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EI-BUD 12th Sep 2021 06:14

Thanks Just A Spotter,
Completely, Cityjet's experiment with the Sukhoi failed sadly. However, this does not mean that the we won't see the MC21 appearing in Europe, if the Russian's want to make this new entity work they will need to get their support services into order. I wouldn't discount the new type.

On the Cityjet topic the main driver for the withdrawal of the type was the experience that Brussels Airlines had with the type and their subsequent rejection of the aircraft.

Curious Pax 12th Sep 2021 09:22

Interesting that 3 of Ryanair’s 737s being prepared at Boeing have been changed from EI- registrations to 9H- despite being in full Ryanair livery. All other 9H- models have been in Malta Air livery, and the SP- models that have started being delivered are in Buzz colours. What can it all mean?

Noxegon 12th Sep 2021 12:17

I've flown on a Ryanair-liveried jet with a Maltese registration before.

Curious Pax 12th Sep 2021 13:59

You’re quite right, a load of the -800s were moved to 9H-. What surprised me was that these new ones are in the same 9H-VU* series as the Malta Air-liveried ones

Welshtraveller 13th Sep 2021 16:38

Bristol - Wroclaw
Is Ryanair flying from Bristol to Wroclaw next summer? If so, when are the flights usually released? The schedule ends in late March. Thanks.

MARKEYD 13th Sep 2021 21:45

Would suggest you keep an eye out on the website like everyone else , no one really knows till FR release their schedule

tictack67 14th Sep 2021 07:07

Or until the wheels leave the ground

Just a spotter 15th Sep 2021 08:22

From The Irish Times, 14th Sept 2021

Ryanair has invested €50 million in a new aviation training centre in Dublin. The airline said it intends to use the centre to train more than 5,000 new pilots, cabin crew, engineers and ground operations staff across Europe over the next five years.

The new centre […] contains three full-motion simulators – one 737 MAX and two Airbus A320 – together with two fixed-base simulators for the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. […] Ryanair said the Airbus simulators at the new training centre would be used for staff at its Lauda Air subsidiary.

The Airbus commitment seems at odds with previous statements about phasing out the A320 in Lauda and switching the fleet to 737 MAX.

HH6702 15th Sep 2021 11:28

maybe he walked away from Boeing last week as he is about to get a deal with Airbus

MerchantVenturer 16th Sep 2021 19:30


Wroclaw now appears in the Ryanair booking engine from Bristol for summer 2022 but only until mid-June. That is also the situation with the other Ryanair Polish routes from BRS. Random checks from other UK airports to Poland show a similar situation at some of them.

chaps1954 17th Sep 2021 08:42

Maybe a work in progress

davidjohnson6 5th Oct 2021 10:34

In spring 2020, Ryanair was due to start some routes from Armenia
Wizz are starting Yerevan routes in Dec 2021.
Transavia have just announced a Yerevan route
AirArabia / FlyArna are planning to open a Yerevan base

I'm wondering if we might see Ryanair revive their Armenia plans soon. With Turkey and Azerbaijan as neighbours (and relations not exactly friendly !), air travel becomes rather more important than in other countries.

CW247 5th Oct 2021 16:17

Hi all. A strange one. A couple of days ago, I stepped off a Ryan Air flight with a heavy headache. It persisted for 36 hours. Unheard of for me. I'm flight crew myself. The next morning, one of my finger nails turned blue. I noticed on a previous flight too, around a month ago, the cabin air quality on FR flights is bad. The last flight had very poor flow from the vents. Is there anything they have done recentlywith regards to packs or filters that might be responsible for what I experienced? I'm a reasonably fit and healthy guy. Passed a medical past month!

CCFAIRPORT 6th Oct 2021 10:14

18 new routes

stockholm arlanda

all begins march 2022

Seljuk22 6th Oct 2021 16:59


Wizz announced the same today.

Nil by mouth 13th Oct 2021 17:03

Ryanair Bird Strike
Not sure if this is newsworthy or not?

armagnac2010 13th Oct 2021 17:07

No it's not, unless you are a direct relative of the poor bird. Even if being 'hit by bird strike' is a remarkable achievement....

eu01 18th Oct 2021 05:28

Is there any significant dispute between Ryanair and Corfu airport right now? Came to my mind as the connections to CFU in the next Summer schedule are only a small fraction of what it used to be...

candj 18th Oct 2021 09:27

Hi,Anyone have any news on Rynair out of Eastmidlands for next summer. Trying to book but nothing available, all other Rynair airport appear to be now on sale. Eastmidlands and Ryanair suits what I need, don’t want to have to book Birmingham and then find out Eastmidlands will be available after all.Thanks.

CCFAIRPORT 18th Oct 2021 10:39

3 new routes cancelled this winter due to lake of slots


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