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BlueSki 8th Jun 2012 11:29

Don't forget the NEW EMA-ORK route, running x3 weekly from Sept 1

Balair 8th Jun 2012 12:13

Code shares

If that is the case then it will be a tremendous boost for EMA as the lack of onward connectivity has always been a week point for the airport.
In light of BE's recent announcements regarding code shares with KLM do you think this will be extended to their EMA-AMS route?

It certainly is the case that WW's demise, however tragic it was for all their employees, it has provided opportunities at the airport for new airlines and hopefully a little less reliance on the Low Cost sector, although this, together with freight, will always be the main focus at EMA.


GayFriendly 8th Jun 2012 12:43

I think that all BE flights from BHX, EXT, MAN etc to CDG all carry the AF code aswell so would be surprised if they didn't from EMA too. That would certainly open up the world from EMA at long last!

EGAC_Ramper 8th Jun 2012 13:04

With the AF codes would one be able to fly Flybe to CDG and connect with their alliance members like Etihad etc? Rather than trundling down to London etc.


UN614 8th Jun 2012 14:30

More importantly when are these flights going on sale??

egnxema 8th Jun 2012 16:30

FlyBE / Etihad

The Etihad agreement appears to be a "beyond Manchester" deal. Ie all domestic services connecting with the EY MAN service carry an EY code share. The only current exception is BHXDUS.

EastMids 11th Jun 2012 11:27

Very sad to see EMA without any AMS, CDG, GLA, EDI flights this morning... The GLA route must have been running continuously since the airport opened in 1965, and CDG and AMS for not much less a period.

Hopefully the WW staff who lose out because of today's downsize find other gainful work, and not too many regulars on these routes try other airports such as BHX, don't get to like them too much, and come back to EMA when FlyBe finally get their act together.

timmyp 11th Jun 2012 12:22

Does anyone know what the issue is with TCX5055 which was due in from Larnaca overnight? Almost at a 12 hour delay so far with next info at 13.30.

Seems to have been quite a few delays recently at EMA, including with some WW aircraft.

SFCC 11th Jun 2012 16:19

It broke down in Turkey

egnxema 20th Jun 2012 13:21

Every flight departed late this morning.

Was there a generic problem or was each delay flight specific?


Centre cities 28th Jun 2012 18:57

Would any kind person be able to tell me where they parked the Birmingham diversions around mid day today please.

Centre cities

Readability 5 28th Jun 2012 19:51

Monarch A321s on stands 74 and 76, Thomson 757s on 75 and 77, and Emirates on Bravo taxiline abeam stand 120.


ematom1 2nd Jul 2012 14:29

Anyone know when flybe routes to paris, amsterdam and jersey go on sale?? seems to be takeing a while :S

Balair 14th Jul 2012 16:22

It appears from the following DHL press release that they are looking to introduce a service to China from EMA.

Planned investment in China and the North Asia region
Over the next two years, DHLs planned investment of US$132 million (100 million) will increase the dedicated capacity of its Asia Air Network by deploying eight freighter aircraft between Shanghai and North Asia, Europe and the US. The planned flights will be operated by partner and equity-held airlines: Polar Air, Aerologic, and DHL Air UK. There will be a variety of other providers as well.

Building on existing direct connections between the DHL Express North Asia Hub in Shanghai to Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, and DHLs global hubs in Leipzig and Cincinnati, the planned investments in the next two years will enhance capacity on these routes and also include new connections between Shanghai to East Midlands, UK.


DLH220 16th Jul 2012 17:29

Hi Balair, do you know something about aircrafts which will receive DHL UK and Aerologic for this new services to PVG? I know about 3 orders of 767-300 for DHL UK but nothing for Aerologic.

ematom1 17th Jul 2012 04:24

didnt DHL air order a futher 6 767-300's?

Mr @ Spotty M 17th Jul 2012 05:34

DHL have 3 more B767s on order and are due for delivery Sept, Oct & November of this year and will be operated by DHL AIR UK.

DLH220 17th Jul 2012 06:59


ematom1 17th Jul 2012 17:11

Aerologic have no new orders so far as I know the fleet consists of 8 777-200F

Mr Angry from Purley 17th Jul 2012 18:32

DHK will operate a schedule to PVG but likely to be via LEJ. The 3 new 767-300F's are due as Spotty M suggests with 2 assigned to this eastbound route

paul atkins 20th Jul 2012 21:15

flybe -amsterdam
Anyone know when flybe routes to paris, amsterdam and jersey go on sale?? seems to be takeing a while

Been in touch with flybe flights to Amsterdam go on sale in November for April 2013 start

ematom1 21st Jul 2012 08:41

any news on the Jersey and Paris routes?

VC10man 21st Jul 2012 15:21

I use the Jersey route and the plane (737) is often quite full. What is going to happen when Flybe takes over with their little prop planes? I suppose the fares will go up to compensate for the smaller planes.
I wish Easyjet had come back to take on the Baby routes, instead of Flybe's prop planes, Jet 2's antique planes and Monarch's rather odd selection of hired aircraft.

