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MKY661 7th Dec 2017 19:48

With Jet2 operating Boeing 737/757 it is not the ideal aircraft to fly into GIB
The 737-300 should be fine as Bmibaby used it on the EMA-GIB route about 5 years ago. Albeit certification may be required for some aircraft. I remember when second hand Monarch aircraft arrived they were not able to operate to into GIB when they first came, it was only a few Months later that they were able to run the route.

Monde 7th Dec 2017 20:01

Remember the NC GIB incident well , ended up keeping a 320(NW) for a while longer because of it , and fyi the skipper did NOT get dismissed ....

Cuillin Hills 7th Dec 2017 21:28

Originally Posted by compton3bravo (Post 9982452)
I would suggest the B757 is not a good fit for GIB especially after a Monarch one was almost written off a few years ago with the captain instantly dismissed. After a considerable time it was decided to repair it but apparently it was touch and go (no pun intended).

Confirming 100% wrong about the Captain being dismissed.

Erroneous information on pPrune - must be a first!

I disagree - the 757 was a very suitable aircraft for the GIB route.

Lee J 7th Dec 2017 23:19

Originally Posted by MKY661 (Post 9982141)
As a Regular GIB flyer until Monarch went under I will say that a lot of customers who did use GIB did indeed cross the border to Spain, myself included.

As someone who lives in Gibraltar and flies back to the UK at least every fortnight I too can confirm a good half of any flight answer 'Spain' when asked at border control where they are staying.

A recently article about Jet2 mentioned that half of their flights are filled by their holidays division and I can't really see them filling regular flights for Gibraltar holidays, nor can I see them offering holidays in Spain that involve a flight to Gibraltar and the walk of shame across the border.

Hopefully I'm wrong as more flights are much needed since Monarch's demise...

compton3bravo 8th Dec 2017 07:42

Sincere apologies about the Monarch captain getting the chop. My 'inside information' proved totally wrong. grovel, grovel.

SWBKCB 8th Dec 2017 07:57

Is there actually any indication anywhere that Jet2 plan to fly to GIB, other than GIB sized gaps in their schedules?

Plane.Silly 8th Dec 2017 08:02

No guarantee it's GIB, though the rumour was that slots were filled for times suitable for GIB and that there would likely be new destinations. GIB was the likely choice, but as discussed in posts 197/198, a couple other contenders may also be on the cards

Golf--Lima--Papa 12th Dec 2017 16:42

Update on PPJN today regarding an order for 5 A330 a/c

Wonder where that information has came from.

VC10man 12th Dec 2017 16:56

My wife and some friends went to Madeira recently on Jet2. She said they were fantastic with nice staff and spotlessly clean aircraft. On time as well!

olster 22nd Dec 2017 11:02

According to ppjn, Jet2 are ordering 5 A330ís. Any truth in this?

rudolf 22nd Dec 2017 14:53

Yes it's true that PPJN say that 5 x A330 are being ordered. You won't hear anything official one way or the other, it's commercial confidence and the chances of a leak are slim.

HH6702 22nd Dec 2017 18:26

To be delivered when?

Plane.Silly 27th Dec 2017 08:00

I know they're leasing 2 in for their S18 MAN ops, but to go and buy them?
if it is true, either they'll stuff as many seats in as possible, or they see long haul as an option. Have senior management been talking to MON bosses lately?

LBAflyer22 27th Dec 2017 16:36

I've heard the rumours of the 2nd A330 however yet to see this come to fruition but not only that i think the longer it is left the harder Jet2 will find to fill it. So they'll probably stick to the 1 A330 out of MAN. Who knows!?

As for the order i don't believe a single word. Until i see this confirmed by Jet2 themselves i won't believe that they will order the A330. I believe that they have areas where they can grow - BFS with 737-800, BHX, STN along with the older bases. New destinations in Greece, Italy and new city break destinations along with new base or two to in the West Country/Wales.

SWBKCB 29th Dec 2017 05:45


A budget airline has been criticised by the Civil Aviation Authority for refusing to sign up to a complaints handling service. Jet2 is the only one of the top ten UK airlines not to join the Alternative Dispute Resolution service, which resolved more than 10,000 passenger complaints in its first year of operation

Plane.Silly 29th Dec 2017 08:20

They do like to keep a lot of operations in house, so bringing in an extra watchdog could be threatening to them.
Press haven't heard from them as yet, as to their reasons though (there must be a major one somewhere)

Lee J 29th Dec 2017 09:49

There was an interesting comment on Travel Weekly regarding this:

Jet2 is quite right to take a step back from this.

As the CAA states, 75% were in the customer's favour.

Looking at some of the 75% in customer's favour include:-

Mr. J from Norfolk.

Was told he had to pay extra for luggage as his case was 2KG over limit and refused to pay and did't take the flight.

Requested a FULL refund.

Received 100% of his claim.
Does seem slightly ludicrous?

paully 29th Dec 2017 09:52

Seems Aer Lingus and Emirates hold the same views as Jet2.

GAXLN 29th Dec 2017 18:54

Lee J

Completely, Absolutely, Appalling if you want my opinion. But then if you've never worked at the sharp end of the industry how on earth can you understand all the issues. Not saying airlines are paragons of virtue but then neither are some passengers.

irishlad06 5th Jan 2018 15:15

A321 from smartlynx now confirmed for BHX


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