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FRatSTN 1st Jun 2013 20:10

Thanks for that Jack1985, I wasn't aware of that.

I have just come across a really strange Ryanair flight schedule.

On Wednesday's through the winter season, Ryanair flight FR8321 departs from Stansted to Valencia at 06:45. Of course you'd think obviously a Stansted based aircraft... but no!

Ryanair flight FR8322 gets into Stansted at 06:20 after departing from Valencia at 04:45 (local time)!!!

I highly suspect this will be changed in due course, it's incredibly unlike Ryanair to fly at such times (and I don't think many passengers will want to get to the airport at 02:30am for a Ryanair flight!) but interesting as to why they've done it anyhow.

Seljuk22 9th Jun 2013 07:20

FR will launch flights to Comiso (Sicily) in mid-September.

jdcg 9th Jun 2013 11:09

Anyone know when FR flights to SZG for winter 13/14 are going on sale? Nothing scheduled as yet.

FRatSTN 9th Jun 2013 11:51

There's still quite a few routes still not yet on sale. None of the Scandinavian routes are released yet as well as several others.

Salzburg and Turin both tend to get extra flights from December since they are ski routes, along with the addition of Grenoble. They tend to release Salzburg at the usual frequency (about 4x per week) initially then add extra flights when the ski flights are released. If you wish to fly between mid December and April, you may want to hang on until the full winter ski schedule is released, which could be a little bit later in the year, in order to get the best choice of flights.

jdcg 9th Jun 2013 16:46

Thank you!

STN Ramp Rat 13th Jun 2013 06:41

seems like a good deal
I assume that this is connected with the expected large aircraft order at the Paris Air Show.

Stansted agrees deal with easyJet to reverse decline - Telegraph

Manchester Airports Group (MAG), which bought the Essex airport for £1.5bn in February, has signed a long-term agreement with easyJet that will see the low cost airline increase its passenger numbers out of Stansted from 2.8m to 6m over the next five years.

The partnership is a major coup for MAG, which is aiming to restore confidence in Stansted after customer numbers collapsed under its previous owner BAA, the group now known as Heathrow Airport Holdings.

Passenger numbers reached a peak of 23.8m in 2007 before the financial crisis but have since slumped to 17.5m.

The reversal was blamed on a decline in leisure travel during the recession - upon which Stansted is heavily dependent - but airlines also pointed a finger at BAA’s pricing structure. BAA fought a three-year legal battle to keep hold of Stansted but was told last summer that it would have to hang a “for sale” sign on the asset.

MAG is hoping to restore Stansted as a serious player in the London market by attracting an extra 5.5m passengers a year over the next five years. The airport, which is distinguished by its Norman Foster-designed terminal building, has plenty of spare capacity and believes it can play a significant role in satisfying demand for flights to and from London.

However, Andrew Harrison, the new managing director, of Stansted, said there are currently a lot of misconceptions about the airport, which might have discouraged airlines and passengers from choosing it over rivals Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton in the past.
“There’s a lot about Stansted which is misunderstood,” Mr Harrison said. “There’s a perception that it is hard to get to. There are trains every 15 minutes out of Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale.
“This [deal with easyJet] will hopefully give confidence to other airlines that Stansted is a real option.”
Over the next two years MAG will invest £50m to improve facilities for passengers, including speeding up the security process.
EasyJet had reduced capacity at Stansted over the last 2-3 years in favour of Southend, which had a more competitive pricing structure. At present, it operates eight aircraft from Stansted, which can serve up to 27 routes, but it intends to more than double its customer base at the airport over the next five years.
In February, Stansted’s biggest customer Ryanair threatened to cut capacity by 9pc in response to an increase in charges but is now in talks with the new owner about its operations.
Stansted has planning permission to accommodate 35m passengers a year without building a second runway
Mr Harrison said the airport could help “bridge the gap” in capacity in the South East over the next 10 years, while the Government-appointed Airports Commission decides where additional runways should be built.
The airport is also hoping to attract long-haul carriers that will offer direct routes to the Middle East and Asia.
“There’s only really Stansted that has got spare capacity [in the South East],” Mr Harrison said. “We could add 130 flights a year. We believe that will go a long way to bridge the gap in terms of spare capacity.”

Wycombe 13th Jun 2013 06:59

"130 a year"......that'll really help!

FRatSTN 13th Jun 2013 09:38

Currently they have about 180 or 190 a day in the summer and so I think it's supposed to say 130 per day?

Either way, and can't say LGS and the other Luton fanboys will be happy by this. I don't usually like the say "I told you so!" but I take great pleasure in making an exception to you LGS [if you ever dare to let yourself come across this story that is].