SFCC 21st Jul 2012 21:18

Flybe do have jets, you know!
What makes you think they're putting Q400's on any specific route?

JobsaGoodun 22nd Jul 2012 09:29

VC10, I think that you're right. I imagine that the price paid with Flybe will be higher on average but there will still be some good deals about.

The thing to bear in mind is that BMIBaby were reported to have racked up losses of 100million over the past 4 years so whatever you've been paying for your ticket was mainly unsustainable in commercial terms.

VC10man 22nd Jul 2012 11:38

Yes, I understand that, but Easy and Ryanair can do cheap deals and appear to make money.
I think Flybe's jets are smaller than a 737-500 and with a lot of passengers to Jersey the prices will go up.
I've flown on a prop plane before, I much prefer a jet,
I've said it before but I wish Easy had come back to EMA, for a low cost airline I like them!

EZY7117LPL 22nd Jul 2012 13:06

EasyJet will not come back to EMA for a long time, they pulled out because it wasnt profitable enough not because of competition from BMI Baby so why would they jump back in as soon as bmi baby was going?

ATNotts 22nd Jul 2012 13:54

Prop Planes

I'm having trouble understanding what is wrong with modern propeller driven aircraft. The Q400 is reasonably comfortable, flies "above the weather" for the most part, and isn't actually that much slower on reasonably short sectors such as AMS and CDG where so much of the total block time is taken up with taxiing, particularly at larger airports. Certainly, given a choice between the 146 / RJ services of jets and the Q400 I know which I would rather travel on, and it has paddles rather than fans!

If you were comparing older turboprops like the Viscount and F27, then yes I can appreciate your comments - though personally I very much enjoyed travelling on both types!

As for fares, they will be set appropriately in order to make a profit - if they don't then FlyBe won't be around on the routes for long.

VC10man 23rd Jul 2012 14:51

EZ7117LPL, I thought Easy pulled out of EMA because of Ryanair's increasing presence. I seem to remember them chucking their toys out of their pram.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/nerd.gif
Am I wrong with this?http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/shiner.gif

FR- 23rd Jul 2012 15:04

easyJet pulled out of EMA due to Andy not liking small bases, the yield was actually high, more than other bases in the network. I don't see easyJet coming back anytime soon if at all. If any midlands base, it will be BHX.


OliWW 25th Jul 2012 13:58

Flybe routes have popped up today! From the 28th October

AMS - 1x Daily
CDG - 2x Daily
JER - 3x Weekly

JC25 25th Jul 2012 14:31

Flybe have also stated that they plan to up AMS to double daily next summer and will upgrade from Q400 to E175.

I assume the only reason they are basing one aircraft at EMA instead of two as they first announced is that they simply don't have enough aircraft. Two additional aircraft are being added to the Brussels Airlines wet lease from Sep/Oct.

mikerawsonderby 26th Jul 2012 09:37

...or they got in early and lied about their intentions/capability to prevent anyone else jumping in. EMA passengers have been treated incredibly shabbily throughout this whole sorry affair.

JC25 26th Jul 2012 10:07

I think that is rather unlikely. They are after all doing every route that they initially stated, just rather the frequency is a little less due to one less available aircraft. There are aircraft being moved all over the place this winter to accommodate new routes and increase flying for Brussels Airlines.

globetrotter79 26th Jul 2012 10:59

Interesting that whilst flyBe don't seem to have been able to find another aircraft to be able to base at EMA to offer a 'decent' double daily business schedule on EMA-AMS-EMA (where they would have the route to themselves and, one assumes, therefore reasonable yield)...they have been quite happy to dedicate an aircraft to a new double daily BHX-AMS-BHX (with Mon/Thu/Fri extras) from end October!

I can only assume that they view the 'protection' of their patch in the Midlands as the most important thing: I guess they feel that getting themselves quickly onto BHX-AMS-BHX means that it will be less likely that easyJet will turn up in their 'patch' soon..

OliWW 26th Jul 2012 11:30

Where KLM when you need them!

J-Guy 26th Jul 2012 12:05

Im happy to see an airline taking over the East Midlands to Jersey route. It has a long history and is one of the most popular routes from Jersey.

On the other hand, the loss of bmibaby is a big setback, and I think the route can sustain more than what Flybe plan to offer. Summer 2013 is obviously some time away, but I hope there is some improvement then.

FCAcrewboy 27th Jul 2012 09:27

New parking
Anyone know of any movements to parking once Baby goes? I've heard TOM are moving to there old stands by the terminal?

ematom1 11th Aug 2012 14:54

Anyone know why Thomson Airwways managing director is at east midlands this week?

Wellington Bomber 11th Aug 2012 16:26

Going on holiday maybe

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