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MME4eva 28th Sep 2006 19:28

Well done Ryanair for putting trust in MME!!

I've bitten the bullet and booked on the maiden flight (Tues 13th Feb) returning the sat 17th Feb and it cost me a very pleasant 53!!!only slight annoyance was having to pay 7 to pay for 1 piece of luggage into the hold!!

I think its great news for MME lets just hope DTV play their cards right and the people of Tees Valley support the route and FR put more faith in MME!!

Its clearly a 'toe in the water' frequency but one that i really think will prove popular for the reasons already stated...the only dampner is that while MME has a month or so without FR competition from NCL also to GRO I just hope a decision is made soon as to focusing on either NCL or MME so that NCL doesnt attract too many MMEers!!

DTVAirport 28th Sep 2006 20:06

If it does prove a success, and Ryanair up the frequency of the route or add more routes, then I'm quietly confident that Rome Ciampino hasn't seen the last of MME! :ok:

mmeteesside 28th Sep 2006 20:42

Well this is good news for DTV - 3x weekly is a good start and maybe by Summer 2008 (:)) it may be increased to daily.

It sounds like there are more new routes to come (not necessarily from FR) soon - gathered from the Evening Gazette article tonight.


DTVAirport 28th Sep 2006 20:47

I saw the ITV North East News and it had a report on the new route - you saw a parked bmibaby aircraft in the background and in the foreground a beautiful Ryanair Boeing 737-800 in the revised livery with winglets was just parking up - and in classic Ryanair style, the aircraft sported extra, "Bye bye baby" titles! :E

Hugh Lang said at the end of the interview that the airport has, "More announcements up its sleeve".

onion 1st Oct 2006 22:58

Have heard that bmibaby have offered a compensation package to flight deck crews to relocate to Birmingham although many seem to be moving upto Newcastle with easy or jet2. Also on top of that they are offering positions to the rest of the staff in Birmingham or redundency money, again many are taking the redundency money and moving upto Newcastle. Then factor into this that the aircraft from MME will be sat idle for a few months and cost even more money. Now the base at MME wasn't losing money yet bmibaby are prepared to spend huge amounts on relocating staff and having aircraft sat on the ground, why? The word is that the new bloke in charge of baby is totally bias towards Birmingham and has no need for a base in the North East.

DTVAirport 2nd Oct 2006 07:38

Someone has just posted on the bmi thread that the bmi LHR-MME route is to be totally dropped and the slots used to launch a new long haul route.

Sadly I can believe this - bmi will know that the departure of bmibaby from MME will have knock-on effects on the LHR route because people are confusing the two airlines.

If bmi do pull out, is there any chance at all that BA could takeover?

Andy_S 2nd Oct 2006 08:27

Originally Posted by DTVAirport (Post 2883727)
If bmi do pull out, is there any chance at all that BA could takeover?

Not a chance. BA, in common with BMI, would rather use their slots at LHR for long haul.

DTVAirport 2nd Oct 2006 09:36

Thought so, plus in a way, they would be competing with themselves.

mmeteesside 2nd Oct 2006 15:29

We may be seeing the end of the LHR route, but it would also see the end of the bmi agreement and we may see either FR or AB start a STN route.


SWBKCB 2nd Oct 2006 16:36

Originally Posted by mmeteesside (Post 2884483)
We may be seeing the end of the LHR route, but it would also see the end of the bmi agreement and we may see either FR or AB start a STN route.

Would imagine that most of the current users of the LHR service would regard STN as a poor substitute - poorer access to central/West London and the Thames Valley and reduction in transfer opportunities.

On the other hand, KLM will be gutted...

DTVAirport 2nd Oct 2006 17:01

Why would KLM Cityhopper be gutted? Do they still have plans to increase the Amsterdam route to 4x daily this winter?

Now there's a carrier I would love to see at MME - Air Berlin! But I would prefer them to use 738's rather than A32X's.

Charlie Roy 2nd Oct 2006 18:24

Originally Posted by DTVAirport (Post 2884646)
Why would KLM Cityhopper be gutted?

I dunno, maybe SWBKCB is being sarcastic :confused:
The absense of a LHR route would see more MME passengers using AMS as hub. KLM would be jumping for joy!

Wellington Bomber 2nd Oct 2006 18:38


I must be losing my commercial marbles somewhat, but why would the people of Teesside / Cleveland welcome with open arms AB, what are they going to provide?

