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Fantastic news-well done all at DTV and GSM!!

well well well what a difference a few weeks makes in aviation!!although a young company which hitherto has been unknown south of the border i really am optimistic as they choose their routes sensibly (everybody knows my views on WW's NOC and winter JER rotations!!)and they have aircraft in their fleet that will match the demand appropriately.

I agree that it will most likely be a 1 based summer operation and i UKLad007 is correct then TFS would still be operated by the TFS based aircraft allowing 1 or 2 more routes that I would personally like to see being PRG as its been proven to be popular.

As for other suggested routes:

CDG-I agree it does not fit into GSMs current route structure leaving perhaps TOM to offer a ORY rotation but TOM basing highly unlikely now?

ORK-although i see the appeal definately more suited to smaller operation ike bmi regional (unlikely given theyve just dropped LBA-ORK) or a ORK based operator i.e Aer Arann (however just started LBA route)

LGW-i honestly feel this was overload on the MME route netwoek as it only means BD service would be adversely affected and we want to build up routes not destroy them from within!

JER-most likely bmi regional or VLM as is offered at HUY or perhaps Air Southwest as was the case a few years back

NQY-could onyl see this work of offered by Air Southwest NQY based aircraft but it must be a possibilty given no routes from NCL at present and WW seemed to like it

BHD-FlyBE with BHD based aircraft or perhaps T3?

To sum up I feel another based operator is now unlikely and therefore an expansion would come from airlines with bases elsewhere such as flyBE at BHD or Air Southwest at NQY or seasonal charters like VLMor bmi regional
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