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easy winter 2008/9

Reported on sale per the easyjet thread.

Some changes from last winter which I suppose was inevitable.

However no cutbacks on PRG, AGP or ALC with potentially all
having three operators.

Venice shows 5 a week in November and Geneva 4 a week but
both increase I believe late December although I have not
checked every winter month as yet.

I have counted just six or seven flights some days in November
with the three based aircraft. It must be tense times for the base
but at least the flights are on sale.

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Little Blue/bmia330

Just for information FR do fly in other planes from bases calling up crews off standby despite what you BELIEVE.

As an aside speaking of FR parking up a/c at EMA. They may do but if they did I would imagine they wouldn't be sitting around permanently as the a/c would be rotated around flying duties, least one will be available all the time for base training.

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I stand corrected; the 400s obviously went leaving just the 3s and 5s.

So the story of the cockroach jet was invented by some malicious insect lover then?

An aircraft infested with cockroaches qualifies as manky in my book.
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'Security' cameras


most probably ANPR cameras, the signs have been up for some time now. Like most things they will be justified on 'security' grounds, but that doesn't mean you won't be prosecuted for not having a valid tax disc or MOT!

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ANPR cameras are at all traffic hotspots these days whether it be for non taxed or insured wrecks heading for download or East European tarts and their crime bosses coming in on Ryanairs flights & flight crews from Europe that are still driving a around on European plates despite been res in the UK
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P & O cruise ema programme

Now confirmed 2009/10 caribbean programme from ema and the airport will have 36 flights nov to apr 2009/10 , makeing east midlands no3 airport for
P & O cruise behind gatwick and manchester.

The increase in cruise flights is due to new cruise ship VENTURA based in the caribbean and require 8 flights per cruise to service this ship, also in the caribbean is ships ARTEMIS AND OCEANA.

Programme shows flights with TOM AND TCX but may be others.

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Please sort via PM.

The AA&R Mods
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Is anyone else at EMA getting cheesed off with security staff??

Every morning I go to work, and like everyone else, I have to go through staff security. And believe you me, i DO NOT need added stress to the long day ahead.
So i go through. Que for ages. See snooty other crew not taking their jackets/shoes off when going through "the magic" gate and get away with it. |Is it the uniform we're wearing?..It's not even my turn and some overzealous security staff shouts at me: Get your shoes off love! Why??? A: I am not your love, never have been and you'll never aspire me to be your love. B: The thick one in front of me didn't so why should I?? (i know it's one in 3 people but the girl in front of the thick one DID take her shoes of so... catch my drift)
Then after a bullocink cause i didn't take my shoes off, my crew bag is getting searched. They go through my food, my personal private little bag with spare tights, knickers, even bloody tampons!!!! What the hell is wrong with you? Have you got any idea what "common sense" means?? And then they decide they're going to test the liquids in my clear plastic bag and they always chose the most expensive thing i have, either a perfume or a cream (excuse me for liking nice, expensive things and i don't shop at your local Poundland,love). I argue saying excuse me, that cost a lot of money, can you chose something else? They don't care. They do it anyway.
One of these days i'll snap and i will bring my solicitor with me while going through security. And then sue the apt's security company for unlawfull and disrespectful treatment (something like that anyway, aparently i could have a big case going to the Human's Rights Court and Employment Tribunal...)
It's ridiculous. What i am going to do with a perfume, spray a pax to death??? Or my lipgloss, use it to fight a drunk pax???
Love, (if i have to speak your chav language to get through to you, I will), I have no interest in harming a pax with my handcream. Unlike you, I use my sanitizer cause i have been in contact with hundreds of people a day and i wish to stay healthy, not like you the one and only "amazing" security staff who sits on their ar$se all day and the most exciting part of your day is when you're planning your lunch break.
Have some common sense, love...

This is not aimed at ALL security staff. The majority are dead nice and leave you alone and when they have to test your stuff, they go: which one would you like me to test?

