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Balair 9th Nov 2012 14:51


The apron improvements I refer to related to a planning application (Dec 2011) for ground level covered walkways. As my business no longer takes me to the airport I don't know if these were ever built?
As you suggest, going back further, there were also plans for an extension to the elevated walkway to the arrivals hall, thus reducing the number of bus transfers required; the plans also included provision for the addition of airbridges at some future date.
I assume finances and reduced passenger throughput have seen these plans binned?


Burnie5204 9th Nov 2012 15:36

I'm not familiar with those plans but I can tell you there are currently no covered walkways to or from aircraft except the last 15ft in front of Intl Arrivals and the plans for this round of development shows no external covered walkways.

As you say I suspect the economic climate, loss of WW and other such factors may have put a halt to those plans.

ematom1 10th Nov 2012 13:33

Know its very spotterish but its also a historic moment for the airport... enjoy

egnxema 11th Nov 2012 08:17

Ematom - very spotter ish but brilliant to see. Thanks for posting that. When empty they leave the ground like a rocket!

Mr Airtours 11th Nov 2012 12:02

As part of the registration says "WOW" very nice.I couldn't be there to watch, but glad you were there ematom thank you ! I wonder in the future whether we will see another A380 at ema? There was talk of the BA A380 (when it is finished being built) coming to ema as part of route/ airport tests. Just goes to show ema can handle anything.:D

ematom1 12th Nov 2012 02:46

thanks guys hopefully one day we shall see the A380 back at EMA such a great sight to see at a mid sized regional airport, who knows whats possible for EMA in the future :)

OliWW 12th Nov 2012 10:04

Well considering it takes up the whole of the Eastern apron, and could carry over 500 passengers, and you can get 80 people on a coach, you would need around 7 coaches to transport passengers, so in high-sight, its not going to happen within the next 30 years for sure!

VC10man 12th Nov 2012 14:28

They would have to wait a long time for the steps to arrive.
Heaven knows how long it would take to get through passport control. The back of the queue would be standing outside.
Not to mention how the pick up area would manage the amount of cars.
It is high time EMA bucked their ideas up and joined the 21st century. It is a disgrace.

VC10man 12th Nov 2012 14:34

And while I'm at it, what is that wreck on the side of the runway? Is it an old Dan Dare 727 which they forgot about?

andyy 12th Nov 2012 15:10

Its part of the fire training ground

Burnie5204 12th Nov 2012 20:45

The only reason the A380 (and the spitfire that also taxied up to the east apron) had the whole east apron was so the apron could be segregated and be returned to landside so that Rolls-Royce, local schools and the media would have easy access to the aircraft otherwise it could have gone onto a stand.

And also as andyy says the 727 is part of the fire training ground. The airport bought it from Air Alfa after it suffered an accident at EMA which was classified as a hull loss when it 'sat down' in strong winds... Previously registered as TC-ALM


OliWW 12th Nov 2012 22:23

Freebird Airlines will operate an additional EMA-DLM on behalf of Thomson for S13 from 26 May-29 Sep on an A320

FRatSTN 12th Nov 2012 22:30

East Midlands is looking like it's going to get a pretty busy summer for 2013. Seems that next summer, East Midlands will be quite a bit ahead of Liverpool, who is currently slightly in front of East Midlands in terms of passenger numbers. Looks like Liverpool will only get around 50-55 departures per day in the summer whereas at East Midlands, it could be around 70 on the busiest days. Even Ryanair appear to be marginally bigger at EMA than LPL next year. I know the winter period at EMA is very quiet, but is there a chance of EMA over taking Newcastle as well for 2013??

OliWW 12th Nov 2012 22:34

Ryanair have released their Polish and French routes now, there are still wide gaps, and on most days, a 7th aircraft isn't required, I'm guessing they are still yet to publish their increased capacity...

FRatSTN 12th Nov 2012 22:59

No they don't seem to have just yet however they did say that an extra aircraft would be added (making it 7) and 17 routes would get extra flights. There will certainly be an increase on summer 2012 anyway, probably the number of daily departures raising from around the high teens to the low-mid twenties I would imagine.

Mr Airtours 13th Nov 2012 14:46

A380F would be more of a prospect I think at EMA in the future, and not so distant future at that.
On another A380 point, I see the BA A380 (msn095) took to the skies for the first time on the 09th Nov, wearing the tail only livery of British Airways. My friend a BA redcap at LHR T5 can't wait to have a go on that ! How I wish I was still there :O.

ematom1 13th Nov 2012 14:57

Do they still have plans for a A380F? What day & times is the Freebird A320 scheduled in the summer?

FRatSTN 13th Nov 2012 15:00

Arrives 08:25 and departs at 09:25 on Sundays. (FHY611/FHY612 to/from Dalaman).

Mr Airtours 13th Nov 2012 15:22

I thought they did. There is stand 120X which I think would be used if an operator ever decided to come to EMA. The good think about EMA is you just never know what will pop in from time to time ! It doesn't have to be a regular thing, but would be nice to see an A380F every now and then.

andyy 13th Nov 2012 15:29

Watched an RAF VC10 do a few circuits and bumps yesterday, whilst walking the dog, followed by a civil Hercules taking off.

almost professional 13th Nov 2012 16:15

Came to shoot an ILS and we talked him into two!
make the most of it as less than six months to go before out of service.

