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Well Delta do JFK from a number of UK airports. Then you have Norwegian saying they are keen to put their MAX8s when they get them on thinner US east coast routes into Western Europe.

Add to that Jet Blue have said last week they may buy the A321NEO(LR) for UK and other European routes.

So there is potential that might work to BHX with planes 15-20% cheaper to run than 757s..time will tell.

In relation to HS2 one of the Govts transport committees said last week, its opening (Brum to London)in 2026 might be an optimistic time not something to worry about for some time then !

Govt supporting Birmingham expansion..well every little helps, but useless without proper incentives to airlines and APD going..If LHR gets a 3rd runway not even that will help us that much.

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All those airlines do make sense of course, especially with the introduction of MAX8's and A321NEO's. I was just wondering if there was anything more than just guessing (albeit reasoned) as to which airline it might be.

With regards to HS2, it just seems that BHX are planning a large part of their future around HS2 - its been suggested that a new terminal and even a new runway could be built on the HS2 site. My concern is that with how little HS2 will probably benefit BHX, they should by all means include HS2 in their plans, but not centre them so much around it.

Speaking of which, I recall BHX saying they were working on updating their masterplan and that it would be going out to consultation soon. I've asked BHX directly about this on twitter but have yet to receive a response. Anyone got any new on that front?
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I'm hearing a rumor that police boarded a middle eastern airline at Birmingham to remove a passenger wanted in connection with a death. Anyone seen more on that?
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I think your quite warm there Nigel, except for maybe DL.

JetBlue would certainly look at the regions IMO with 321NEO's.

Maybe NAX will come first though, with MAX's. I am hearing MAN-EWR is a go'er, maybe BHX is in the frame for similar.

With a lower cost base and more cost effective types it should give JBA / NAX a distinct advantage over the aging 757's the US3 tend to deploy to BHX etc.

Here's hoping...
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With the introduction of these NEO's and MAX's transatlantic flights from the regions certainly seems a better deal than with the older aircraft AA/UA.

Both AA & UA have orders for NEO's & MAX's so maybe if JetBlue and NAX deploy them it may force the US3 to do the same?

With the aircraft the US3 use of the BHX-NYC routes is it any wonder people travel to MAN & LHR instead.
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Chatting to a mate with Norski's - BHX to get base ahead of MAN again - but both going to happen. But what we all know about NAS is that nothing is ever straight forward... So expect a new one in EDI first!
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I disagree , If I had the choice of NAX/JBU or one of the legacy carriers it would be the latter every time even if it was on one of the aging 757's.

Yes , the lead in prices may be tempting but with the various add on's are you really getting a bargain? And also the pax going transatlantic is rarely point to point so the Alliance carriers have the advantage of hubbing whereas the others will have to organise a whole host of ticket interlining.

NAX maybe having some success from their current PTP routes but we are talking London and to much popular places like NYC/LAX/FLA , it will be much different from the regions.

I hope UA can hang in there but if not and some carrier like NAX is the only alternative then it's BHX via CDG or AMS westbound for me.
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...Or also at one at CWL in the coming years.
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The airline that has really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons at Manchester is Thomas Cook
with their service level superior to most of the US legacy carriers and like wise with reliability

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Malaga goes 3x weekly from next March with a Thursday flight added.
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Originally Posted by tubby linton View Post
Another negative post about Monarch 111 KAB, would you really like to see them out of business? You won your Eu 261 claim but have continued in your vendetta against the airline ever since.
What a thoroughly unpleasant individual you are .
I don't see 111KAB stating anything other than fact in this discussion. I don't know what has been said in the past however.
I raised the 11/9 debacle not to pursue compensation (I am not entitled) but to highlight the failure of processes and hopefully the lessons that need to be learned. There is no point in Monarch or any other business looking to expand if they don't have access to appropriate infrastructure to support the proposed services.
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New route to Porto, 2x weekly from 26th March 2017
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Great news am very happy to see this destination back on the BHX departure boards. It's a lovely city and gateway to some amazing countryside and coast. Good job FR! I wonder if they're getting in before Monarch do?
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Anyone know how the Qatar flights are doing? They've been going for 6 months now - is it performing well?
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Originally Posted by coathanger16 View Post
Anyone know how the Qatar flights are doing? They've been going for 6 months now - is it performing well?
Yes Qatar doing well loads are constantly over 200
With 225 inbound this morning
788 has been the ideal aircraft to launch the route I can see s frequency increase in the near future
Emirates loads also holding up
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BHX5DME - thanks for the update. Are you someone that's "in the know" on these things or is there anyway the average person can find out.

Would be good to see an increase in frequency - likely to be another 788, or a different aircraft?
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Good loads do not necessarily prove that a route is doing well.
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A United 747 will be doing charters on some sun routes from MAN and BHX this week. I don't know the full schedule but BHX will have flights on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Information from another forum
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Could be to do with the Ryder Cup golf in the US this weekend?
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Originally Posted by compton3bravo View Post
Could be to do with the Ryder Cup golf in the US this weekend?
Flights are being operated between Spain and the U.K,
2 PMI flights
United airlines 744 positioned into PMI already
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