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BHX5DME 17th Jan 2018 19:56

It would make sense for both A330's to be at MAN with A321's at STN & BHX

LBAflyer22 17th Jan 2018 19:56

2nd A330 Operating where exactly?

2Planks 17th Jan 2018 20:15

Originally Posted by Council Van (Post 10022176)
Would.be an ineresting one with regards to on time performance.

A whole sale move to T2 would be nice, T1 is not a pleasant experience from an employees point of view.

T1 is also deeply unpleasant from a SLF point of view. When compounded by MAGs inability to organise a booze up at Strangeways, a jet2 in house ops from T2 would certainly get my vote.

LBIA 17th Jan 2018 21:15

Jet2 have this evening put on sale its 2018 festive New York flights.

1+ BFS = Nov 15th
1+ EMA = Nov 8th
2+ GLA = Oct 15th & Nov 22nd
7+ LBA = Oct 26th, Nov 19th & 30th, Dec 3rd, 7th, 10th & 28th
9+ MAN = Oct 19th & 22nd, Nov 5th & 29th, Dec 3rd, 13th, 18th, 23rd & 28th
8+ NCL = Oct 29th, Nov 1st, 12th & 26th, Dec 6th, 10th, 14th & 29th

HH6702 17th Jan 2018 21:26

Good 8 flights from NCL

Plane.Silly 18th Jan 2018 06:30

Interesting that there are none from the 2 new bases, BHX/STN, like there was last year. I'm sure they would have flown practically full. Maybe adding on at a later stage?

chaps1954 18th Jan 2018 06:52

Probably because of Primera?

Jerry123 18th Jan 2018 07:30

Why? They are a series of charters not a regular scheduled flight.

pamann 18th Jan 2018 13:22

I’ve seen the term ‘Chroma’ mentioned a few times? What is this please?

pabely 18th Jan 2018 13:37


Johnny [email protected] Pants 18th Jan 2018 15:17

Interesting that there are none from the 2 new bases, BHX/STN, like there was last year.
The STN NYC trips this winter were originally scheduled to be A330 but that had to be changed due to the uptake, so perhaps that's why no STN this coming winter?

canberra97 19th Jan 2018 11:47

With so many opportunities from the scheduled airlines within the London catchment areas I'm not surprised to see that Jet2 are not offering New York charter flights for winter 2018 from STN unlike their other bases with the exception of MAN in not having any links with New York so the opportunity for Jet2 to offer the flights from those airports are probably more feasible to run.

Lsflyer1 20th Jan 2018 08:17

Jethros is now showing a second A330 with the tail number still pending. Anybody know where this is being based or have an details? I was told initially there would be 2 for summer 18 but then this was cancelled to having only 1 again.

castleford tiger 20th Jan 2018 12:15

50 PLANES flying today with many going to canaries and a cluster around Geneva.
A deal being done with SAGA .....being discussed? Anyone heard this?

lagerlout 20th Jan 2018 14:29

Fairly standard winter flying prog. Canaries plus ski.

Saga deal?

DavidShepherd 20th Jan 2018 16:51

Interesting. May be way off the mark here, but the holiday division were telegraphing a new product launch prior to the conference at the end of last year. It was never announced though, last minute legal hitch apparently.

Jet2Codgers has a certain ring to it.

garry8g 22nd Jan 2018 16:03

Originally Posted by LBIA (Post 9972179)
So who's operating the 219Y Config Boeing 757-200 to be based LBA next summer 2018 for Jet2?

According to Jethro's today, this will be Titan B757 GPOWH based at Leeds for Summer 18.

BAladdy 23rd Jan 2018 01:00

Are LS basing one of there own aircraft at ALC for S18 or are they leasing in from another carrier?

LBIA 23rd Jan 2018 06:54

ALC will be 2x Jet2 B738.

garry8g 23rd Jan 2018 14:50

Is Palma to have a B737-800 from Europa again this year? Or do Jet2 plan on having one of their own aircraft based there for Summer 18?

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