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MKY661 11th Jul 2012 15:40

Jet2 are leasing A Strategic Airlines A320 for the summer. The aircraft though changes

TSR2 11th Jul 2012 19:53

If your friends flight was LS917 at 14.30, it was listed to be operated by a B752 throughout June. Therefore it is likely that the use of Strategic was to prevent a lengthy delay due to a tech problem with a Jet2 aircraft and was not pre-planned well in advance.

munrobagger 12th Jul 2012 09:46

What is the max range of the 737 300 at Edinburgh ? It would nice if Jet2 could fly to Greece from EDI but suspect too far for these ? Any future plans for EDI ?

GrahamK 12th Jul 2012 09:50

I would have thought the 733 would be able to make at least Corfu from EDI

retrosgone 12th Jul 2012 15:25

The EDI 300s are all QCs which, with a full load of passengers and bags, struggle to go more than around three and a half hours with reserves. That makes places like Faro and Malaga close to the limit from EDI.

edi_local 12th Jul 2012 17:00

LS also operate the 300s on the DBV route, which is, according to GCMAP, about 4 miles longer than EDI-AGP. EDI-CFU is, however over 200 miles further, so DBV could be the furthest we see from EDI with Jet2 at the moment.

LBIA 12th Jul 2012 21:35

Oh dear.

Looks like Jet2's latest Boeing 737-3Y5, G-GDFH (ex Norwegian LN-KKC) which was delivered to Leeds on Monday wont be going anywhere soon. As it requires a "window belt skin repair" Which I understand quite a big job.

This dose beg the question as to why it wasn't picked up while the aircraft was recently having it's c-check done down in Belgrade by Jat Tehnika?

Anyway in the meantime the airline is to lease a Boeing 737-700 from Germania for the reminder of the summer season to be based at Leeds-Bradford.

Ivan aromer 13th Jul 2012 08:16

If that is confirmed then unless they got it at a knock down price the will be tears before bed.

munrobagger 13th Jul 2012 09:01

he EDI 300s are all QCs which, with a full load of passengers and bags, struggle to go more than around three and a half hours with reserves. That makes places like Faro and Malaga close to the limit from EDI.

What is QC , pardon my ignorance . I have noted they often struugle to keep time especially on Malaga , even on weekdays , is that because they are not flown at full speed to conserve fuel ?

chinapattern 13th Jul 2012 09:16

Can anyone tell me if all the MAN based fleet is fitted out with the new interiors?

TSR2 13th Jul 2012 10:10

What is QC , pardon my ignorance
Quick Change from Passenger to cargo. They have a freight loading door on one side.

retrosgone 13th Jul 2012 10:38

The QC aircraft have strengthened cargo floors and a large main deck cargo door. All this adds nearly two tons in weight, which has the effect of restricting payload/fuel in passenger mode. This is what restricts the EDI aircraft, and the QCs based at other airfields (Newcastle and Belfast) to around three and a half hours maximum range when full of passengers.

AP1995 13th Jul 2012 10:47

Jet2 are to start Montenegro direct from Belfast, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, East Midlands and Newcastle, Dont know much on frequency's or aircrafts yet.

Keyvon 13th Jul 2012 11:00

They wont be flying directly to Montenegro, but they will just selling package holidays with the flights operating out of the Croatian airport of Dubrovnik, which is already linked to 6 British destinations.

munrobagger 13th Jul 2012 12:52

Is Edinburgh the only airport where Jet 2 does cargo flights as well as passenger ?
What hours are they required for cargo flights ?

jet2impress 13th Jul 2012 13:03

Cargo flights are operated from several Jet2 bases. Belfast, Newcastle, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Stansted and Exeter all see Jet2 737 QC aircraft flying night cargo for the Royal Mail. This is a long standing agreement/contract that has been running for several years now.

j636 13th Jul 2012 13:04

BFS, EDI and NCL flights to DBK increase from 1 to 2 weekly
EMA-DNK new 2 weekly

May of being posted before but I have just saw it on another site.

LBIA 13th Jul 2012 13:06

"munrobagger" Along with Edinburgh base, Jet2 also run overnight royal mail contract flights out of there bases at Newcastle & Belfast Int'l using the fleet of 8x B737-300QC's G-CELA/O/P/R/X/Y/Z & G-GDFE on routes to London Stansted and East Midlands.

They also have a freight only Boeing 737-300, G-CELW which is based at Exeter.

LBIA 13th Jul 2012 13:20

I know this may sound like a daft question, But after posting the message late last night about B737-300, G-GDFH.

Is there anyone on here in the know as what this "window belt skin repair" work will entail and how long the work normally takes to fix the aircraft?

ematom1 13th Jul 2012 14:30

I load the jet2 QC aircraft at east midlands, the contract expires with royal mail expires in 2014, the last flight on weekdays is usually around 01:30 outbound so I'd say the aircraft are returned their bases for around 03:30 to be converted back to a passenger aircraft within around 30 mins

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