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eye2eye5 9th Mar 2020 20:39


Israel to introduce compulsory 14 day quarantine for all arrivals into the country.

ROC10 9th Mar 2020 21:01

Italy now on complete lockdown


racedo 9th Mar 2020 22:16

Originally Posted by BRUpax (Post 10707989)
I think some of you scaremongers missed my point, but never mind! I'll leave you to your paranoia. By the way, just for the record, I'm in my early 70s, with heart disease and diabetes. I still think that there are a lot more dangers out there.

I don't disagree BUT the impact on Air Travel will be severe and likely many Airlines may not recover from it. People fly as long as they believe they safe. People worried at the moment and will not fly.

Attempting to say people are paranoid is great but it has zero impact against people's real fears. If they fly somewhere they may come back with something which hurts or kills family and friends.......... rationality has no chance against a real fear like this.

Hell I do 40-50 flights a year, I haven't flown since Jan and while scheduled to fly at end of March I am pretty sure I will cancel. Unusually I booked a flexi fare last Nov, I never book flexi fares.

fanrailuk 9th Mar 2020 22:26

Originally Posted by ROC10 (Post 10708155)

Yet our low-cost friends are still allowed to fly in and out....


LTNman 9th Mar 2020 22:32

I think many people are worried about getting trapped which is far more likely than getting the virus.

panpanpanpan 9th Mar 2020 23:20

Exactly this. While I love to travel and see new places and explore - I also like to return home when finished! Not held in a hotel room for a further 2 weeks. If I was travelling with a young family then forget it at the minute! I know multiple friends and families who haven't booked their usual sunshine summer holiday this year for that very reason.

LTNman 10th Mar 2020 00:09

As suspected Ryanair and EasyJet are still running flights to Italy to avoid giving refunds. https://www.forbes.com/sites/martinr...lans-airports/

ZFT 10th Mar 2020 02:36

They don't really have a much of a choice until EU slot rules are relaxed.

davidjohnson6 10th Mar 2020 03:05

I am somewhat surprised that the number of new cases in China per day is diminishing fast. Perhaps China is under reporting, or perhaps instead they have achieved it by enforcing quarantine / self-isolation through methods that societies more used to liberal democracies would not tolerate.

It is worth noting that public health is about getting people to change the way they act - it sometimes means the disbelieving few have to accept temporary loss of liberty so disease does not get too ingrained amongst the masses. Those who have not spent 6 years in medical school sometimes just have to trust a little when enough doctors say the same thing...

LTNman 10th Mar 2020 05:57

The problem is unless the new infections fall to zero around the world, as soon as the restrictions are relaxed those that have not been affected could be affected and it all kicks off again.

ZFT 10th Mar 2020 06:15

You imply catching this virus will give you immunity. My understanding is this flu is like any other flu. You can catch it over and over again.

FZRA 10th Mar 2020 06:32

What do you suggest then....the entire World sits at home eating dry pasta until that runs out and then what?

LTNman 10th Mar 2020 06:37

I am saying the restrictions might achieve nothing apart from a longer economic meltdown. Maybe the virus should just be allowed to run its course to get the pain over faster.

Italy is in lockdown, then what, will the problem then go away?

ZFT 10th Mar 2020 06:47

I'm still not sure what the problem is!!
Globally an insignificant number of deaths and I suspect more harm will result from the hysterical reaction than the virus itself.

Governments and media alike have started something they can no longer control and the fallout (for them both) will be interesting.

Meanwhile, if you have the opportunity, just get on with life.


inOban 10th Mar 2020 08:50

1. You don't get the same flu again. The virus evolves so that next year's flu viruses are slightly different. We have some immunity, so the illness is rarely serious unless you are unwell already.
2. covid19 is unrelated to flu. So we have no immunity.

Expressflight 10th Mar 2020 09:17

Originally Posted by ZFT (Post 10708431)
You imply catching this virus will give you immunity. My understanding is this flu is like any other flu. You can catch it over and over again.

