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Definately wasn't a TU134,I wish it was,think it might have been a 737?.

Yes I am talking about after the runway extension in the 80's.

Seem to remember Aviaco/Iberia A 300's,Spantax DC8 63,Worldways Tristars and DC8's,maybe I am dreaming?

Not to mention the Wardair 747,which I flew on to YYZ via BHX in '88.
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I'm remembering this from my distant memory, so I would welcome those who can correct me if I'm wrong on any details:

JAT flew 707's from Pula in 1985, in subsequent years operated by 727's of JAT. Technically the flights were Air Yugoslavia hense the JR rather than JU flight prefix. Those of us in the Cookridge/Horsforth area may remember the 707's performing on some occasions ILS's on 32 with the visual break from the outer marker onto 14 in the days before 14 had a glideslope. It made for some impressive flyovers of that part of the city.

Aviogenex operated Split with 737's on a Saturday evening but occasionally dropped a 727 in. Flightrider may remember a photo opportunity we both had on the apron for one of the latter.

Ljubljana was operated by JAT DC9's in 1985 on a Monday evening replaced by Adria (Tarom leased) Rombac 1-11's and DC9-30's in subsequent years on a Monday morning, normally on the ground at the same time as the Wardair 747's. If my memory serves me well LJU did not operate in 1986.

Dubrovnik was operated by JAT in its 1st year (1986) via Pula on a 727 on a Monday morning, in later years Adria direct on a Saturday evening, MD-80's predominantely and a number of A320's in the final year or so. If I remember well the first Adria A320 visit was the day that Leeds United won the (old) Division One title. One year (I forget which) they also used an MEA 707 on some occasions.

Yugotours being the charterer on all the above, and I'm seriously showing my age.

Back to the subject in question, I understand Balkan were looking at Pula from LBA in S09 if a suitable aircraft became avaliable, so I guess if the right people talk to each other then Balkan as a sharer on Dubrovnik may be a revised opportunity for both Jet2 and Balkan.
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Very impressive,I am glad I am not the only one feeling my age!.

I grew up in Cookridge,my bedroom overlooked the airport,my parents bought me an airband radio,and the rest is history!.

Anyone else remember the DanAir 1-11's crawling off the end of runway 14!.
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Sorry to drift off topic, what year was the runway extension finished?
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End of 1984 I think. I'm also feeling my age as I remember watching Britannia and Air Europe 737s firing off the somewhat shorter runway prior to that. I seem to remember our own (Orion) 737s used to 'W' in to LBA. Anyone got any photos of KG 732s or 733s at LBA?
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I flew from LBA to Dubrovnik in June 1987, out and return on a 727 (YU-AKG or J rings a bell?) lucky enough to be up at the front end in what was called Adriatic Class which had a bit more leg room than coach (I think the JAT aircraft were also used on scheduled services) both very nice flights on my favourite aircraft.

JAT also used a 707 on Pula flights in 1985 season, used to come in on sunday teatimes as well as the Iberia A300's (subchartered to Aviaco)or if we were very lucky Aviaco's own DC8's (once in Saudia livery if I remember correctly).
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Well remembered......did LBA also receive Aviogenex TU134s? I remember these from my childhood trips to the MAN viewing areas (on top of the piers, sadly no longer). I think Adria Airways was known as Inex-Adria until the mid 80s.

Anybody who can remember the Yugotours proramme from the early 1980s will know just how many flights there to the former Yugoslavia in comparison with today. I don't think it's picked up to the same level; MAN had flights not only to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula, but also to Rijeka, Tivat and Zadar (I think).
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Yugotours in the eighties...

1985 - Pula JAT B707, Ljubljana JAT DC-9

1986 - Pula JAT B727, Ljubljana/Dubrovnik combined JAT B727

1987 - Pula JAT B727, Ljubljana Adria 1-11, Dubrovnik Aviogenex 737 (JAT 727 in early season)

1988 - As above but Ljubljana Adria DC9 and Split Aviogenex 737

1989 - Pula JAT 727 ?, Ljubljana JAT DC9, Split and Dubrovnik as 1988.

