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righthandrule 23rd Dec 2011 17:31

Indeed, G-GDFF is currently in Norwich having delivery maintenance, cabin upgrade and re-paint. It is currently not planned to have winglets added but this is good old Jet2, anything could happen.

It's currently due into LBA on the 4th Jan - as mentioned this beauty will be the baby of the fleet!

EI-EIDW 23rd Dec 2011 17:42

What Aircraft are Jet2 going to use on Dublin-Chambery which starts tomorrow. Was a B733 last winter which was NCL based but this year its operating at the same time arrive DUB 12.30 and depart 13.30 but not being operated from NCL, MAN, LBA or EDI (going by the timetable on website)

righthandrule 23rd Dec 2011 17:55

I think it's a Possibly the LGW based 737-300. Current G-CELK. It may be a BFS based 737 though.

jet2impress 24th Dec 2011 11:46

Looks like G-CELZ on a W-pattern through CMF from EDI.

retrosgone 24th Dec 2011 13:34

The Dublin Chambery Charters have been operated for the last 3 or so winters by EDI based 737-300 QCs. This winter is the same, with a crew operating EDI - CMF - DUB, then positioning home. A second crew takes over the aircraft in DUB and completes the W pattern home to EDI.

j636 25th Dec 2011 14:26

Some winter 2012/13 on sale with Jet2.

HH6702 25th Dec 2011 19:59

Winter 2012/13
What routes are on sale ?

LBIA 26th Dec 2011 10:45

Quoting HH6702:

What routes are on sale ?
Jet2 have the following routes now on sale for next winter 2012/13 season.


Fernanjet 28th Dec 2011 14:26

Strategic airbus
Is it true that Jet2 have a strategic A320 based in Manchester next Summer??

richardnei 28th Dec 2011 15:37

They used a Strategic Airlines A320 in MAN this summer past as a back-up aircraft over the peak period. So could be doing the same next year aswell.

There is to be a B757 at MAN and a B733 at LBA on full-time standby next summer so this could be for additional ad-hoc cover.

Remember G-LSAK is leased to RAK Airways until the end of June. So they will be down an aircraft until then aswell.

righthandrule 28th Dec 2011 16:04

It is back for next summer. It is being sold as a 737-800 on the website and will be rotated on 737-800 routes at MAN. The logic behind this is to have a 757 spare at all times as last year the A320 could not cover the 757 as a standby due to the capacity difference.

LBA will have a 737-300 standby for the majority of the week (some peak times will see all aircraft in operation), the same goes for MAN with the 757.

Fingers crossed this will mean OTP is dramatically increased compared to last year. It took a lot, but the big boss has finally been convinced to splash out on standby aircraft.

DjerbaDevil 3rd Jan 2012 11:47

There's rumour about that JET2 have acquired two more B738s from Air Europe. Any confirmations?

LBIA 3rd Jan 2012 12:52

Jet2 summer 2012 aircraft fleet and bases will be as follows.

12x B757-200's
15x B737-300s
8x B737-300QCs
1x B737-300F
5x B737-800s
1x A320-200 (Leased from Strategic Airlines)

And here is how the basing works out.
LBA = 8x B733 & 3x B752
MAN = 2x B733, 3x B738, 1x A320 & 4x B752
NCL = 4x B733 & 2x B752
EDI = 4x B733
GLA = 2x B738 & 1x B752
EMA = 1x B733 & 2x B752
BFS = 2x B733
BLK = 2x B733
EXT = 1x B733

Aircraft still to be aquired are
1x B737-300 & 2x B737-800's

commit aviation 3rd Jan 2012 13:39

Interesting to see that MAN is now larger than LBA in seat capacity terms, albeit that LBA has more aircraft / routes.
Such a shame that Leeds' "own" airline is struggling to find growth opportunities there but I guess a combination of economic circumstances & the base having matured make it increasingly tricky.

LBIA 3rd Jan 2012 14:04

commit aviation I don't think that's true! As the Jet2 aircraft utilisation out off Leeds is alot higher compared to the Manchester fleet.

You've got to remember that one of the Manchester based B757-200 will be sat around doing nothing for most off the week. Where as the Leeds fleet is needed in service almost everyday even though one of its based B737-300's is meant to be a standby aircraft.

JSCL 3rd Jan 2012 15:11

But the plus argument also is that clearly, despite overall seat capacity at both airports, Jet2 are able to fill more seats out of MAN than LBA. If there's less routes and based A/C but more seats available - that's the big factor to look at. If you looked at routes vs A/C - MAN would be on a winner hands-down.

