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Brian Pern 27th Jun 2021 18:21

Got to give it to him MOL has big brass ones, when the dust settles I am sure Ryanair will still be standing.

rotorwills 27th Jun 2021 21:25

Honestly not sure what the ones are made of, but they won't be holding him back in the race to get back to extending his hold in Europe. Surprised that the first Max delivery is to UK. I had heard they were destined for Poland. Maybe changes to take advantage of prospective green countries.

Its going to be interesting to see how aggressive he gets with his pricing. Will he really continue with such cut throat fares with what looks like little to no real competition. These other airlines, Ezy, Jet2 need to get moving.

pabely 27th Jun 2021 22:53

Plenty of Buzz 737-8200 waiting to be delivered.

SealinkBF 28th Jun 2021 20:24

Anyone know what this is?

BA318 28th Jun 2021 20:27

“It is used as engineering support to protect and maintain our record of the fewest delays and cancellations of any major European airline,” Ryanair said.”

Buster the Bear 28th Jun 2021 22:01

They have 3. easyJet use 2Excel Aviation Beech 200s

GayFriendly 29th Jun 2021 12:31

This very aircraft appeared at VRN last August bringing engineers from BGY to fix an issue when my VRN-BHX flight went tech. I was very impressed with how FR dealt with the whole incident, we were issued food vouchers and ground staff were excellent, giving us regular updates. We weren't held at the gate either which allowed us to stretch our legs in the terminal whilst waiting. We eventually took off around 2 hours late but had it not been for this little aircraft and its passengers, I imagine my flight would have been cancelled.

SWBKCB 1st Jul 2021 12:15

Ben Houchen said there had been "fluctuations" in demand as the low-cost carrier this week began to cancel a number of its holiday flights scheduled for later this month. He has also denied claims suggesting that taxpayers money has been "subsidising" Ryanair for cancelled flights due to demand.The Northern Echo earlier this week first reported that several flights to Alicante, Palma and Corfu had been cancelled with some routes temporarily dropped from two to just one per week.
Have RYR been making similar cancellations elsewhere? Maybe that these are just more visible at MME.


CCFAIRPORT 2nd Jul 2021 07:56

New base : Agadir
16 new routes


davidjohnson6 5th Jul 2021 12:20

Last week, there were news reports that Lauda cabin crew were getting an earful for not generating enough in flight sales of food, perfume and other items
Article in German:

Being the awkward git that I am I found myself wondering.... what rules does Ryanair Group have against especially hard sell of items by cabin crew ? Is waking sleeping passengers to sell scratchcards allowed ? Perhaps on longer flights spend a minute at each row pestering pax to buy stuff ? Can cabin crew "play up" so as to hit sales targets ?
Where do FR draw the line as to what constitutes overly aggressive hard sell that might boost sales of food, but potentially damages the airline brand perception by consumers ?

rotorwills 5th Jul 2021 12:25

I heard that Ryanair has three rules that cabin crew should remember and adhere to when selling to passengers.

1. Sell
2. Sell
3. Sell.

If not successful in applying these rules, go back to rule1, then 2, then 3 recurring.

D9009 5th Jul 2021 13:24

If the fare is €14.99 and you sell a coffee and a chocolate bar for €5.99, then you have increased the revenue for the seat by more than a 1/3rd. I'm sure the sales of booze help too. As for damaging the brand, onboard sales is the brand.

Dannyboy39 5th Jul 2021 13:26

To be honest, having flown RYR about 30-40 times in the last few years, I can’t remember them being any more demanding than any other airline cabin crew. My biggest gripe with them is that most of them look like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards with their uniforms.

daz211 5th Jul 2021 13:58

I have more pressure from TUI crew trying to Sell Sell Sell, and found it very frustrating that you can’t select seats until 90 days before departure.

DC3 Dave 5th Jul 2021 16:35

MOL says FR will continue to require pax to wear masks on flights from England even if there is no legal requirement to do so from 19/6.

Good or or bad call?

brian_dromey 5th Jul 2021 16:51

Good, I think. Wearing a mask when in close confines to strangers seems like a sensible approach - although all passengers should be vaccinated and/or have a negative COVID test, so the risk is probably very low.

It's worth bearing in mind that the majority of the FR fleet is operated under Irish, Maltese or Polish registrations, only 2 are on the UK register - masks are legally required on Irish registered aircraft, for example. So it is probably easier to require them rather than expect people to work out if the flight is Ryanair, Ryanair UK, Buzz, Malta Air or Lauda Europe. easyJet will also have a similar issue - it appears that Austria requires FFP2 masks, not just any old face covering. There are also obligations for Ryanair and easyJet as employers - 2m distance cannot be maintained on an aircraft, there are no exemptions for crew under Irish or Austrian regulations, for example.

rotorwills 5th Jul 2021 17:16

Sell sell was a joke. Only ever flew Ryan twice, Stanstead to Rimini and return, outward fare 1. Inbound can't recall but was cheap. Sorry if I ruffled anyones feathers. COVID boys drives you mad, That's a joke as well.

not the virus but the idea of madness. Mind you getting a little tired of all the media talk of mental illness being done with COVID. It may be but there's enough of other major causes of mental health, better not make a joke here as will undoubtedly get some bitter replies.

anyway all at Ryanair carry on regardless. Yep. That's a funny.

Dorking 5th Jul 2021 18:46


I think this is something that they are going to have to run by their lawyers. Although foreign registered they are operating and trading within a jurisdiction that has withdrawn all legislation requiring mandatory compliance. It is not a condition of carriage to wear a mask. Equally if someone says they are exempt it is against UK legislation to demand to know what that disability is. I think its a typical RYR kneejerk. In the coming weeks their may be some `wiggle room`. Easyjet have hedged their bets saying that this issue is under constant review. I`ll bet it is. A legal minefield.

davidjohnson6 5th Jul 2021 18:48

What would stop FR making the wearing of masks a condition of carriage ? Do they need to give a notice period ?

Dorking 5th Jul 2021 18:54

I would suggest another minefield. Under contract law, you cannot make terms retrospective. Therefore if they were to introduce masks as such, some would, some wouldn`t have to comply depending on when you entered into contract with them and on the same flight..Complete farce. In addition to which foreign Governments domestic legislation re masks(ie Irish Reg Aircraft) has no validity in the UK and is not enforceable.

Interestingly the Rail Industry have tonight said they will not enforce masks on trains...

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