But there's always that ONE ar$ehole/biatch, who ruins my day even before i started it.

Is there anyone who is going to do anything about this??? It's getting worse and worse and one of these days my manager and solicitor will have a friendly chat, love, with the APT's management.

And I am far from joking.
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Abusing The Sky

Quite simple really. Next time you get stopped, refuse to fly and say that you are not in the right frame of mind to fly and you consider that it would be dangerous to do so.

That is the only way for any action to be taken, alternatively stick a used tampon in with the other stuff, they will not bother you again
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I heard that easyjet might be considering staying at EMA but only with 2 A319 in stead of 3...

Also today someone mentioned that Thomas Cook might be changing from 2 A320 next year to 1x A320 and 1x A321... It would be a good boost for them, but, aparantally Thomsonfly have said as well... they are possibly going to consider having 2x B752 and 1x B738
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I see the DHL flight from Vitoria has been changed from a 757 to a Swiftair 733 as of this week.
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been a Swiftair B733 for couple of weeks now
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on current timetable, 3 based units are needed for the whole of the winter. Also I too have heard that the combined FCA/TOM based units next year could consist of 2 x 757, 1 x 738, 1 x A320 and part week 763.


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Argubly, you have a choice.

You can refuse the search I suppose but they'll refuse you entry. What do you do then though?

More importantly, they cannot instruct you to do anything. They must seek your permission. Whether you give it is a matter for you but you cannot be compelled to do anything by them.

I've always found them better than most at EMA to be fair though. They are being watched as well which people sometimes forget. Not ideal though I agree.

The stupidity of the arrangements are not their fault. Now if you want to talk about being an arsehole for the sake of being an arsehole let's talk about the security staff at Birmingham............I am apalled that they get away with some of the interactions they get away with there.

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donnington 2010 f1

hey all just heard on the news that donnington park will stage the f1 from 2010 looking forward to the extra traffic it will bring to ema.i dont know about the roads around the airport will deal with all the extra traffic it will bring
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Donny park to get Grand Prix from 2010

Bernie E has signed a 10 year deal with the owners of Donny park to stage the British GP from 2010, this will be a real boost to the airport given its close proximity to the race circuit.

This should just about bring the roads around the M1/M42/A50 to complete grid lock, i think its time to get your leave bid in now.

So that would be Download Fest, Moto GP and GP in just about a month!!
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I used to be the licensee of the Green Man Inn at Silverstone. The helicopter traffic alone was something else. I don't know where the fixed wing stuff went, but I guess it will be good to have an international airport next door from 2010.

Grand Prix weekend was always a buzz. Looking forward to being reunited with it.
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For gods sake quit your whining, if you don't like it get a job flipping burgers.
I have to go through security several times a day, not just once, and rather than moan I just get on with it.

Maybe that 'ONE ar$ehole/biatch' realises you have some sort of attitiude problem, because frankly thats how you have come across to me after reading that tosh, and rest assured if they have a reason to think you are annoying they will make sure you are the one they pick out.....good on 'em I say. In general they have a crappy job to do, so it maybe one of the few perks of the job.

not like you the one and only "amazing" security staff who sits on their ar$se all day and the most exciting part of your day is when you're planning your lunch break.
To be frank again..... after a comment like that you deserve to get the full rubber glove treatment on a daily basis. As far as I am concerned if some one is prepared to work rather than claim the dole they get a in my book.

Grow up !

Edit: traffic wardens don't count with regard to working against claiming dole, they are just weird, and probably enjoy eating worms

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Bit harsh that Sir, the lady is offended by their overbearing actions. This IS the place to report and vent one's spleen.

She should be indulged,
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Someone obviously got out of bed the wrong side!!

Beer n tabs, there is a fairly lengthy thread in R and N on the very topic of frustrations with security.

ATS is obviously not alone in finding some difficulty with the searching.

Time to take a chill pill
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