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Think anything less than 10M will struggle because of cost. Luton is quite interesting as it is a fair climb from the interchange as would Leeds .
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So Bridgepoint don't see Leeds East as a rival, but as an opportunity to change horses while making money by developing a piece of land made more valuable by the investments of the misguided (mis-led?) people of Yorkshire?
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Who woke up the doormouse
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Leeds is what 90% bucket n spade or hen/shag parties ?? few solo travelers, so any transport method that becomes more expensive as more people in a group use it will naturally revert to a car or a cab.

The park way is a sham, few use it at EMA I think even the free bus shuttle that launched it have stopped now ( stand to be corrected) what you will end up with is a park n ride for the people of north Leeds to travel into Leeds, on top of which the buses like 757 will stop and they'll just take you to the park n ride, they run at a loss on subsidies, LBA will then be able to tick the ' green box' the last thing LBA want is you to turn up on public transport, far better (for them) to take your car park money, if they lost that they would have to increase fee's to Ryanair & Jet2 guess what Ryanair would do?

It would be like a turkey voting for early Xmas, this parkway nonsense is perfect for Bridgeport, they are not stupid ( unlike the clowns in Leeds city council) they know few will use it even if it went into or under the airport and no one will fund it.

Leeds have been predicting 5m a year for over a decade, Leeds Approach is not wrong when he says it's in the wrong place, but it won't move, it's too big to move too small to reach out beyond its Holiday routes and too close to Manchester to grow long haul and that's without even thinking about its runway/weather limitations.

So stick with what you've got, it's a good little airport for its target market
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Originally Posted by LEEDS APPROACH View Post
Leeds City Region is the Civil Aviation laughing stock of Europe because of its short crossgale airport on the apex of a hill top in a B road housing estate!

Those people that try to tell you "aren't we doing well!" with best ever 3.5 million pax are the clowns in the ring!

DSA without any sort of population catchment to even use will catch up to LBA simply because of this rank and historic shambolic unsuitability of the airport.

Then where will Leeds be as a city? - It's airport will be Leeds South in Doncaster - an hour away! Back the right horse or you will not have a horse.
LEEDS APPROACH I'd be interested to see any evidence at all you have to back up the statement about Leeds City Region being a laughing stock at all regardless of any perceived shortcomings you believe LBA has. Given the issues of fog the airport owners have done what they can and installed CAT 111b ILS - if not all operators then train and equip their crews and aircraft with the ability to use that bit of kit, it's hardly the airport's fault is it?

LBA has been operating continuously for 85 years. 'Shambolic' doesn't survive for 85 years.
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The training of crews up to CAT III is not the issue. The limiting factors are generally the crosswinds and lack of runway. These are limiting factors because of where the airport is. So accepting this airport is what it is, nothing much will change so long as the airport doesn't screw the airlines. Do that and they will move. But also don't expect too much in the way of intercontinental destinations, the place is not up to it. I would also not hold my breath for a rail link. The airport rake cash in from parking and a proper rail link would reduce the airport's income. But if the airport has a real problem, it's the condition of the runway. I don't think there is a worse one in Europe. But being concrete, it's difficult to do overnight repairs yet some serious work will have to be done before long. How that will be accomplished will be very interesting.

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Ah, now that bit's easy, the fiendishly cunning plan has obviously slipped you by:

Close the runway for six weeks...divert flights to Church Fenton...airlines and passengers so pleased they refuse to return. Mission accomplished!!
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PM - I completely agree, I've been at Leeds for years and the runway is indeed the worst of any large regional airport in Europe. Many times in the past, whilst taxying, I've advised ATC of small piles of loose rubble that need attention, both on and off the runway.
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Just send them to DTVA where most of them come from!
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Heard some talk today regards Thomson summer 2017 based flights

After a 2 year gap can anyone confirm if they are using a Canadian Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the LBA based aircraft flight programme instead of one of Thomson Airways own aircraft?
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Record Leeds Bradford Winter 2017 Schedule Launched

New route to Wroclaw (2 Weekly) & new winter service to Murcia (2 Weekly).

Welcome to Ryanair!
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Seems Vueling have ended LBA-BCN. Flights no longer bookable on website or in GDS.
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Shame if true about Vueling, Saying that the planned flight schedule for this summer was quite bad.

Good job the Leeds - Barcelona route is still well covered by both Jet2 and Monarch.
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It's does seem true LBIA. The home page booking of Vueling gives the impression there are flights bookable later in the summer, but when you click on those dates, it brings blank results.
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Looks like Easy have dropped Geneva for winter 17/18 (going by this morning's release)
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Originally Posted by 2Planks View Post
Looks like Easy have dropped Geneva for winter 17/18 (going by this morning's release)
Yeap now confirmed on the airports twitter feed that Easyjet wont be returning to LBA, Leaving Jet2 operating GEV route 6x weekly next winter 17/18
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You're the one not thinking....The Mods must have just allowed you back on and straight into another nonsense rant... Methinks you really are testing their patience, because you're testing ours..Now pipe down and grow up..
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Leeds Approach: Utter rubbish once again. Airports in the north, including LBA are all doing very nicely and growing year by year, improving facilities and adding destinations.
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I wondered where the 'dormouse' had been, his first post after his 'suspension' and the same old same, talk about having an agenda.
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Leeds Approach: guess you haven't seen the winter 2016/17 passengers figures for LBA yet then?

Here's last 4 months.

NOV 16 - 180,453 +10.52%
DEC 16 - 198,118 +23.85%
JAN 17 - 175 255 +16.57%
FEB 17 - 203,094 +18.9%

The fiscal year total, with March still to come, totals 3,434,633, that compared to 3,260,010 for the same 11 months last year, So its an overall increase of 5.36%..
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