VC10man 13th Nov 2012 16:54

I wish I'd known about the visit of the VC10.
I like VC10s, not many left now, can't understand why they are scrapping them. There's plenty of life in them yet.

MANTFS 13th Nov 2012 18:24

Monarch to start Malta next year

OliWW 13th Nov 2012 19:13

I wonder where they will fit that in their schedule unless it leaves at 22:30 ish... 3rd aircraft maybe?

FRatSTN 13th Nov 2012 19:17

For some reason seems odd to have a route network of ALICANTE, FARO, IBIZA, MALAGA, PALMA AND MALTA. I would like to think that its a third aircraft. East Midlands certainly deserves a greater range of destinations from Monarch. With it they could continue the Canary Islands routes into the summer and add a few more, perhaps in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus and provide competition for Jet2!

OliWW 13th Nov 2012 19:25

They can either get rid of one of the current routes on two days a week, or operate it at 22:30, which could be quite justified considering IBZ is 5x a week at that hour, or have a 3rd aircraft... time will tell.

ematom1 13th Nov 2012 20:23

Nice seeing monarch seem to be committing to east midlands airport although it's only 1 extra route they seem interested

Burnie5204 14th Nov 2012 07:04

Mr Airtours

I am informed that it would require any of the the 120s but would not need to use 120X. Supposedly only the AN225 needs 120X

Rhino power 14th Nov 2012 23:27

otherwise it could have gone onto a stand.
The A380 couldn't have gone on a stand on the central apron if thats what you mean? Nothing larger than a 767 allowed on there due to wingtip clearance between the lighting poles, plus i understand the entrances to quebec and romeo are not wide enough as well...


Burnie5204 15th Nov 2012 01:09

And nor did I suggest it would fit on the central, just that there are stands available for it to fit onto at the airport. The 767s dont even have full obstacle clearance on the central and require a follow me car if they need to transit through the C rather than coming onto 21 or 12R.

sunday8pm 15th Nov 2012 09:52

Monarch are obviously very pleased with the results at EMA so far and I wouldn't be surprised if Malta is a prelude to a third aircraft and the Canaries carrying on into S13, with possibly a couple to the Eastern Med.

ematom1 15th Nov 2012 19:19

Anyone know where the 787 will be parked when it comes if the max is a 767 on the main apron?

Burnie5204 15th Nov 2012 20:57

Chatting with some of the other ramp lads our best guesstimate so far is East Apron though there has been murmour of the November ramp being repainted to fit it on there but thats come from hearing it from 'bob' who heard it from 'jim' who heard it from 'dave' who swears he was shown a drawing by Ops type chain of rumour with nothing substantiated being seen or heard from anyone important enough to be able to say officially.

ematom1 16th Nov 2012 02:29

It would be nice if it was on the main apron, It doesn't give the best impression havering to park aircraft on cargo ramps all the time, would be nice to see on the eastern apron although as I work on there at night time :)

cozzy 16th Nov 2012 09:50

787 Parking
Few years back we flew on the FCA 767 to Sanford and were bussed out to the east apron, just before departure the pilot told us "just waiting for the last cargo to be loaded" which I assumed was why it was parked out there.

ematom1 16th Nov 2012 10:16

Usually with the passenger aircraft carrying cargo onboard the aircraft are loaded on the main ramp, but the past few years the ramps been full since bmibaby left there's a few empty stands with noneed to use the eastern cargo apron for passenger flights

OliWW 16th Nov 2012 12:31

Monarch's schedule for MLA would currently suggest a 3rd aircraft as on a Tuesday there are now departures at

14:30 - MLA
14:45 - FAO
15:10 - ALC

FRatSTN 16th Nov 2012 13:10

It is possible to get 3 aircraft without any more routes. The Ibiza service which runs 5 times could move to a day time flight on aircraft 3 and the other 2 days it could fly to Malta. Lanzarote could fly 3 times and Tenerife 4 times to make up a second rotation for it but would be more pleased if they could add more routes to say Greece, Turkey and Cyprus!

Burnie5204 16th Nov 2012 13:31


The 767 only gets parked on the East 'Cargo' Ramp if there isnt the space on the Central Ramp. The reason for this is that it arrives first thing in the morning, often before the EMA based aircraft have left on their first daily departures. Since bmibaby left I've not seen it parked on the East Ramp yet as there is more space on the Central (even more so since RyanAir sent 2 airframes to Alicante for the winter)

As the 767 takes ULD pallet based cargo/bag loading rather than 'loose bag' loading on the 737s they can easially load any cargo on the Central (in fact even UPS has at least once been required to do a full turnaround of a Cargo 767 on a Central Ramp stand when things went Pete Tong with aircraft going 'tech' on the East Ramp

FR- 16th Nov 2012 15:23

I've seen the 767 a few times on the 40s, 42/43 I think (Im sure someone will correct me).


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