I think
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Just heard the PIA depart off 14.

Has anybody seen the aircraft depart?.It always seems to go off 14,how much runway does it use?.Is it up in good time or rolling off the end of the runway?.
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TODA is much higher on 14 due to no obstructions on climb out so this would be the prefered runway for departure. I believe the figure is in excess of 10,000 ft although the runway is only 7,380 ft long. As for runway used I saw one depart off 32 and it was airbourne before the start of the 14 turning loop but it did have around 10 kts in its favour.
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The aviogenex tu134S never made an appearance at Leeds I think the only 134s to visit were of East German outfit Interflug if my memory serves me well.

Anybody remember the Rich International DC8, and the one off visit of a Wardair DC10 in lieu of the 747.

Bill Bo
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yes remember all those. I believe the Interflugs were taking opera North to the then East Germany. They also brought in Ilyushin IL-18s.

While we take a trip down memory lane (mods permitting), here's a few I can remember-:
Spantax 732, coronado
Hispania 733, caravelle
Sterling 727
ELAL 707, 732, 767
Hapag Lloyd 727
Balair md80 (cycling enthusiasts)
TMA /MEA 707, 720
Cyprus Airways A310
Braathens 732
KLM dc9s (good at the time)
Finnair dc9s
HZ-KA4 (I think) 720
Virgin 747
Aer Turas cl44

Those off the top of my head. I will have missed loads. I used to love the JAT 707s and Balkan 154s especially. Think my favourite was the UAE 74SP. That's my lot for memory lane, I'm looking forward to the future now at LBA. Fighting back to where we should be (like LUFC-tut).

ps Where's Ryanair!?

Leeds APP.
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Add Hispania 757 to that list.I came back from Palma on one having flown out on 737.

Odyssey 757 to Toronto as well!.
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Oh Shazbat!
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Inbound traffic routing

We seem to have a lot of inbound traffic routing over East Leeds today, any reason why?
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PIA rumored to be doubling frequency.
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Sadly (or happily), I'm old enough to remember pre-extension jet movements like the one-off Monarch 757, Transavia Caravelles doing the "Bulbfields" Flights to Rotterdam in the spring and the occasional vists of British Midland 1-11 500s. I can also recall the clouds of red dust being generated by Britannia, Orion and Dan-Air 737s as they accelerated away down the then Runway 15, whilst the runway extension work was taking place.

You can also add to your list Air Transat Tri-Stars and the Corsair, United Arab Emirates (SP) and Air Hong Kong 747s, although the latter was a one-off crew training visit. I submitted many of my photographs some time ago time to LBAviation and someone has put together this collection taken from there on Youtube. Please see the link below. About 40%-50% are my photos. Not sure who took the rest. I witnessed the British Airtours Tri-Star going off the end of 14 and the photos are also on the link!

YouTube - Leeds Bradford Airport
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Onur Air

Just seen the Dalaman flight come in,was a MD-80 of somekind.

Has the A300 gone tech,and an additional flight put on to cover?.Seems to be 3 Dalaman flights instead of usual 2.They are all running late it appears.
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Onur Air A300 TC-OAO positioned in empty from Gatwick earlier today and a shortage of aircraft meant the returning passengers were sadly stranded at Dalaman.

TC-OAO then proceded to take the outbound passengers to their destination as OHY7336

Now a steady tricke of delayed passengers are beginning to return to Leeds an as you saw, TC-ONP an MD88 of Onur Air landed at 1925 as OHY7335 with in the first batch of peeved off passengers no doubt !

A second aircraft OHY6635 was originally due at approx 2115 but arrival times are changing constantly and this is now due at 0645 tomorrow.
morning !

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Thanks for the info!.

Can think of better places to be delayed than a Turkish airport.
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Looking forward to flying into LBA next week (from the IOM). I'm scheduled to arrive at 1725, and the 757 bus I really need will depart at 1749 (my train leaves at 1910). Oddly, it seems* that virtually all buses to LBA from Leeds stop at the train station, yet only two during the week from LBA stop there. Unless I'm missing something?

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