I think your 'understanding' is a little off the mark. According to WHO this type of virus usually gives 18 to 24 months of immunity, although it's obviously too early to be certain of that in the case of Covid-19. But I think to say, as you did, "You can catch it over and over again" is irresponsible.

BA318 10th Mar 2020 10:10

Finnair announce big cuts to European flights:The main changes to Finnair’s domestic and European network in April are:
  • Finnair is cancelling all flights to Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kokkola and Kemi in Finland between 1-30 April.
  • Finnair is cancelling its flights to Bologna, Stuttgart, Split, Umeå and Venice between 29 March and 30 April.
  • Finnair will fly to Mariehamn with triangle flights via Bromma.
  • Finnair is reducing frequencies to the following destinations between 29 March and 30 April:h
    • Gothenburg flown with 14 weekly frequencies instead of the normal 27 weekly frequencies.
    • Copenhagen flown with 27 weekly frequencies (normally 39)
    • Stockholm Bromma flown with 17 weekly frequencies (normally 28)
    • Stockholm Arlanda flown with 45 weekly frequencies (normally 55)
    • Moscow flown with 21 weekly frequencies (normally 28)
    • Tallinn flown with 53 weekly frequencies (normally 58)
    • Barcelona flown with 14 weekly frequencies (normally 21)
    • Hamburg flown with 14 weekly frequencies (normally 21)
    • Berlin flown with 21 weekly frequencies (normally 28)
    • Warsaw flown with 14 weekly frequencies (normally 21)
    • Brussels flown with 19 weekly frequencies (normally 24)
    • Tromso flown with 2 weekly frequencies (normally 3)
    • Trondheim flown with 4 weekly frequencies (normally 5)
    • Bergen is flown with 6 weekly frequencies (normally 7)
    • Vaasa flown with 20 weekly frequencies (normally 33)
    • Oulu flown with 54 weekly frequencies (normally 66)
    • Joensuu flown with 20 weekly frequencies (normally 31)
    • Kuopio flown with 32 weekly frequencies (normally 43)
    • Turku flown with 22 weekly frequencies (normally 33)
  • Finnair will fly to St Petersburg and to Vilnius with ATR aircraft instead of Embraer 190 aircraft in April.
  • Flights that were scheduled to be operated with an Airbus 350 to Brussels will be operated with Airbus 321 aircraft in April, as is one of the two daily wide-body frequencies between Helsinki and London

FFHKG 10th Mar 2020 10:51

Reuters reporting that BA has cancelled all flights from the UK to Italy with immediate effect. Presume others will now do the same.

SARF 10th Mar 2020 10:56

Originally Posted by FZRA (Post 10708438)
What do you suggest then....the entire World sits at home eating dry pasta until that runs out and then what?

eat all your stockpiled bog roll

mrshubigbus 10th Mar 2020 10:59

China (population 1.4 billion) got on top of this very quickly after a relatively slow response. A country much larger than Europe (population 750 million) was shut down and controlled by one very “forceful” (communist) government! They clicked their fingers and you did what you were told! In Macau they closed the border and virtually shut down their airport. The result has been only 10 cases and no more despite being right next door to China. In Europe you have “free movement” of people and over a dozen different governments with their own different ideas on how to contain this. The biggest problem right now is “free movement” of people which is going to make this whole outbreak much - “MUCH” worse before it gets better. You have to stop movement from infected areas to slow this down otherwise it won’t stop! Let’s face it, after China’s experience our governments in Europe don’t seem to have a clue where to start! Airports in Northern Italy are still open moving infectious people all over Europe with the result being massive increases in infections everywhere. STOP moving people is the only solution right now. Short term pain is the only solution to long term gain with this! Air traffic needs to come to a virtual stop for up to a month and borders need to be closed across the EU including all the Schengen countries otherwise it WILL NOT be contained will it??? The response so far is too little too late in my view despite the lessons from China! All this nonsense about “use it or loose it” with slots and low cost airlines not wanting to give passengers refunds is totally irrelevant compared to this virus spreading out of control! The Government / industry needs to wake up very quickly indeed! This ‘IS NOT” a practice drill - this is for real and you get one chance!

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