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paully 3rd Nov 2017 19:39


Dont jump to conclusions, read comments back on the previous page and all will become clear.....:=

southside bobby 3rd Nov 2017 20:14

Yes STN is obviously in Essex (but only just) & is a very large county but to reiterate EXS are marketing well beyond & to a huge potential market,it is currently their only Southern base.
It appears as well as identifying a market they are currently reshaping it to some extent in the South.

Flying Wild 3rd Nov 2017 20:30

Originally Posted by paully (Post 9945777)
I flew with them last month and can`t say I noticed anything different about the PA`s, or maybe I wasn`t listening.

Lucky you. They changed in the last week or so.

paully 3rd Nov 2017 20:45

What do they do differently now?..not going with them again until May

Johnny [email protected] Pants 4th Nov 2017 14:53

What do they do differently now?
Talk to you like you're a class of 6 year olds.

daz211 5th Nov 2017 15:23

Jet2.com has filed planned Airbus A321 operational network for 2018, mainly based at London Stansted. Planned 212-seater A321 operation from February 2018
I’m assuming it’s Titan Airways.

southside bobby 5th Nov 2017 17:09

Yes first A321 service appears to be 9.2.18 initially & then over 3 routes..Grenoble, Lanzarote & Tenerife South.
Expands from 25.3.18 on selected days over 14 routes.
Uptick of 23 seats per flight over the B738.Perhaps goes a little way to EXS`s stated 60% capacity increase for Summer`18 at STN.
Will be good to see the AWC (assuming) A321 working out of STN next year for the first time rather than being based away at MAN as this year.
EXS used an AWC B757 from STN this Summer I wonder if this is to continue in 2018 & if a rumoured AWC A330 will make an appearance for them?.
I note EXS have now officially stated they are taking ramp handling in house @ STN & are advertising for 160 staff for the operation.

southside bobby 5th Nov 2017 17:37

In addition to 160 ramp staff, EXS advertising for 50 pax service agents for the terminal at STN.
Regarding the A321 ops over Grenoble,Lanzarote & Tenerife South could it be reflecting some extra bookings too with the demise of MON.

Plane.Silly 8th Nov 2017 10:30

With the high court ruling that Monarch can't sell the slots, this is probably mixed news for Jet2.

Good?: Everyone talks about the Gatwick slots, which of course, Jet2 don't fly from....yet.
With the slots now in the pool, and on seemingly decent leisure route times, could this be the nudge Jet2 needs to move south of the M25?

Bad: Lots of slots at MAN/BHX they would presumably be happy to bid on. Now they can't get their hands on them, restricting their growth for a bit longer.

chaps1954 8th Nov 2017 11:24

Don`t think anybody has ever had to by slots at Manchester and don`t think it is a good idea,
to be honest why would they ever need to bid for them as they are the most likely to get them along with Easyjet

Plane.Silly 8th Nov 2017 11:32

Granted, MAN/BHX are nowhere near as full as LGW, but it's not exactly saying "Theres tons of space here, come one, come all". I'd imagine there would be some decent slots that would have the potential to be auctioned.
Not all of them mind, Doubt anyone would be in need of the 11pm departures to Ibiza

pabely 8th Nov 2017 11:33

Good?: Everyone talks about the Gatwick slots, which of course, Jet2 don't fly from....yet.
With the slots now in the pool, and on seemingly decent leisure route times, could this be the nudge Jet2 needs to move south of the M25?
If the KPMG appeal fails also and they go back to the pool then Jet2 would be consider an new entry at LGW where 50% would be free, but would it not be better for UK Plc to have some fresh long haul Airlines?
I'm sure jonny public would like them at LGW to keep prices keen to Spain but if they do not have spare aircraft already committed to other based, it might pospone expansion at other bases.

mr_moose 8th Nov 2017 18:49

Jet2 would be mad not to bid for some slots at LGW, even if at the expense of some expansion elsewhere next summer. Once these slots are re-assigned, its unlikely that the opportunity will arise again where they are so many slots available.

daz211 8th Nov 2017 19:04

Mad not to, I’m not to sure
Jet2 are somewhat overwhelmed with how well it’s operation at STN has turned out from what I have heard they can’t meet demand as it is and would love to add more aircraft to the base.
They have so much confidence in STN they are on a mass recruitment drive and by 2019 they hope to double summer 2018 fleet.

southside bobby 8th Nov 2017 19:41

LGW short haul Med services (& other airports in the UK) almost certainly suffering over capacity witness the draw down by NAX & MON racking up projected losses of 120m before the plug was pulled.
Why would EXS want some of that at LGW at the present time when they are for example leasing in again next summer to cover some capacity @ STN where they project 60% growth in 2018 alone.
For economy of scale anyway EXS would require certainly the majority of the slots at huge outlay if bought & if from the allocation system the process is going to allocate them with different reasoning.
The airport/airline business is nothing but fluid & dynamic & no one can predict when slots will become available again but one way or another they certainly will.

Plane.Silly 9th Nov 2017 06:25

They have so much confidence in STN they are on a mass recruitment drive and by 2019 they hope to double summer 2018 fleet.
I'd love to see them try. They'll have 10 planes in operation for S18. I don't doubt they could meet double demand, but a 20 strong base in S19? when MAN for S18 will only have 18. Not to mention theres not enough slots/parking for them.

If They are chasing that demand, surely the LGW has to be given a chance to further capitalise on the London area

EK77WNCL 9th Nov 2017 07:33

5 A330, 5 738 might just about double it? They just need to find 5 A330's!

Plane.Silly 9th Nov 2017 07:53

If they didn't have their "Proud to fly Boeing" strapline on their adverts, acquiring A330's wouldn't have been a problem. Closest Boeing option would be the B788? Leasing 1/2 is fine, but surely they made their bed with Boeing?
Where would they get those from at short notice.

EK77WNCL 9th Nov 2017 08:00

They already have at least 2 Airbii with their name plastered on the side... Not to mention that about 0.000001% of their clientele will even notice, never mind care.

I don't think that strapline would preclude them operating their own A330's. Having said that, they might get tempted into a deal on some 767's, should they re-enter production. Are the terrible teen dreamliners still kicking about or have they been bought?

Plane.Silly 9th Nov 2017 08:22

I was under the impression the 767 program for passenger flights was finished, and that they were only making 767 freighters. That would have been the obvious choice, as Jet2 could use their B757 rated pilots to fly these as their share a lot of traits.

With the new 738's coming in, i would assume Jet2 are moving away from the 2nd hand market. But it raises a good point, the B752's won't last forever and a few years down the line, they'd need to consider alternatives

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