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Eastern Airways

Old 15th May 2009, 16:47
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Why LPL??

Just wondering why LPL?? is there much demand for flights to SOU or ABZ from LPL?. Did BE not attempt and fail to operate ABZ or SOU from LPL when they opened there short lived base at LPL a couple of years ago??

I would have thought a small business airport like GLO would be a good edition to T3's route network or would even make a good hub airport for them to start and expand. It has worked well for NM (Manx2). There is a market from this airport for frequent flights to the likes of EDI, GLA and SOU and even into europe to such airports as BRU, CDG, FRA and even DUB.
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Old 15th May 2009, 17:13
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I could see Eastern making niche business routes out of PLH work actually. Birmingham? Liverpool? or Aberdeen? They could possibly Work with a J41.
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Old 15th May 2009, 17:20
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Seen a report that one of the Saabs ferried to NWI for painting into Air Southwest colours - sublease?
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Old 15th May 2009, 17:30
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Hmmm interesting, would the saab be able to operate from Plym, seeing as most routes operate from PLH as a core airport
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Old 15th May 2009, 18:16
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Air Southwest have been using an Eastern Saab for most of this week on some of the Newquay-Bristol-Leeds flights. Some days have been all day and others for the evening roatation only.

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Old 16th May 2009, 06:25
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Training Flight to Scatsta this morning on a Saab with R/T callsign Swallow.. Have Eastern bought out Air Southwest?
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Old 16th May 2009, 11:45
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Eastern have been doing some acmi flying for Air Southwest over the last few days (see Air Southwest thread) so may be Ops finger trouble????
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Old 17th May 2009, 06:33
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No they have not, they have got a S2000 on a ACMI lease from Eastern to cover for them, whils't either one of their Dash's is on maintenance or flying the new LCY flights.

And performance wise the block times are been blown out of the water with the extra speed of the SAAB
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Old 17th May 2009, 12:29
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Anybody know what the chances are of Eastern getting the 5 year IAC contract? Also anybody have any ideas of how the current shorter term contract is going?

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Old 17th May 2009, 16:42
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I heard it was back up for tender with other airlines showing an interest (again), maybe another carrier will get the 5 year contract. How come there are cancellations practically every day, is this because there are no passengers/oil workers to carry back from Scatsta or is it the weather? Flightline use to be the same......?
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Old 17th May 2009, 17:01
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I hope Eastern get it as generally people using/travelling with us (yes, I do) seem to be impressed and alot of good things have been said.

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Old 22nd May 2009, 11:18
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I think the regular cancellations are due to non-requirement by the customer. Things are maybe not as busy offshore as they were planning.
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Old 23rd May 2009, 08:33
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Re Scatsta - word on the street is a couple of companies have left the consortium and gone back to flying direct to their installations from ABZ.
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Old 25th May 2009, 07:23
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^^^^^ busier on Friday, due to a backlog from weather delays but still not the full programme.ergo. showing some cancellations at ABZ
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Old 25th May 2009, 08:49
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Canx of some rotations on these sorts of flights though have always happened, even since BAF's time operating solely for Shell back in the day.

Client requirements will always out - but definitely been a downturn in the last 12mths due to the oil price & recession. Plus less manpower as the North Sea ages.
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Old 26th May 2009, 09:39
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Really? The Caa figures show 12605 people flew between Aberdeen and SCS in April 09 compared to 11601 in April 2008, doesn't look like a definate downturn to me. Its a 9% increase.

Its a lot easier to file regular flight plans throughout the day, and then cancel them if you dont need them, rather than file one at short notice. Its just a taxi service at IACs members convenience. On the coal face the new operator seems well recieved and the increase in frequency of flights has been warmly welcomed, after all who wants to sit around all day waiting for a flight and not just fly home as soon as youve taken your survival suit off or be able to analyse a sample within a few hours.

Im looking forward to hearing the results of the five year tender, later in the summer.
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Old 26th May 2009, 11:15
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Its a lot easier to file regular flight plans throughout the day, and then cancel them if you dont need them, rather than file one at short notice.
This is my memory from Flightline days, they always had a late flight scheduled which wasn't needed if things were running to routine.
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Old 27th May 2009, 17:57
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The contract is about quality of service not just price so I reckon the combination of S2000 and Eastern service and punctuality will be hard to beat
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Old 27th May 2009, 18:11
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Internal Irish PSO routes

Have heard Easterns name knocked around Dublin as a potential carrier when the Aer Aran PSO contract expires as irish government and EU have warned RE that they are not cost effective due to current a/c size.
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Old 27th May 2009, 22:10
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Edit: If Eastern Airways would like to pay for some advertising we will be only too happy to supply a rate.

Do NOT advertise - you get PPRuNe for free - commercial organisations do not.

AA&R Mods

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