Clearly LBA can only be managing the ~148 seats on a flight when MAN can be achieving ~180 and even up to ~220 filled seats per flight more often. Number of routes and based A/C doesn't mean all that much, honestly, MAN is a more competitive field than LBA is which would be a good reason for less routes meaning less based A/C.

AndyH52 3rd Jan 2012 16:38

Sorry Delta154 but if the capacity isn't actually included in the scheduled flying programme then I'm not sure it's relevant. When Jet2 starts flying more pax each week out of MAN than LBA then you can start saying it's Manchester operation is bigger...

righthandrule 3rd Jan 2012 18:15

Lets just clear a few things up. Yes LBA's fleet is 8 x 733 and 3 x 752 whilst MAN's is 2 x 733, 3 x 738 & 4 x 752 but overall the bases are very similar. Just because MAN has a higher proportion of 'larger' aircraft does not mean that it is a bigger or better base.

Clearly LBA can only be managing the ~148 seats on a flight when MAN can be achieving ~180 and even up to ~220 filled seats per flight more often.
In fact generally it is the opposite, due to the high competition at Manchester Jet2 have opted to not be bigger but better on their routes. Compared to some bases, routes operate on a relatively low frequency but on larger aircraft. Other bases see higher frequency with smaller aircraft. LBA has the output of a morning 757 departure and afternoon 733 departure to the likes of AGP, ALC, PMI etc whilst MAN can only profitably sustain a single daily 737/757 flight. There are obviously exceptions such as FCO/PRG/BUD that have higher frequencies & bigger aircraft operating than at LBA but generally Jet2 have a lot more longer, thin routes from MAN which reduces what can be done with the aircraft.

LBA has a lot more 6 sector day aircraft, all aircraft operate a minimum of 4 sectors each day apart from tuesdays & wednesdays when the 757's only operate 2 sectors. Compare this to Manchester, where at least one 757 operates only 2 sectors on each day of the week. (Obviously longer sectors i.e. TLV) During summer the last departure from Manchester is around 16.00 however from LBA it is up to 19.10 - accounting for the nature of the routes per base.

Passenger wise, LBA carries more passengers and has around 5/6 more flights per day than MAN but has a lower load factor due to the larger amount of city routes which have lower passenger numbers. As an operation, LBA is significantly larger still. Yes, MAN generally has bigger based aircraft than LBA but there are very little economies of scale. Each aircraft still needs the same number of tugs, steps, dispatchers, passenger agents, fuelers, ramp staff etc etc. So as an operation, LBA is still bigger than Manchester.

I personally do not think it is fair to say Leeds's own airline is struggling to find growth opportunities! I would say new routes to Berlin, Budapest & Gran Canaria along with Funchal & Bodrum last year is significant growth still. LBA has seen AMS & BFS routes cut from 12 to 9 weekly departures but this has been absorbed with frequency increases and timetable changes on other routes. There is little room for growth at LBA until the dire infrastructure is finally improved and finished so 2013 may be an interesting year. However the Jet2 product at LBA & MAN has reached an optimum, there is a very limited number of profitable new routes that can be added to these bases.

At the end of the day, I don't see why there is all the childish bickering between LBA & MAN, they serve different markets and compliment each other excellently. Now that Ryanair have descended on MAN, LBA will always be Jet2's. This is replicated with all airlines, their largest bases are often where their HQ is. Within the company it is well known that most routes from LBA perform stronger than MAN ones as LBA has a very diverse, financially rich local catchment area and has a higher concentration of extremely high yielding routes supported by business traffic. Manchesters route matrix consists of more leisure routes which are supported by Jet2Holidays which has a considerably lower profit margin on the flight part of the package. At the end of the day, who really cares which base is bigger or better? The Manchester guys, you really don't need to big yourselves up, we all know you have a much bigger and better airport all round - no need to get cocky! :ok:

AndyH52 3rd Jan 2012 18:27

Glad you agree I've proved my point then...

Yes, the spare aircraft should be regarded in the same way...but at the end of the day capacity is a combination of seats available in the based aircraft multiplied by the number of flights those aircraft operate.

Yes I may pick up on technicalities sometimes, but the devil, as they say, is often in the detail rather than the misleading headlines...

BasilFawlty 3rd Jan 2012 19:39

Will Exeter remain a 733QC or is the 733F coming back next season?

