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Originally Posted by RW20 View Post
​​​​​​On what basis do you conclude this statement?
The airport like many others is in dire straits,why invest in the rwy extension when the future is at best very unsure?
I think other posters have summed it up nicely, let’s wait and see who’s right!!
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Originally Posted by Dropoffcharge View Post
Originally I thought the expansion was to cater for existing aircraft that use the airport to allow them to fly further with greater payloads, now it's being reported its make or break time that if approval isn't granted the A320's and 737's won't be flocking in, so which is it?
You were correct in your first sentence - SOU have said all along ''to cater for existing aircraft (A319/320 type) that use the airport to allow them to fly further with greater payloads''

Sady though it has all now changed -
Flybe gone
Most countries recently served from SOU pre-covid are now all under no-go rules and quarantine, including IOM Eire, and the C.I.'s
work from home so no Business traffic on UK Domestic
Cruise ships nope
SEN (SOU's model?) is basically now half closed down and EZY have pulled out for good

yes it's bad, EXT is more or less in the same boat albeit with a longer runway and better parking
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Not much of a future business model relying on the likes of Eastern Airways perhaps & even Logan.
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Originally Posted by The Nutts Mutts View Post
Just because you desperately don't want it to happen, doesn't make it a bad idea for a business to invest in infrastructure improvements with a huge potential for return.
I rest my case with this sort of reply,how would anybody not want investment in a structure like SOU that would give potential jobs and safeguard existing employment?
The reality is that Covid 19 is here to stay,and investment capital in a runway extension in these times is just not a viable action,the airport in normal times would flourish with the improved runway TODA ,although perhaps it's not a great improvement?
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The problem is that you've never presented a balanced opinion in anything you've said on this thread before, so it's hard to take anything you say seriously when 100% of the time your contributions are vehemently anti-SOU and seemingly taking great delight in its current struggles and imagined future demise.
As someone connected to SOU please forgive me if I don't have a lot of time for your viewpoint. I don't tend to take a tribal view of airports or treat them like diehard football fans treat their teams, but it seems that quite a few people on this website do.
My assumption is that you're a BOH spotter who sees any SOU expansion as a perceived threat to his "personal" airport, and responds in the only way possible, by denigrating the thing they're scared of.
I may be wrong and frequently am, but one thing I'm sure of is that your posts add nothing to the debate on this thread, being from such a consistently biased standpoint.
Yes, COVID is with is and no, we don't know how long for or what the ultimate effect on our economy will be. However, AGS are STILL keen and willing to invest money in SOU so you know what? I'll take that as a positive sign and choose to trust their informed judgement over your uninformed trolling.
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The council's decision won't be made on viability grounds, but against the planning criteria it uses. Whether the expansion is "a good idea" or financially viable is irrelevant.
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The Nutts Mutts

Well said. Glad to see someone else tackling this issue. You would think someone would get bored after a while of repeating the same thing over and over for what must be at least a year now. It is certainly not healthy to have such an irrational hatred of an inanimate object. I suspect you are on to something with the BOH spotter angle, or perhaps it’s an ex employee of SOU. Either way, people need to bite their tongue and ignore the bait but I can understand why you reacted.

Back to a healthy debate, some interesting points re the effectiveness of the runway extension. I think it’s fair to say SOU will have done their research though, or more to the point the numerous highly qualified individuals who will have been paid very well to carry out surveys and compile reports. Shareholders don’t consent to £15m capital being set aside on a whim, a credible business plan would have first been presented and a return evidenced. Yes the world is a different place currently but it will pick up again eventually. I use to make jokes on this thread that the only investment SOU ever saw was some new toilet seats and never dreamed that the runway would ever be extended. I also never dreamed that the day significant investment finally materialised this thread would be so negative about it. Luckily, when it comes to reality I too expect the planning to be issued rather than refused.
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Originally Posted by stewyb View Post
Council decision expected before Xmas and fully expect it to be approved with conditions!
As B***dy Awful Airports Plc gave away the family silver to ease through the airport re-development (resulting in the current night use restrictions) am somewhat at a loss to think what further conditions could be attached to airport use without having a commercially adverse impact.
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A valid point,but as always Stewyb,Nutts Mutts and the fantasiiezer Rivet Joint live in a pre covid world of what they think will happen.
The reality is the airport is in a very uncertain place and needs to survive,we ALL hope this will happen.
Oh and responding to Rivet Joints over thinking,I live close to the airport,flown many times from it and was a spotter there when the airport had a hard runway installed
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RW20 - as ever my personal views only and am fully aware of the current world we live in. With regards to conditions attached to an approval, I would imagine strict flight paths, noise control with residents compensation, local roads traffic control and airport access restrictions!

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Seven of Flybe’s most profitable international routes were from Southampton.
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Seems EZY are reducing winter capacity on GVA and KLM are removing themselves for the next few months. However informed KLM remain fully committed to the airport long term!

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No surprise at all as most European countries are closing down again
Blue Islands are also going back to 1 flight a day due to Jersey imposing a 14 day quarantine on nearly all arrivals
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Planning application goes in front of council committee on 17th December!
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Its debatable that many regional airports will survive,SOU is one of them,the runway extension is vital for any long term future
With the prospect of long time covid, Bournemouth looks like being able to ride out the storm,however SOU needs to encourage GA more
The airport is probably entering its most critical period,let's hope it can ride it out.
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Looks like Easy jet have pretty much chopped the Geneva service until February now
2 flights are operational in Dec for Christmas and re starts again in February

Similar for KLM who look to be restarting in mid February as well to Amsterdam
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"SOU needs to encourage GA more"
Not unless GA pays a meaningful rate...which the lighter end of GA probably won't want to pay. Aviation revenue derived from GA will never plug the hole created by the lost non-aviation revenue associated with passenger parking, shops, cafes, advertising etc etc. An increase in top end GA possibly might help, but even then, without havng a revenue breakdown , it probably wouldn't help that much, and SOU would be trying to draw traffic from established top end GA airfields...e.g. Biggin and Farnborough. Reality is hitting home.

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TUI now have S22 on sale. SOU-PMI is unchanged from S21 - 2x weekly Tues/Sat and currently down to be flown by Volotea.
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New Terma radar being installed at the airport, good to see investment still being made!

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Originally Posted by stewyb View Post
New Terma radar being installed at the airport, good to see investment still being made!
what model are they installing?
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