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Scottie Dog 23rd Feb 2018 19:37


Agreed, his answer deserves a score of 110 out of 100 (if that is feasible)!

MANFOD 23rd Feb 2018 19:49

That's disappointing LAX_LHR. Does that imply 12 based as last summer then?
Any chance for winter do you think?

LAX_LHR 23rd Feb 2018 20:01

No Easyjet expansion this summer. Pushed back to 2019 as this will help T1 from becoming overcrowded. More Jet2 will move to T2 next summer and this will enable Easyjet growth.

MKY661 23rd Feb 2018 23:05

Bit of a Shame that GIB will be staying 3pw this summer then. Route has also been downgraded to an A319 this Summer as well.

Understandable reasoning regarding the delayed expansion though.

DomyDom 24th Feb 2018 10:01


The delay in expansion is understandable given the passenger experience (overcrowding)in T1 during the summer months. Hopefully we will see it next year (Brexit permitting☺).

Dobbo_Dobbo 24th Feb 2018 10:23

There is an awful lot going on at once and I feel EZY might just be feeling the effects of a capacity crunch.

This not just the terminals, taxiways, stands, hotels and car parking - the improvements to the local and strategic road network are obviously causing disruption.

DP. 24th Feb 2018 12:46


Quite. The situation in the vicinity of the airport at present is absolutely shambolic.

MAN2SIN2BKK2FRA 24th Feb 2018 12:58

What's the latest progress on the Terminal 2 rebuild: I've not seen any pics anywhere for about 3 months. Thanks

Curious Pax 24th Feb 2018 13:05

The transformation website was updated yesterday. Looks like the last bolt on the first phase of superstructure went in (think that means pier 1 and the extension out from the existing T2 to meet it). On schedule for that part to,open in April next year.

Dobbo_Dobbo 24th Feb 2018 16:08

For sure.

I think some ligitimate criticism can be levelled at MAG, who could have perhaps have started the TP a little sooner. The counter to that is the traffic growth over the past 2/3 years has been pretty much unprecedented.

However, the surrounding road layout is woefully underprepared. Something had to be done, and you wonder if this could have been undertaken a few years ago (i.e. before the TP).

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

chaps1954 24th Feb 2018 17:06

Gaining planning permission from councils can be very slow thing and as we all know the
southern bypass is years behind where it should be.

Dobbo_Dobbo 25th Feb 2018 19:18

Originally Posted by GrahamK (Post 10047665)
I'd have said BHX was a bigger market to India.

Few quotes which answer this question - taken from anna.aero (see link below) and probably explains the supposed motivation for VS/Jet to look into MAN-BOM/DEL:

> “Manchester is Europe’s largest unserved market to/from Mumbai,” states Robert Smith, Head of Aviation Development at Manchester Airport. “In fact the airport is second only to Heathrow in terms of total O&D traffic for UK to India.”

> “In total O&D traffic, Manchester-Mumbai ranks third behind Heathrow and Paris CDG, and way ahead of several routes that have direct services, e.g. Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich and Istanbul,” concludes Smith.

> “Excluding Sydney [which cannot be reached in one sector], Mumbai is the second largest unserved market from Manchester [Bangkok being the biggest],” confirms Smith. In 2016, the market witnessed 74,000 indirect passengers, plus 73,000 surface leakage to Mumbai from Manchester’s two-hour catchment area (IATA Airport IS and CAA Survey 2016).


Suzeman 25th Feb 2018 22:01

What's the latest progress on the Terminal 2 rebuild: I've not seen any pics anywhere for about 3 months. Thanks

Turn the sound off so that you don't have to listen to the rubbish "music" :{

one11 27th Feb 2018 11:13

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 10063047)
No Easyjet expansion this summer. .

Perhaps they could use the time to sort out their ground handling by Menzies.
Inbound from AMS late Sunday was slightly delayed then another 10 minute wait for steps. On entry to the terminal confronted by a locked door - fortunately sign language through the glass to agents handling an Air Arabia at an adjacent desk enabled some communication from the assembled PAX - otherwise we would probably still be waiting. Even so it took 20 minutes for Menzies to respond and unlock.
It had also taken an hour to get through security on the outbound flight but that's another story and not down to EZY.

Skipness One Echo 27th Feb 2018 11:29

I noticed that even Ryanair self handle their larger operations.
DUB, MAD and PMI seem to be in house, Ryanair tugs and some ground handling whereas STN, their biggest base is Swissport. I wonder if this is a UK ailment?

LFC22 27th Feb 2018 19:59

Unfortunately Menzies are a mess at the moment. So many flights arriving on stand with no-one to meet it, equipment either lying around anywhere or unusable, I could go on. One wonders how much longer EZY will tolerate this

The96er 27th Feb 2018 22:24

You pay peanuts....

MAN2SIN2BKK2FRA 28th Feb 2018 05:22

Thanks for the updates

Airfrance7 28th Feb 2018 07:36

And this is not the first time that this has happened. De-Icing equipment at MAN is totally inadequate.

Mr Mac 28th Feb 2018 07:45

Council Van
Not the first time that has happened with EK. I have a colleague heading to India who was less than impressed as connection missed obviously - just got e-mail to confirm his delayed arrival which will result in a costly delay to our own works there of 24-48 hrs. You would think having 3nr 380 per day not to mention the 747 still operating out of there, that they could afford at least 1nr large de-icing truck.

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