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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 12:42
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The new twice daily frequency for the Cimber Air Copenhagen service now appears on the website...effective 30th March.

Mon - Fr arr NCL 1120 dep NCL 1155
Mon - Fr arr NCL 1835 dep NCL 1905
Sa arr NCL 1505 dep NCL 1535
Su arr NCL 1630 dep NCL 1705

The timings are different to those previously posted.

Very good, positive new for the airport
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 17:17
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They only seem to be using that for a very few short transfer resorts. I'd be surprised if they managed to fill the plane(assuming a 737) with that. It seems a wasted opportunity as skiing seems a fairly popular sport from NCL, unless they think that the long transfer resorts can't compete with the DIY loco holidays, which I wouldn't have thought would be the case.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 18:59
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The TUI and Inghams charters to GVA are used for a variety of resorts in France and Switzerland using TOM 757. From what I can gather loads are generally very high, averaging 225+. Charters also operated using TOM 737 to INN and TRN - again both full loads, together with TOM 757 SZG rotation. I would bet that the build your own loco routes to CMF and GVA are taking business away from the packages, however the charters still seem well utilised and will carry on for the 08/09 season. If you're having trouble getting what you want, why not give the tour operators a call?

If you're right it will be nice to see charters back to GNB, LYS and CMF!
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 19:45
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I suppose if the loads are good then why bother with the hassle of 4hr transfers?
We used to have a lot more choice a few years ago(LYS, CMF etc) but the Canadair (50?) flight was never a huge success when they couldn't guarantee that your luggage would get on!
Is Lauda Air still on the go?

Personally I wouldn't do a DIY (LOCO or otherwise) ski trip- I've heard too many stories of people snowbound in the resort and missing transfers and flights home and trying to get back has been horrendous.
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Old 23rd Jan 2008, 08:54
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I really don't see what the issue with all this discussion re ski charter vs resort profiles is leading. Transwede has made a good asessment of NCL's contribution and on the whole it is a lot better than it has been as basically one way or another you do have an excellent choice of resorts albeit some with detrimental transfer times but they ARE accessible. I note you identify services to LYS / CMF in earier seasons. Like anything one can make any point by singling out times gone. Go back 25 years to the early 80's and the situation was much more restricted, you were offered one flight a week which one year would fly to GVA, and the next year Munich and that was it unless you could blag your way onto the short school series charter that invariably flew to a more interesting destination. Having flown from NCL on at least one ski charter every year AND avoiding peak times, I can not recall ever being on a flight that was less than 95% full and that includes 2007, indeed it used to be that due to load restrictions on 146's & 1-11's if you took your own gear then there was always the uncertainty that it would actually arrive on the same flight. The presumption has to be that with Loco's moving in then there is only a finite no. of punters. I can live with this, though it claerly appears to trouble you.
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Old 23rd Jan 2008, 16:47
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My point was(and still is) that, compared to all the other airports I mentioned, NCL seems to be getting a raw deal from the holiday operators and I don't think the choice of resorts is excellent when I can't get to the major ones with them. If loads are 95%+ then isn't increasing capacity at NCL a wasted opportunity? I would have thought that TOM could put on a weekly flight to CMF or LYS and have good uptake.
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Old 24th Jan 2008, 13:40
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Having recently done an enquiry for a family wishing to go skiing and fly from Newcastle, I contacted a number of tour operators for quotes.

Many of the tour operators these days apart from the big two (Thomson/First Choice and Thomas Cook/MyTravel) utilise the low cost carrier flights of Easyjet, Jet 2 etc.

This is not just happening with ski destinations either.

Its a pure fact of life that the traditional way of booking holidays as a package is a dying breed and DIY packaging (either yourself on the internet or through a travel agent) is more and more the way forward.

In summary, if you take into account the low cost routes and ALL ski tour operators not just the big 2, then all ski resorts are still available flying from Newcastle - it just may not be with the operator you want or look at.
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Old 24th Jan 2008, 14:11
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This whole ski destination debate is taking over an otherwise informative thread.

If you can't go to a particular destination it's not the end of the world, move on. It would be great to be servicing all locations that everyone wants but every airport and tour operator has the same challenges, risk against reward.

Go skiing at the mall in Dubai if you get really stuck.....
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Old 24th Jan 2008, 17:00
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Ski ing in Dubai

At last a sensible solution!!

At the Mall of the Emirates...

Ski-ing...the best hotels in the world...superb climate ..(for 6 months of the year!!) ..fantastic food...and daily flights from your regional airport...what more could you want???

I have tried it and its GREAT!!

Get booking!!

(sorry is this non descript advertising allowed ??)
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Old 24th Jan 2008, 17:13
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Talking about the staff 'car park'. I heard we were moving again, anyone know any more on that?
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Does it really matter what tour operator flies to destinations? We still have the popular ski flights leaving NCL, using a mix of charter and low cost services - surely having a choice is better for the passenger?

Now lets get back to the informative stuff, as said by andrewmcharlton
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So are Jet2 dropping the NCL-LGW route? And if so who 's picking it up???
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Old 24th Jan 2008, 19:51
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I don't think anyone knows if NCL - LGW will be dropped.

Pax figures are not brilliant , but steps are been taken to increase the loads!
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Very true, CE and MD were in 'discussions' about slots with NCL airport re NCL - LGW, thats all so far.

Hopefully, if they are announced next week, there will be two new LS routes to discuss and their not to where you may think ......................

I had a chat with one of the car park staff the other day. He recons work will start soon and it 'was' going to get done before the petetion was handed in but he did admit that it certainly helped speed things up a little so well done to whoever orginised that!!
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Oooh 757 Speedbrakes do share with us your thoughts - 2 new routes to somewhere we may not think?!!! Let the guessing game begin!!
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Anyone know whats up with the KLM flights in/out of NCL today?
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I see the Copenhagen flight is cancelled to day too. Looks like the Amsterdam flights are ok this afternoon though. Seems strange to cancel both morning flights. Was the weather bad at NCL this morning, or over the North Sea?
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 13:22
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Delta 8
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Let the guessing game begin!!
How about PMI or ALC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Old 25th Jan 2008, 16:11
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KLM'S cancelled due to weather. Wind was forecasting to be gusting up to 65kts. Copenhagen cancelled due tech probs.

emirates parked on taxiway behind stand 12 today to try and get some shelter from the wind!!
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I woulnt be suprised to see the LGW dropped, or at the least reduced.
And as for new routes EX NCL.... not leaving much to sell them, our summer starts March 25th, thats about 8 wks time
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