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Plane.Silly 20th Nov 2017 06:48

Please Please, Mr Silly was my father, call me Plane.

But thanks for the info. it's not quite what i'm trying to say, but it's just one opinion, so we'll move on

Nice to see the new deliveries coming through, i believe 2 per month are coming in until April

chaps1954 20th Nov 2017 07:38

Plane Silly As Suzeman and myslf have said ACL allocate slots and if MAG was seen to be favouring one airline over another there would be a big row which would probably cost MAN dearly, they do speak to airlines and suggest that perhaps operating a route that could be over subscribed is not a good idea but Suzeman can probably answer that better me.

garry8g 22nd Nov 2017 16:58

Jet2 Boeing 737-800, G-JZBC should be departing Boeing Field (Seattle) tonight on its overnight delivery flight. Its due to arrive into Leeds 07:30 on tomorrow morning.

OltonPete 23rd Nov 2017 21:01

Which airline is operating one of the BHX based flights next summer - showing as a 220 seat A321 but operating airline Jet2 so I assume Titan?

Saturday it is Malaga in the morning and Las Palmas in the evening

chaps1954 23rd Nov 2017 21:17

Maybe the A321 which did Manchester this year and MAN getting the 2nd A330 which
is due to be MAN based even though rumoured to be L/H

LBIA 23rd Nov 2017 21:19

Jet2 have today added extra flights to Greece & Turkey for peak summer 2018.

Leeds - Kos = Increases from 2x to 3x weekly
Leeds - Corfu = Increase from 2x to 3x weekly
Stansted - Corfu = Increases from 2x to 3x weekly
Manchester - Antalya = Increases from 5x to 6x weekly

A Hol Lot More Greek and Turkish Sunshine! | Jet2.com

LAX_LHR 24th Nov 2017 01:32

Not sure who the A321 operator is, as there is one down to operate a full schedule from STN, another at BHX and one at MAN, unless Titan are acquiring more?

irishlad06 24th Nov 2017 04:23

There are no A321 flights scheduled from MAN next summer.

The base will be
12xB737-800 (1 standby)
7x B757-200ís (1standby)
2xA330-200ís GVYGL & GVYGM

STN will have GPOWN based plus another A321 with 212 seats.

In BHX they may be seeing a primeria A321 with 220seats - Operator TBC

LAX_LHR 24th Nov 2017 05:11

There was an A321 in Chroma the other day, maybe itís been removed again?

LBIA 24th Nov 2017 08:27

Out of interest which aircraft are currently stored at Lasham that Jet2 might have an interest in buying?

chaps1954 24th Nov 2017 08:59

Very little at a guess

LEEDS APPROACH 25th Nov 2017 09:04

Jet2 LBA high Summer service update.

Recent announcement of 1 extra weekly service to both Kos and Corfu. Good news but tempered by that the fact that Zante that was served 4x per week in Summer '17 will now be served just twice a week (a further reduction from the proposed 3x per week).

Good news is that Alicante goes up to 16 services per week in high Summer '18 but tempered by the fact that Palma previously announced to be up 2 flights per week on Summer '17 (to 21x per week) reverts back to 19 services per week.

Basically it is tinkering at the edges which is to be expected at a heavily constrained airport that has induced demand due to its hugely less than ideal location.

Jet2 passenger numbers will be up next year at LBA but will passenger numbers decline at LBA?

Currently 11 additional LS arrivals/departures per week (high Summer '18 over high Summer '17). A net gain of zero new routes. This after the loss of two based Monarch airframes each running multiple services each day.

chaps1954 25th Nov 2017 11:08

Thought you were actually posting something interesting until......Move on there buddy nothing to see, change the script or better retire to Church Fenton

inOban 25th Nov 2017 11:57

If you had omitted your third paragraph your post would have been useful information to which no-one would have had any reason to object. Instead you gave them another opportunity to rise to the bait.

Personally, we have reached the stage in the year when the holiday companies can see the trends for S18, and are adjusting their offers. In the case of Palma, I believe Majorca is trying to limit the number of passengers in peak season, so there may not the beds.

flybar 25th Nov 2017 14:29

There is the addition of a TCX airframe taking up some of the Monarch capacity

Faolpfr 25th Nov 2017 14:55

some forecast for flights to Faro next summer 2018

LBIA 25th Nov 2017 16:53

Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH (Post 9968592)
Jet2 LBA high Summer service update.

Recent announcement of 1 extra weekly service to both Kos and Corfu. Good news but tempered by that the fact that Zante that was served 4x per week in Summer '17 will now be served just twice a week (a further reduction from the proposed 3x per week)

Guess you didn't checked why a the number of Zante rotations had been dropped, they are shifting capacity around.

Summer 2017 Leeds-Zante was 4x weekly using Boeing 737-300. When summer 2018 went on sale Leeds-Zante was down as 3x weekly using a mix of 2x Boeing 737-300 & 1x weekly Boeing 737-800. Now its down to 2x weekly but both flights will be operated by Boeing 757-200.

inOban 26th Nov 2017 10:50

I've haven't time to look up the exact capacity of these a/c, but I take it that in S17 they offered around 600 seats pw, that initially for S18 they offered nearly 500, and now around 450?

LBIA 26th Nov 2017 17:59

Yeap inOban,

B733 = 148
B738 = 189
B752 = 235

Leeds - Zante route
Peak summer 2017 - 4x weekly B733 = 592 seats
Initial Summer 2018 release - 2x weekly B733 & 1x weekly 738 = 485 seats
Summer 2018 on sale now - 2x weekly B752 = 470 seats

inOban 26th Nov 2017 18:20

Appreciated. Nothing like having proper numbers to discuss.

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