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AirGuru 29th Apr 2012 17:50

Well that is very good news, but it should be kept quiet until something is formally announced, if it even is. Thanks.

chock o late 30th Apr 2012 20:17

Jet 2
This report re CWL and Jet2 is a load of tosh.

Jet2 do not like southern air.

Perhaps now the person who put up fictitious report on Wiki will now take it down and get a life.:ugh:

CabinCrewe 30th Apr 2012 20:20

antagonistic new poster alert ! always a worry.

mathers_wales_uk 30th Apr 2012 21:11

I have it from the horses mouth (Cardiff Airport Management) that Jet2.com are still not interested in Cardiff Airport. However the team do contact them every month.

The Jet2.com CEO has made it very clear to Cardiff Airport management that operating scheduled flights south of East Midlands does not fit with their strategy in the short to medium term.

Cardiff Airport have informed us that despite this their quest to find replacement traffic in particular for Malaga and Faro continues at pace.

Maybe it's time that people don't listen to a word that's posted on wikipedia and this is why we communicate with the airport management to ensure we are discussing facts and not fantasy.


chock o late 30th Apr 2012 21:15

No Cabin Crewe just a little fed up with people who alter Wiki and then use that to put up false claims on numerous aviation sites claiming to have an exclusive.
I am told that this site encourages accurate posts and does not condone totally false contributions, if I am wrong then I apologise to you, otherwise I will criticise people that put up spoof info.

mathers_wales_uk 30th Apr 2012 21:55

To be honest Cabin Crewe i'm with Chock o late with this one regards it's first post or millionth post.

I know some wants a great future for Cardiff Airport and i'm one of them however to believe something that has been written on wikipedia before it is released in the public domain is quite naive.

This is not the first time that this has happened and unfortunately won't be the last. However now I have been in contact with Cardiff Airport management I hope we can put this fictitious rumour to bed.

JSCL 30th Apr 2012 22:02

Alas, we can always rely on the spotters clubs for the up to date information on route development.

sunday8pm 1st May 2012 12:01

Jet2 may soon be moving any spare airplanes to EMA so I think CWL is obviously further down the list of priorities.

BHD2BFS 1st May 2012 12:14

If and when baby close, do you recon jet2 will take on domestic routes ie bfs-ema or only the holiday routes?

pwalhx 1st May 2012 12:20

What spare aircraft do they have and why will they be moving them shortly to EMA?

sunday8pm 1st May 2012 12:33

Interesting situation on the cards at EMA if Baby do close (although I hope they don't). Its a pretty big FR operation there with 6/7 aircraft based and others have commented that they wouldn't necessarily be able to quickly jump in and stifle competition if Baby do close before November.

Easy are strongly rumoured to be returning soon and some of their big fish have been spotted at EMA recently. If they do indeed return and base a few A319's here then I can see them keeping the likes of EDI, GLA and BFS.

Its no secret that Jet2 have grand plans for EMA and Baby closing certainly frees up space for this to happen. Its unclear as to whether they wouldn't rather just pinch Baby's bucket and spade routes.

pug 1st May 2012 12:54

Wasnt the reason easyjet pulled out of EMA that WW were going after the same market and so they found it difficult to find room to expand there? There must also be a fairly large gap to be left open for both Jet2 and easyjet should the worst happen to WW? Particularly for Easyjet and the European city routes.

ematom1 5th May 2012 01:34

8 new routes for EMA winter 12/13 summer 13, Boeing 737 to be based bringing it to 2 757 & 2 737. :)

jabird 5th May 2012 09:48

Jet2 announced in early October that they'd be starting up MAN-IST, but this seems to have been quietly dropped, although I'm not sure when.

Have scanned back to the start of this thread (#4), which goes as far back as mid-October.

Did it falter straight away or have I missed something.

IST should have been quite a high profile destination, obviously up against the hub & spoke of TK, but there should have been room for both with the right marketing.

