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stewyb 18th Sep 2017 14:29

easyJet release S18 schedule before end Sept, any chance of route addition/s at SOU?

canberra97 18th Sep 2017 14:36

Your as much aware as anyone else on here regarding any EasyJet announcement for summer 2018 and I don't think we're no until the full schedule is released but I wouldn't hold your breath for anything ex SOU.

As much I would like to see EasyJet expand on their planned Geneva route but you have to remember that this flight will be undertaken by EasyJet Switzerland.

A320.b744 18th Sep 2017 14:45

That would be highly unlikely. SOU (like BOH which also only has one route) is operated by easyJet Switzerland, a separate airline that has its own route strategy team. DS fly to several destinations that are not on the U2 route map. easyJet themselves have not yet entered the SOU market, and almost certainly won't do so as they wouldn't want to risk losing passengers from their BRS and LGW bases. You're also forgetting that DS haven't even operated their first flight yet from SOU, and they'll want to test the waters for a year or two before considering adding any new routes.

stewyb 18th Sep 2017 14:48

Maybe using based airports like Nice & Barcelona?

RW20 18th Sep 2017 15:17

Barcelona was tried by vueling in recent times,and didn't work.Nice has been a Flybe destination and is not a prolific destination.
The most important announcement regarding Saouthampton will be any airside improvements,i.e
Stands and 20 starter strip!.Without these developments,don't expect to much in airline announcements!.

canberra97 18th Sep 2017 22:19

Barcelona should be a success from most U.K. airports including Southampton but the fact that Vueling was a totally unknown name to many at the time it operated it wasn't too much of a surprise that it was shelved and Flybe continuing the route a year later with a ridiculous schedule that too was doomed but with the likes of EasyJet flying SOU to BCN I personally think that the route could be a success, the same applies in a similar way to Nice.

Barcelona is my favourite city and one I visit a couple of times a year so personally I would love to see SOU to BCN return someday.

Cozy F 18th Sep 2017 22:29

EasyJet more likely to try the likes of EDI, BFS etc than anything else in the circumstances from SOU - imho..

canberra97 18th Sep 2017 23:15

But would EasyJet really want to encroach on current routes flown by Flybe rather than concentrating on unserved routes, I don't think it would be in the airports interests to have two airlines competing on the major domestic markets such as EDI and BFS.

IF and a big IF, we're EasyJet to announce flights from Southampton a scenario could be by a W pattern from other bases as others have suggested to at least test the market.

01475 19th Sep 2017 11:22

SOU strikes me as more of a FlyBe + Ryanair or Jet2 type of airport than a FlyBe + easyJet type of airport.

The Nutts Mutts 19th Sep 2017 12:46

In other non-easyjet news- SOU had its busiest summer ever, 219,874 pax in July and 225,682 in August.
KLM have also added an additional weekly flight on Sunday mornings, taking them to double-daily every day except Saturdays.

RW20 19th Sep 2017 13:21

Good thoughts on Ryanair and Jet 2,however the runway length prohibits both of these carriers as potential users!.Good passenger figures for July/August further underlines the necessity for runway length increase / airside improvements announcement,but will this ever become reality?.
There has never been a better time to move to the next level at Southampton,it's got all the transport links any airport could want,improve airside and the airlines will come in and destinations will increase!

GCILover 19th Sep 2017 18:34

There's no reason why Jet 2 can't operate from SOU (route depending). They fly out of JER which has a shorter runway than SOU

SWBKCB 19th Sep 2017 18:37

But how far do they go?

GCILover 20th Sep 2017 06:32

Apart from UK routes, I'm unsure which is why I put route depending

kcockayne 20th Sep 2017 14:46

Jet 2 operate Jersey to Leeds. I would not expect that this would ever mean that they operate at max. loads. In fact, they only use the 737-300 on the route. The 800 is weight restricted at Jersey. Doesn't mean that we never get them, though.

RW20 20th Sep 2017 14:58

Just as I suspected,the 737-800 would have weight restrictions from Southampton to sun destinations.
That's why we will never see Jet 2 or Ryanair operating from this airport.
There is no mention of any new destinations from Southampton with easy today,indeed unless the runway take off distance is increased then don't expect any news.
Without radical airside change I think we can expect the same as this year and the past year,with Flybe
Operating the Sun routes with Volotea providing a limited balaric service.

MARKEYD 21st Sep 2017 10:56

Easy Jet don't tend to release new routes until around Oct time for the following summer and indeed if they are continuing the route into April ?

Interestingly the fares for SOU - GVA all seem to be well under £ 40 each way for all days except school half term where the BOH - GVA fares are well over that price and have been since they were released .
Not sure if that is an indication of seats not selling well , lot more capacity this year of course with Flybe and Powdair to compete with

The Nutts Mutts 21st Sep 2017 21:36

MARKEYD- I'm by no means an expert but I've noticed the same and my thoughts on this are:

You're right in that the flights may not be selling very well. In my experience SOU really isn't strong on its marketing of routes beyond social media and occasional public competitions to win tickets etc. I can't remember ever seeing SOU-specific flights advertised on buses, trains or billboards etc. I guess this may be more the responsibility of the airlines though.
I've had a few conversations regarding holidays with people recently who had no idea that easyJet were now going to be flying from SOU, and these were all people who lived in the local area, so I'd say there's work to be done to increase awareness of these flights.

I've always thought of SOU routes as slow burners in that perhaps due to the above they seem to get off to soft starts and then eventually (if given time) build up to strong loads. See BMI to MUC, Flybe to DUS, Volotea to PMI for examples. KLM and Flybe now seem to happily co-exist on the AMS route and pax numbers on that route are going from strength to strength.

On the other hand, in their BOH-GVA route easyJet have a strong, stable and long-standing ski route that no doubt has a large number of returning customers year on year. Therefore, they can increase ticket prices for a higher yield knowing that up to a point, people will still buy them. They don't have this customer base at SOU yet, and as you say are up against direct competition from Flybe, indirect competition from Powdair to Sion, and even competition for passengers' wallets from routes to ski destinations in other countries such as Innsbruck. They are the new kid on the block at Southampton and although they are arguably already the biggest and most recognisable ski flight operator from there, they will have work to do to penetrate the market and carve out their own share.
Low ticket prices could be the way they plan to do this, in order to stimulate demand, take pax from the competition and begin to generate brand/destination loyalty and repeat business, like they have from other airports such as BOH where they're more established.
It may be that EZY have more cheap tickets on sale from SOU for this reason so it will take longer for each date to start showing high prices.

If they get enough people on their aircraft from SOU this year, even if many are at at low-yielding fares, then they may see the potential to return to the market next season and aim for a higher yield, and so on. No doubt low fares will be at least partially offset by incentives from the airport who I'm sure are delighted to have EZY there and will be desperate to keep them.

I may be completely wrong and the flights will just end up going out empty most of the time. Obviously I hope that's not the case and it's more to do with aggressive pricing. It would be good to see a few more dates showing high fares though.
Does anyone know whether any tour operators will be buying seats on these flights, or will easyJet sell them exclusively?

GCILover 22nd Sep 2017 15:14

Interesting how so many people say med flights are restricted due to runway length. GIB doesnít have a problem with A320ís (that I know of) and that has a shorter runway. Someone please correct me if Iím wrong. I know that the SOU stands arenít ideal but with very little in the way of 195ís now, stands 6 and onwards could be used mainly leaving the other stands free for decent sized aircraft

SWBKCB 22nd Sep 2017 15:48

Runway length isn't the only limiting factor - there are also obstacles affecting climb out performance. For details have a look at the previous thread, it's been covered in depth a couple of times.

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