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I suppose watching how bookings goes is a sensible thing to do, but won't GSM need to purchase or lease another 1 or 2 aircraft for MME? If no then won't that mean them downsizing at 1 or 2 other hubs?

If GSM don't take over the ORK and CDG routes then it would be ideal for bmi regional to send us an Embraer to operate these along with perhaps BFS, JER, LGW and perhaps even the German market with SXF or FRA.

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Again, I agree DTV.

I can't see GSM doing Cork, Paris, Jersey, Gatwick etc.. I don't think it fits what they do best.

For me, likely GSM new routes would be Prague, Tenerife, Ibiza, Mahon, Gran Canaria, Paphos, Murcia etc... i.e. holiday routes.

The RJ would be an ideal fit to take over Paris & Cork and any German routes. Brussels also if they want to compete with Eastern.
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Fantastic news for everyone involved with DTV
Just seen interview on tv with DTV Boss,...another 4 routes to come in the next few days...finalising plans!!!
What a crazy few weeks its been
Up the boro
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Don't expect bmi to start any regional flights out of MME - they have had years to do this, so I really can't see them starting now.

CDG and BFS/BHD are difficult ones with a larger aircraft - I can imagine the likes of BE or maybe T3 making a success of it, but not a B737 operator. ORK would be a good route for Aer Arran in my opinion.

Maybe BD will bring back the JER flight, either with an A319/20 or ERJ from bmi regional, since it was operated for years by BD before becoming a WW flight. If GSM announce JER, however, they will surely make a success of it, as BD used to send F100s and B737s full to JER on a weekend.

It will be great to see GSM making a success of MME and I wish them all the luck in the world.

Who is the initial handling agent for GSM at MME?? I imagine they must have a contract in place by now if they are starting the TFS route this month. It would be nice to see it go to Aviance, as they invested in their own ramp handling recently, and it would be an ideal replacement for the lost bmibaby business. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by holgate View Post
What a crazy few weeks its been
Couldn't agree more - but I don't think I would have had it any other way!

Wonder what the four new routes will be?
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So guys,..are there anymore airlines on the DTV radar?
Air Southwest to Newquay?,Wizz-air to Poland?,Ryanair from Shannon?.....
or am I being to greedy!
Also fellas,whats the score with the baby crews?,transfering to other baby bases?,...or will the majority be applying to join globespan?....
As for the four routes to guess is Prague/Paris/Nice and......
.........dunno for the last one.......Copenhagen would be nice
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Just had a look at the GSM MME schedule. At present 1 a/c with 2 rotations per day with the exception of TUE and SAT where there is presently only 1. So already room for a twice weekly destination with 1 a/c.

The only other option for more routes with 1 a/c would be night flights.
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Fantastic news-well done all at DTV and GSM!!

well well well what a difference a few weeks makes in aviation!!although a young company which hitherto has been unknown south of the border i really am optimistic as they choose their routes sensibly (everybody knows my views on WW's NOC and winter JER rotations!!)and they have aircraft in their fleet that will match the demand appropriately.

I agree that it will most likely be a 1 based summer operation and i UKLad007 is correct then TFS would still be operated by the TFS based aircraft allowing 1 or 2 more routes that I would personally like to see being PRG as its been proven to be popular.

As for other suggested routes:

CDG-I agree it does not fit into GSMs current route structure leaving perhaps TOM to offer a ORY rotation but TOM basing highly unlikely now?

ORK-although i see the appeal definately more suited to smaller operation ike bmi regional (unlikely given theyve just dropped LBA-ORK) or a ORK based operator i.e Aer Arann (however just started LBA route)

LGW-i honestly feel this was overload on the MME route netwoek as it only means BD service would be adversely affected and we want to build up routes not destroy them from within!

JER-most likely bmi regional or VLM as is offered at HUY or perhaps Air Southwest as was the case a few years back

NQY-could onyl see this work of offered by Air Southwest NQY based aircraft but it must be a possibilty given no routes from NCL at present and WW seemed to like it

BHD-FlyBE with BHD based aircraft or perhaps T3?

