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Navpi 20th Dec 2017 10:54

Originally Posted by Betablockeruk (Post 9995989)
So, MAG have got their sought after EK service from STN. Wonder if they'll ever get an EMA-DXB?

Is there anything serving STN that could be convinced to give MAN a go?

Given there was talk of 4 a day into Manchester it's great to pinch this.
And MNG Cargo :)

LAX_LHR 20th Dec 2017 10:59

It hasn’t been pinched from MAN? This is serving the London market, MAN doesn’t.

Also, the flight numbers for any 4th daily were EK23/24, not EK33/34.

chaps1954 20th Dec 2017 11:31

It`s more likely to hit the BHX flights as it will overlap their business

LBIA 20th Dec 2017 16:38

Wonder why Loganair have suddenly stopped taking bookings on its website for the Manchester - Glasgow route as of January 19th 2018?

daz211 20th Dec 2017 16:50

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9996005)
Pax wise, the only STN airlines Iím aware of MAN actively trying to court are Pegasus (for SAW) and Air Moldova (for KIV). Pretty much all the others barring the new ones for next year (such as Primera, WOW and Air Mediterranean) already serve MAN.

Pegasus May pay off with 4 weekly SAW applied for, but Air Moldova remain on the wish list.

Air Corsica would be a nice addition for Manchester.

air2000dub 20th Dec 2017 17:22

Originally Posted by LBIA (Post 9996372)
Wonder why Loganair have suddenly stopped taking bookings on its website for the Manchester - Glasgow route as of January 19th 2018?

Flybe returning to the route with a Q400 to replace Eastern Saab?

air2000dub 20th Dec 2017 17:24

Originally Posted by Navpi (Post 9991199)
Surely the problem is that nobody can operate UK domestic feed into LHR at a reasonable rate of return ?

Virgin Red failed A320 45% load factor

BA Leeds have failed A320 50% load factor

That leaves FlyBe , BMI, possibly Loganair using much smaller aircraft but still paying "triple 777 level" landing rates.
And those fees will go up with RW3 not down.

My understanding is that the FlyBe loads are less than spectacular and are only retained as FlyBe will be able to sell the slots on in 18 months.

If HAL have faith in connecting say Derry, Teeside, Carlisle, and Liverpool ( A route which incredibly could not even be sustained by KLM) maybe they should set up an airline themselves and operate the service ?

Flybe loads are very good, especially from EDI...

LBIA 20th Dec 2017 17:58

Confirmed elsewhere that Loganair is stopping its up to 5x daily Glasgow - Manchester route as of January 19th 2018. Flybe/Eastern Airways will continue to operate up to 3x daily Saab 2000 service.

Wonder if this a sweetener given by Loganair after Flybe/Eastern recently announced its intention to withdraw from the Sheltland routes to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen?

Albert Hall 20th Dec 2017 18:32

Probably more a reflection of the fact that noone can make money flying small turboprop at average fares in the £50 mark looking at prices for the next few days.

LAX_LHR 20th Dec 2017 18:43

The withdrawal of Glasgow by Loganair is a strange one given GLA acts as a small hub for the Highlands and Islands, so with MAN gaining 4 new routes next summer fro LOG, 3 of those being direct island routes just 1/2 weekly, one could assume there were enough connections via GLA to give the data and make the island flights viable?

Skipness One Echo 20th Dec 2017 20:01

MAN-GLA is natural flybe territory, it was a core BA route that went to British Regional then BACON then sold to flybe who passed it (back) to Loganair in friendlier days. Of course now flybe want to see Loganair off “their” territory and vice versa.
But to miss GLA out of flybe’s MAN route structure would really stand out so no surprise they fought for it. Third time Loganair have dropped this route, they lost out to BA back in the 90s too.

Connections are good to have with LM but their bread and butter is p2p. Even BA dropped the codeshare on BRR, one odd reason given being you need to re-clear security at GLA (just like LHR). There is no longer a security circus at CAL, BRR and TRE. It’s such a pleasure to get right on with no fuss.

VickersVicount 20th Dec 2017 22:43

Originally Posted by Skipness One Echo (Post 9996540)
odd reason given being you need to re-clear security at GLA (just like LHR).

..... good old BA FlyerTalk forum!

Skipness One Echo 21st Dec 2017 09:26

"Good old" flew GLA-CAL-GLA on G-HIAL back in August. You arrive on stand and are escorted by security and kept well away from any departing passengers. Huge change from BRR in 2008 when my whole bag was thoroughly searched by hand as there was no x-ray machine.

goldeneye 21st Dec 2017 09:28

So BE drop Sumburgh and leave routes from ABZ, EDI & GLA to LM, and then a few weeks later LM drop Manchester from Glasgow and leave it to BE.

The last T3 flight is the 7th Jan with BE taking it on Q400 from the 8th Jan.

David Sharpe 22nd Dec 2017 13:01

The Manchester to Glasgow route actually appeared in 3rd place in October 2017 for the top airport pairs in Europe adding the most flights when compared to October 2016, the average daily movements for October 2017 were 15 (+9 flights per day) I think this was when Loganair were operating up to 6 x daily services on certain weekdays.

Interestingly, the Aberdeen to Sumburgh appeared in 4th place, adding 8 flights per day with an average of 35 movements per day (this is one of the routes that flyBe are ceasing in early JAN leaving Loganair to operate)

nigel osborne 22nd Dec 2017 16:15

Originally Posted by FQTLSteve (Post 9994230)
That's very interesting Nigel, so why was it refused when the only alternative then was LGW? What would have happened if they had refused too would it have had to go BRU/AMS etc.

It held for 45 mins over BHX, MAN turned it away as did LHR.

You have to remember airports will however accept flts on a pan pan fuel divert.

BHX last winter turned away a BA 744 and a USAF Galaxy last wintero diversion. Both soon after declared fuel emergencies and were then accepted by BHX.

Fairdealfrank 22nd Dec 2017 23:59

BD was also on GLA-MAN 5x/day in the early 2000s, also on GLA-LBA 3x/day.

Skipness One Echo 24th Dec 2017 01:51

And Manchester were making no secret of the fact they didn't want said turboprops. Shame as it is a loss of some good connections.
Tell me more.......

Betablockeruk 27th Dec 2017 11:38

Usually quick on here to complain about arriving at Manchester but was great yesterday evening (Boxing Day) in the late Easyjet wave. Lots of Border Force and baggage wasn't too long in appearing (unlike Prague). Just my bio-metric passport failed and rest of family laughing at me from inside the UK - attendant quick to get me through to reunite with my mocking family. T1 long stay bus was trouble free.

TLV flight was in front of us. Wow!! That's a lot of luggage it carries. Several kitchen sinks.

Aksai Oiler 27th Dec 2017 13:20

Maybe Kitchen Sinks are better made in Israel? You never know :)

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