When I went there myself (from MAN) in Dec 94, we were part of a group of 7 and there were three other passengers on a 738 (iirc) with TK. Turkey has come on quite a long way since then - or is it still easier to fill jets to the sunny resorts on the Med, I guess it always will be!

TSR2 5th May 2012 10:30

When I went there myself (from MAN) in Dec 94, we were part of a group of 7 and there were three other passengers on a 738 (iirc) with TK.
First B738 delivered to TK on 30.10.1998.

Travelled that route frequently myself during the 90's and the TK flight was rarely less than 80% full. From memory I think the aircraft was a B734.

Penworth 5th May 2012 15:11

Apparently the reason the Istanbul route was dropped was due to the lack of decent (ie daytime) arrival and departure slots.

OliWW 5th May 2012 15:23

Jet2s expansion at EMA is pathetic... 1 aircraft per year since they started, considering bmibaby are losing 9 aircraft at EMA, what is all that about! Good luck Monarch!

jubilee 5th May 2012 15:41

Think you will find Jet2,and other airlines don't have that many spare aircraft lying around just to fund expansion at EMA. The fact Jet2 is increasing at EMA should be applauded, and not criticised. Aircraft to buy or lease cost a lot of money,and the phrase finance planning comes to mind. they that do it right succeed,those that don't

SWBKCB 5th May 2012 15:42

Jet2s expansion at EMA is pathetic... 1 aircraft per year since they started, considering bmibaby are losing 9 aircraft at EMA, what is all that about!
Just remind me which of these airlines is operating from EMA next summer?

bluepilot 5th May 2012 16:09


Baby are bust, always have been bust, never made a profit! Jet2..profits year upon year, planned expansion etc = stable profitable company.

EMA has 3 a/c this year, 4 next. Who knows what else. Jet2 are not interested in LOCO short haul routes, therefore many of the unprofitable baby routes will be left to the likes of Flybe, oh and one aircraft from Monarch? whoooppy wooo.

Jet2 are expanding the Jet2 holiday business and the airline has become the servant of the holiday demands.

My sympathy goes out to those losing their jobs at Baby, I hope that Jet2 , Flybe and monarch can provide you and your families with some hope.

ematom1 5th May 2012 17:06

Jet2's expansion has been great for Ema starting with 9 flights a week on a single 757, 3/4 years on 4 a/c with i belive 43 flights a week? correct if im wrong :)
Does anyone know what aircraft jet2 will base at ema S13 737-300 or a 737-800

binsleepen 5th May 2012 17:34


This is a pure guess but I would expect it to be a 737-300. Jet2 at EMA is already 757 heavy compared to most other bases so an -800 is not needed for the range or extra seating capacity. -800s are still a small part of the Jet2 fleet and are therfore better utilised from the more northern and larger bases.


OliWW 5th May 2012 18:36

Jet2 profits in the first year - must have been some cost advantages given by the airport to help achieve such a thing, considering they only operated 1 flight a day on most occasions, which seems to have been a continuing trend.

2013 will see 2x B733 and 2x B752, according to their timetables, most actually perform 2 flights a day suprisingly, something we generally only saw at weekends last year in peak months this year.

binsleepen 5th May 2012 19:03


I'm not sure why you have a downer on J2. After year 1 at EMA they doubled capacity, year 2 increased by 50%, year 3 by 33% and next year by 25%. Most of the aircraft are owned out right so its cheaper to leave them on the ground than fly them at a loss or just break even.

This allows J2 to offer great flight times as they dont need to fly 24 hrs a day. Neither pax or crew enjoy a night Dalaman:ok:. It also means that the aircraft are back at EMA by 01.00 at the latest (after the Sunday Pafos) which allows the engineers to carry out maintainance and gives flex in the programme before starting again in the morning at 0700.

Good deals on aircraft are hard to find and so are the right routes to put them on. Remember that J2 have 8 bases with expansion and new routes slowly happening at most of them. J2 took on about 150 new pilots in winter 2010/11 and about 100 this winter.