To sum up I feel another based operator is now unlikely and therefore an expansion would come from airlines with bases elsewhere such as flyBE at BHD or Air Southwest at NQY or seasonal charters like VLMor bmi regional
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Interesting how everyone is speculating on four new routes.

If you read the article Hugh Lang said "up to four new routes", as usual the media have taken this to be four new routes...

Anyway lets hope for some more good news
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hugh lang actually said 'no more than 4 routes' so we can assume its goin to be 3 or 4 on a 3x weekly basis or 1 or 2 5xweekly

as an add on to people suggesting NCE i'd be very surprised if this happened as i imagine the weekly service by WW wasnt that well supported?

anyone know how BRU and TFS sales are goin?
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Excellent news for DTV and flyglobespan. The future is bright now much better than what bmibaby could offer DTV.

hugh lang said on TV that there will be 2 based aircraft from the spring. 4 routes on sale today at least another 4 to follow soon.

I still belive that the deal was done when TFS went on sale. Hugh lang said on TV that when they learnt that baby was pulling out they sat down with other low cost operators and talked about which routes they could offer from DTV. I think that lost out with this as they were very quick on the day to slate DTV for the loss and come to fly with us from NCL and LBA.

Great news today with lots more to come. DTV has a great future ahead!!
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I agree with MME4EVA in that NCE possibly wouldnt work, but there are lots of other choices there to be chosen.
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Earlier on Ceefax it said that were launching from DTVA, it was an obvious mistake though.
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Flyglobespan are starting four routes from MME, Looking at the times the aircraft will be based in MME. They are AGP, PMI from 30 March and ALC & FAO from 1 April.

Alicante is 3x weekly (Sun, Wed, Thu)
Faro is 3x weekly (Sun, Tue, Thu)
Malaga is 4x weekly (Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri)
Palma is 3x weekly (Sar, Mon, Fri)

Along with the current winter tueday flight to TFS
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goldeneye this was already discussed on here previous page
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Nice to see new routes but before everybody gats carried away it still needs bottoms on seats for a reasonable fare.

Funny that Baby are now to out it politley not missed, wonder what comments will be made if it dosnt work for Globespan.

On the subject of money I wonder what deal has been done if any to attract them and Ryanair, that may have an impact on the old fianances.

Centre cities
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In the Northern Echo (newspaper) today Hugh Lang says that 'these are different types of aircraft' (comparing to baby) and that one a/c will arrive in March and the 2nd in May. The next 4 routes are to be announced within the next 10 days.

So the first aircraft's schedule is...
Mon 0700/1105 AGP 1150/1355
Mon 1430/1815 PMI 1915/2105
Tue 0700/1005 FAO 1035/1340
Wed 0700/1105 AGP 1150/1355
Wed 1410/1805 ALC 1840/2040
Thu 0700/1005 FAO 1035/1340
Thu 1410/1805 ALC 1840/2040
Fri 0700/1105 AGP 1150/1355
Fri 1430/1815 PMI 1915/2105
Sat 0700/1045 PMI 1145/1335
Sat 1405/1810 AGP 1900/2105
Sun 0700/1005 FAO 1035/1340
Sun 1410/1805 ALC 1840/2040

So still a gap on Tuesday afternoon and those times will tighten up I'm sure, should be able to fit 2x long and 1x short returns into 1 day

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great news that we hopefully wont have to wait too long to hear the 4 other routes

just lookin at GSM website and presuming that they will stick to known destinations to the company I predict 4 of the following:

1. TFS-must be definate

2. PRG-again a dead cert

3. Ibiza

4. Menorca

5. Gran Canaria

6. Lanzarote

7. Cyprus

Go on GSM keep it simple and offer what MMEers want and will use!!

On the Eastern Airways front, I can only assume BRU sales are poor-personally I'd be surprised of the first flight is even full looking at the ridiculous price for a day return..speaking to a well placed source last night and he said the route has only been launched due to EU funding and NOT because of demand from the local business community as some would like us to believe
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What do you think the chances are of GSM starting a weekly rotation to SFB? The north east badly needs direct scheduled flights to FL.

I remember when Britannia and Airours used to fly the route, maybe it would work for GSM too.
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Plans for Southside development delayed

Interesting piece in the Northern Echo:
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