PPRuNe Pop 3rd Jan 2012 21:51

Delta, please stop this MAN is bigger etc., WE all know what it is. You are, on your own, winding people up - and I am getting complaints about you. I can do without the 'work.' Got it!?

goldeneye 3rd Jan 2012 21:57

What routes do LS use the 738 on from Glasgow.

LPFR 3rd Jan 2012 22:32

The 738 routes from Glasgow for this Summer will be Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona, Faro, Nice, Ibiza and Rome. Palma will be a mix of 738 and 757.

EGAC_Ramper 3rd Jan 2012 22:51

Regarding the BFS base I'm assuming this will remain B733 for the forseable future or would B738's go there too?


Expressflight 4th Jan 2012 08:02

Can anyone confirm which aircraft will be operating the SEN-CGN-CRA Ford charters wef 9th January and what the scheduling is?

delta154 4th Jan 2012 09:10

PPrune pop

Please delete account.

I fail to see the point of this being a discussion forum if you cannot discuss! People crying to daddy mod rather than stand up for themselves, its pathetic

And as fir Pprune pop, a mod that 'cannot be bothered to mod', says it all really!

LBIA 4th Jan 2012 12:31

BBC News - Plane hit by bus shelter during storm at Edinburgh Airport

I cannot believe that a Jet2, Boeing 737-300 parked up at Edinburgh Airport was hit and damaged by a bus shelter, which was blown over the fence yesterday.

It's a good job there were no passengers or ground crew around the aircraft when it happened. Otherwise this incident could have turned out a lot worse.

MKY661 4th Jan 2012 16:52

Not again. First the 757 at LBA and now this.
Good news about nobody being hurt

plasticAF 5th Jan 2012 01:34

Pity the beeb gave the wrong picture didn't think Edinburgh had -800's

LEWIS APPLEBY 5th Jan 2012 09:03

Any truth in the rumour that Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-300 LN-KKQ currently at Southend for overhaul/painting is to go to Jet2?

TCX69 5th Jan 2012 15:48

Also read off another forum that G-GDFG has also arrived and that one will be a Boeing 737-300 and painted into Jet2 Holidays colours.
Why do the new A|C keep getting painted into that awful livery?! :ooh: The ones leased from Allegiant I can understand, but the rest?

MKY661 5th Jan 2012 16:50

Might be to save money. Jet2 may not want to paint it into the full colours yet. They hardly ever paint their leased aircraft into the full colours.

chaps2011 5th Jan 2012 18:52

I actually quite like the Jet2 Holiday scheme, but the best sceme was the silver one at the begining


Bill Bo Baggins 5th Jan 2012 19:26

From what I'm told the majority of the paying punters have said they like that scheme + the basic white scheme is easy to adapt if you want to lease an aircraft out,


deltahotel9 5th Jan 2012 21:36

The white and red livery looks better than the battleship grey, especially on the 757 IMHO

scotsunflyer 6th Jan 2012 01:19

I cannot believe that a Jet2, Boeing 737-300 parked up at Edinburgh Airport was hit and damaged by a bus shelter, which was blown over the fence yesterday.
Bus stop 4 in the long stay car park was blown over fence by the hurrriane force winds and hit the B733 that was on the stands opposite the car park

For those not in central Scotland on Tuesday morning, you only have to look at the pictures in the news to see the damage that was caused.

Not seen wind like this before, last year it was snow like this.

FlyerFoto 6th Jan 2012 21:13

Interestingly, Dart Group's PA-31, G-IFIT, was on the NWI Business Centre's apron yesterday (5th).....

BasilFawlty 6th Jan 2012 21:20

Most likely to bring crew for G-GDFF, which was ferried to OSL today according to skyliner-aviation.

righthandrule 6th Jan 2012 22:44

That's strange, it arrived at LBA this afternoon and went into the Jet2 hangar for it's cabin fit...

Barling Magna 7th Jan 2012 10:43

Jet2 Ford Schedule from Southend
Jet2 Ford service from Southend starts on Monday, until late April. From the Air Humberside forum Movementman provides the following schedule:

ARR Sunday 1940L posn in empty from LGW & night stop
DEP Monday 0700L to CGN with pax
ARR Friday 1825L from CGN with pax
DEP Friday 1905L to LGW empty

Although the runway extension and new terminal are still a few weeks away from opening, it will be good to see a 737 flying regularly from SEN again. Air Malta was probably the last in the 1980s....

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