If you don't grow within your your means you'll end up like BMI, or Baby, or Eos, Silverjet, Zoom, Astraeus, Excell, etc.


OliWW 5th May 2012 20:20

Fair points, growth is too minimal when demand is available, maybe with baby leaving, growth will increase for them to become a dominant power at EMA, who knows, lets see what happens. I just believe they haven't fully exploited their operation and 'played it safe' because they were unsure on success.

Daza 5th May 2012 20:38

What has to be remembered was that BMIBaby wasn't profitable. So many routes that were operated from EMA, BHX and BHD were not viable. Maybe EMA and the other UK bases should not expect all of the WW routes to be replaced? There were several reasons why BMIBaby lost money maybe wrong route choice was one of them? Steady growth and planned expansion is surely better than operating ill conceived, poorly supported routes makes a better business plan? :ok:

edi_local 5th May 2012 22:09

How good were bmibaby loads? I just can't imagine that many people wanting to fly between EMA, LBA and EDI, for example that would warrant a 737. They had similar domestic routes to BE and they seemed to do well as they are often able to fill a dash or a 175 between, say EDI and NWI. I'm confident that BE will do well on the EMA-EDI route with a dash, but anything bigger than that, or even anything more than say 3 times a day will be pushing it, unless they can tap in to a market which WW were not able to.

DomyDom 6th May 2012 02:22

Manchester-Grenoble flights are odd. Only serving Saturdays and Sundays. Hardly gives enough time for a weeked ski break. DomyDom

bluepilot 6th May 2012 17:46

Airline Jet2, jobs, East Midlands Airport, BMI Baby | This is Derbyshire

Sal73x 7th May 2012 07:47

Manchester-Grenoble flights are odd. Only serving Saturdays and Sundays. Hardly gives enough time for a weeked ski break. DomyDom
I guess the flights are designed for who wants to plan for a week skiing and not just a weekend.

CabinCrewe 7th May 2012 10:23

Exactly. This follows patterns offered by a number of carriers.

mikkie4 7th May 2012 22:16

Aerogal boeing 757-200 hc-ciy from bogata via halifax,for delivery to jet2,landed a few hours ago at southend for a make over

jabird 8th May 2012 01:31

TSR - yes, I stand corrected, no 738s in public service before 98. 734 would sound about right, either way, the flight was all but empty - it was December, and I don't think TK were pushing IST as a hub as much as they are now.

So back to Jet2 - surely they applied for the slots at IST before putting the route on sale. After all, if they weren't happy in their negotiations, they could have used SAW like other budget airlines, they didn't need to use IST for connectivity, even if it is a better airport for access to the city (imho).

They seem to have backtracked without even giving it a try.

As for WW v LS - I have no loyalty to either, but it was obvious which airline was making money and which one wasn't. BE have already picked up some of the EMA scraps, clearly there were some routes that were more suited to their business model, I don't really see BE and LS as major competitors.

PAPAROMA 8th May 2012 10:44

Leeds - Grenoble
Leeds to Grenoble looks like a new route.......

ematom1 11th May 2012 18:14

East midlands
East midlands new routes - edingburgh and glasgow both start 10th september 2012

planenut321 11th May 2012 18:19

Someone is not happy about BE's move... :ouch:

LBIA 11th May 2012 18:34

Are you sure this is correct ematom1?

As as nothing has been announced on Jet2's own website yet about them starting domestic routes from East Midlands to Glasgow and Edinburgh in September.

ematom1 11th May 2012 23:10

East Midlands Airport : New Routes & Services

OntimeexceptACARS 11th May 2012 23:14

They not confusing the new Flybe routes to GLA and EDI?

SWBKCB 12th May 2012 06:09

Very odd, the link on the EMA website takes you to the Jet2 website but flights aren't there to book.

Left hand needs to be introduced to right hand (and the EMA web implementation team need a kick...)

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