Andrew Harrison, the new managing director, of Stansted, said "There are currently a lot of misconceptions about the airport, which might have discouraged airlines and passengers from choosing it over rivals Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton in the past.

There’s a lot about Stansted which is misunderstood.” There’s a perception that it is hard to get to. There are trains every 15 minutes out of Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale."

Perhaps it's time for us all to have a bit more faith in Stansted. And Luton fans, and LGS in particular, it looks like us who have kept faith in Stansted are not the only ones you are being told by!

Perhaps it's time for you take wake up and smell the coffee and never again lecture me on ridiculous analysis on where is the "wrong place".

It looks like I'm not so unaware of the pressures in the industry after all and it's in fact you who has embarrassed their intelligence and knowledge in the industry by being so dismissive to any potential growth at Stansted simply for your support of Luton.

Without being sour, I hope this news comes as a right slap in the face to you, and may even finally place into the world of reality!

LTNman 13th Jun 2013 10:36

That's not a very nice thing to say.

Nothing wrong with Stansted and in my opinion it is a much better airport than Luton is.

Stansted has issues like it can't attract that much Biz jet traffic but then high flyers don't want to catch a train from deepest Essex.

I wonder where all the London airports will be in 5 year time? I guess time will tell and we will all still be talking about it here:ok:

Barling Magna 13th Jun 2013 10:39

You're right LTNman. What will the 2015 Airports Review say? Expand LHR of course. Will it happen? Well..................... not with a Lab/Lib coalition......

FRatSTN 13th Jun 2013 11:14

The last part was more aimed at my good friend LGS! I'm sorry if it seemed otherwise:( There has been a huge conflict in opinion between us an I can't help feeling a little bit arrogant in a way when news like this turns out, I suppose because I can imagine the shame they must be feeling when its a time to be hopeful and optimistic.

Assuming EasyJet start this growth by summer 2014, I can't see any other London airport really losing out. Remember EasyJet is known for flying to larger and quality airports and in my opinion, their main London bases being Gatwick and Stansted is long over due, yet Luton and Southend will still remain important to them and continue to grow in the longer term.

There could be an element of route switching, and I do think Luton may be more effected by this than Southend (as somebody suggested in the Luton thread, a route like Tel-Aviv is a good example of one that could be switched). What's important to remember is that Gatwick is totally safe where EasyJet in concerned.

Southend serves a sort of niche and more local market (that's why migration of routes from Stansted to Southend rather than operating from both airports highly angered me, and couldn't see that as a widening catchment area). And their recent commitment and promotional efforts there would make them highly stupid to move away now.

Luton could see a small amount of route switching to Stansted and frequency cuts, but at the end of the day, Luton is by some margin already the 2nd largest base for them and with it being their home airport, it's always going to be special and an important part of EasyJet's business.

The airport perhaps most in question was Stansted until today, and this move only emphasises EasyJet's desire to operate a growing route network and volume of traffic at all four of the London airports they serve. And of course the new aircraft order expected to be announced soon gives EasyJet huge potential to do this.

commit aviation 13th Jun 2013 12:04


It is good news that STN is seeing signs of positive development & I am sure there is more to come.

However, please don't turn this isn't a slanging match / "willy waving" contest with other London airports! I don't think most people here want to wade through a load of "my airport is better than your airport" guff to get to the real news. :=

Thank you!

LTNman 13th Jun 2013 12:07

El-Al tried Stansted but the North London Jews live close to the M1 and easyjet has just followed El-Al.

As for London bases I would think that operating out of 3 airports is cheaper than operating out of 4.

If Easyjet did pull out of Southend would they lose any passengers? probably not

Are easyjet diluting their loads from other London airports by operating out of 4 airports? probably yes.

Competition rules and no airport has a divine right to succeed. The battle has begun with Luton and Southend looking like the weak players at the moment.

FRatSTN 13th Jun 2013 12:29

commit aviation

I think you are missing my point completely. I'm doing the exact opposite of what you accuse me of. I'm saying all the London airports have a chance to grow in EasyJet traffic in sympathy with one another and that very few reductions I think will be made in Luton and Southend in light of this news, unlike what a lot of other people on this forum are concerned about. Never at any point did I specifically site Stansted as "my airport" or better than any other.

sxflyer 13th Jun 2013 12:41

LTNman, if the price is right the pax will vote with their feet. They coped with getting to STN for many years longer than the current LTN operation, Israir and Sun D'or also drifted in and out during that time.

