on a Western type with abundant spares to hand. This seemed to be the main problem encountered by Interjet in Mexico; I understand that Cityjet had issues too. If Comac wish to make inroads into markets beyond Russia, they need to learn the lesson from Sukhoi's experience. There needs to be a supply line linking overseas fleets with ready access to spares and engineering support.

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