MME / STN woopie do with onward connections to Germany WOW

Now genuine business people want to go to LHR to change to longhaul and they are losing this service, big dissapointment

I agree KLM will be rubbing their hands, and if any Germans want welcoming then bring in Lufthansa as the Star Alliance Partner not some other low cost airline, I thought that DTV had learned its lesson

DTVAirport 2nd Oct 2006 18:47

I just said I personally would like to see AB at MME, I didn't say it would be commercially healthy - it wouldn't be, in my professional opinion, I know we need bmi to stay, even if it means mainline hands the route to regional.

pug 2nd Oct 2006 19:05

Another region losing flights to our countries capital? :ugh:

In BMI's defence they seem to have clung on to many of the slots at LHR to use them on the regions, more than can be said for BA, who can fly a busy shuttle service to MAN, GLA and EDI but cant provide for its regions, leaving dedicated foreign companies like KLM to the regions.

I can understand BMI pulling out though, it cant be cheap running that service and any long haul routes would more than over compensate.

I suppose with a country so small flights to the regions, from an already overcrouded airport, arent on top of anyones list:{

mmeteesside 2nd Oct 2006 20:22

Well after having gone through the passenger figures for August, I can reveal that the baby pullout has nothing to do with passenger figures (that was a lie!) as they are all pretty good.

Total in August was 109590 +4.2%, rolling year 952736 +7.5%

Alicante 5739 88.1%
Cork 3627 58.3%
Gatwick 4839 60.5%
Jersey 3353 80.9%
Malaga 5095 78.2%
Palma 5345
Paris 6170 67.2%
Newquay 3938 73.9%
Knock 670

Aberdeen 2824 51.8%
Dublin 9161 78.2%
Amsterdam10521 81.2%
Heathrow 7472 42.2%

The Aberdeen was +36% over last August, and doing better than NCL (2399 pax) :)

Baby meanwhile are a pack of liars :} and their pullout obviously has nothing to do with passenger numbers! :ugh: More to do with landing fees as I said before! :oh:


ryanair1 2nd Oct 2006 20:31

If it was to do with landing fees, then the airport has its own blood on its own hands. i reckon its more to do with the fact that bmibaby are blo*dy cr*p. Anyway...

Reckon flyglobespan will pick up the bmibaby routes, and if mainline bmi hand over LHR to regional, flyglobespan wil probably do STN too. long-haul connections will be lost to AMS.

brian_dromey 2nd Oct 2006 21:06

Originally Posted by pug (Post 2884851)
I can understand BMI pulling out though, it cant be cheap running that service ......flights to the regions, from an already overcrouded airport, arent on top of anyones list:{

If bmi cant make money on the LHR service there is something seriously wrong. Any fool can make money in LHR, It is the most pestigious, most sought after airport for any flag carrier. I just dont buy that domestic service is unprofitable, hubs like LHR exist to feed traffic from smaller destinations to larger ones. Perhaps the BAA should look at awarding slots for endangered/underserved services within the UK? like at some airports in the US. Or at least make BA & bmi's international slots a function of their non-trunk domestic ones.

Perhaps if bmi seperated itself a little more from WW and offered a clear and simple product which offers good value they eould be better off, as at the moment its just bloody confusing.

On the WW front, what the hell is gong on....I know some loads were a bit poor, but I would ave thought that there was more than enough work for one a/c? I think there must be serious trouble brewing at WW. They clearly havent got a clue. MME was a nice safe haven from FR,etc but they'll prob put the 73's into LPL!!! :rolleyes:

GBALU53 2nd Oct 2006 21:41

When any airline pulls out it always to do with commercial pressure and the locals lose out.

With some of the routes showing strong operating returns how long does it take before the commercial people say yes this route is a winner.

The old saying goes you have to lose money to gain money and new route are always a gamble, but to pull out when some of the routes were looking strong is very dishearting, when you have been down this road more than once is it worth staying in the strange world off aviation.

Northern Hero 2nd Oct 2006 22:07

I was talking to the Aviance Station Manager earlier today and he had asked the bmi senior management the very question regarding the LHR route. He was told there is absolutely no truth in this rumour whatsoever.
He also stated that bmi are to install more self check in machines, have re-signed the lease on the Business and Diamond lounges, so why do that if they are pulling the route ?

MME was British Midlands first route ex LHR and SMB is protective towards it, plus it still makes money so why pull a profitable route ? Pax figures are picking up and I would imagine will increase with the loss of the WW LGW service.

I got the impression from the Aviance Station Manager that something positive may be on the horizon for DTVA but obviously, he could not say what.Possibly an announcement soon.;)

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