I think the expansion will play to some of STN's traditional strengths which have dwindled in recent years, and where they aren't directly head to head with FR. As I mentioned on another thread Scandinavia could be one of these (the main capital airports and the likes of Bergen, Stavanger and Keflavik) which could be a retaliation against Norwegian at LGW, and Turkey which STN really is the favoured airport in terms of ethnic population and for which there are still opportunities since the demise of KTHY, most notably Antalya, which still haven't really been picked up.

LGS6753 13th Jun 2013 20:36

From Travel Mole:

EasyJet signs deal for major expansion at Stansted

But I will quote two paragraphs direct:

But it is not certain that easyJet will take advantage of the deal's full potential, as it has also struck similar deals with Edinburgh and Gatwick airports since they were sold off by airports operator BAA.

An easyJet spokeswoman said: "It is too early to say. The deal gives us the framework to do so but we won't take decisions on capacity for next year for some months.
It would have been odd if EZY were not talking to the new management at STN. They are acting as a well-run commercial business, securing themselves as many options as possible in the south-east market. They seem keenest on Gatters at present - yields are highest there - but now they have the ability to play the other three bases off against eachother.

If a new aircraft order is forthcoming, they may make full use of their newly-negotiated capacity at STN. They could move 3 or 4 aircraft from LTN to STN, but moving established routes would seem like taking unnecessary commercial risks. Any capacity freed up at LTN would quickly be taken by other operators - perhaps that's a risk they don't want to take at their home base.

ezydriver 13th Jun 2013 20:47

As a both a pilot and a passenger in recent years if I had to go to one of our London airports I would pick STN. LTN is a hole, always has been, always will be with a terrible road network/rail link, although I am told EasyBus is the way to do it from LTN these days in to town.

Gatwick is Gatwick. Good rail links but waaaaaay to busy to be a pleasant experience. SEN - never been so cannot comment.

STN's negative points - it has the most expensive rail link out of any of our London bases into London. As a passenger I have found the security staff in the terminal to be among the worst in the UK, rude an abrasive to non - english speaking elderly pax who have had the nerve to turn up at STN and not know the security search procedures inside out and not have their belts off and then dare not to understand English or what a loud TUT and rolling of the eyes means! AWFUL experience and the only security area to have my kids in tears when they were 5! It's funny but I never experienced any of that at STN staff search! Not enough seats in the terminal once you make it past the gestapo either, very difficult to get a seat until your gate is called air side.

STN could be a great airport, I've always thought that and kicking out BAA is the best thing that will ever happen to it! Too many BAA staff ( and I know I am generalising and stereotyping ) think they have a job for life and don't have to try. Gatwick used to be like this and although its far too busy for my liking the difference is obvious for all to see now. I know BAA staff don't like this kind of chat as I dared to engage some ex BAA staff at EDI recently about what a difference new attitude makes and they all seemed very stuffy and grumpy about this topic, probably because they now feel threatened by having to try! ( to be fair EDI BAA staff were never as bad as STN BAA staff experiences I have had, and all places have their angels and demons ). The STN staff now just need to take pride in making STN theirs instead of BAA's and it will once again shine, I have no doubt and look forward to seeing it grow and not be too dependent on Mr O'Leary, which is never good for any business, just check the tumbleweeds blowing around PIK these days if you need proof of that!

Now get the STN express priced more competitively please!!!!!!!

Skipness One Echo 13th Jun 2013 21:24

I have no doubt and look forward to seeing it grow and not be too dependent on Mr O'Leary, which is never good for any business, just check the tumbleweeds blowing around PIK these days if you need proof of that!
Prestwick's air traveller figures rise 14% in May | Evening Times
Ryanair having a busy summer. The key issue at PIK is they've gone partly seasonal on sun routes rather than year round city breaks. This may be an option for EZY at SEN. Ryanair play EDI and PIK off against each other but they're far enough apart and the markets are settled and slightly different. EDI more focussed on city breaks and PIK taking Weegies to the sun. There is an analogy in there for other airports.

ezydriver 13th Jun 2013 22:04

PIK's rise is only due to the fact that RYR took it to the brink the year before in his usual political game with contract renewals and playing one airport of another.

PIK is also up for sale and not too many buyers waiting the wings with ££££££'s to invest in the place.

ScotsSLF 13th Jun 2013 22:48

Good to see EZY supporting PIK today by circuit bashing today along with a fair amount of general and military non FR traffic - not a tumbleweed in sight. Anyway this is a STN thread - I do notice a change in attitude from the STN staff now that they are free from BAA lthough some way to go to be truly customer focused. Security can still be a nightmare at peak times so I look forward to the proposed new and expanded security area when it comes to fruition. Might even get some smiles to go with it.

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