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CCFAIRPORT 6th May 2021 21:43

Maybe the end of opeRations fRom Stockholm Skavsta ? no moRe flights fRom winteR on the website

EGNXROB 8th May 2021 17:44

Anyone know why flights for S22 are not on sale from East Midlands?

Fly757X 8th May 2021 18:11

A large chunk of the network is yet to go on sale. Nothing out of the ordinary.

EGNXROB 10th May 2021 10:48

sorry seems no flights bookable from 31.12.21 from East Midlands

Fly757X 10th May 2021 10:51

Well then that could be a separate matter all together however for other destinations it is indeed the case that some S22 routes are yet to be loaded.

CCFAIRPORT 13th May 2021 09:26

New routes
New Fr destination

Karlsruhe-Baden to Tuzla
Düsseldorf-Weeze to Tuzla

Both begin September 2021 and twice weekly

Tech Guy 19th May 2021 17:03

Must be the scenic route. Or a clever way of getting you to spend more onboard. :)


DomyDom 21st May 2021 07:17

New routes:
Manchester- Santander 2pw
Manchester- Verona 2pw

davidjohnson6 24th May 2021 21:58

I am aware that there are other threads around the ATH-VNO flight, focussing on all the legalities, politics, the did-X-happen-or-not, why-did-they-do-Y, and general after-effect of this....

Looking at this from a solely Ryanair standpoint, have the crew of this flight been given some *paid* time off to catch their breath and been allowed to get over the shock a bit ? I am guessing these are ordinary people who did not wish to become the centre of world attention
I know FR doesn't exactly have a fluffy image, but this is a time when an employer should perhaps have a duty of care to its employees.

Dorking 25th May 2021 09:24

I also do hope so David. They are ordinary people, caught up in extra ordinary circumstances, during which time I`m sure they gave of their best. I think it would be unwise to identify any of them but they are entitled to due care by their employer. I wish each one of them the very best.

CCFAIRPORT 25th May 2021 12:27

New routes

düsseldorf-weeze to bergamo
düsseldorf-weeze to tallinn
düsseldorf-weeze to lanzarote
düsseldorf-weeze to tenerife south

all begin for winter 2021

LowNSlow 25th May 2021 14:26

Has Mr O'Leary fallen out with Luton's management as all flights from Dublin to Luton seem to have been cancelled for the foreseeable future but flights to/from Kerry and Cork are available?

davidjohnson6 25th May 2021 14:32

Luton - Dublin seems to be bookable from 01 July
This may be linked to an expectation that Ireland will announce this week that it will substantially unlock to arriving UK residents from early July

mikkie4 28th May 2021 06:47

YIPPY.......Our first flight has just taken of, Weldone done RYR for keeping faith in SOUTHEND AIRPORT

Alteagod 28th May 2021 11:07

From acorns oak trees are grown

CCFAIRPORT 16th Jun 2021 11:01

New Base : Turin
15 new routes
All begin end of october / beginning of November

Teaboy24 16th Jun 2021 11:38

First B.737Max currently on delivery flight to Dublin

southside bobby 16th Jun 2021 18:02

B737-8200...MOL states now expects reduced total of 12 airframes to be delivered for ops this summer...6 x RYR...6 x Malta Air.

Seljuk22 23rd Jun 2021 16:58

Helsinki joins the network

EGAC is Better 26th Jun 2021 11:47

The B737-8 MAX200 looks to have entered service today at STN this morning.

EI-HEZ operated FR4192/4191 between STN and BGY.

Can anyone confirm if this is the first commercial service? Or were the HEN & HEZ’s positioning flights from DUB to STN also carry paying passengers?

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