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DTVAirport 4th Aug 2006 09:16

Eastern Airways
Eastern Airways have unveiled a new livery, the first aircraft to be painted is BAe Jetstream 41 G-MAJL:


Not sure I like it.

Barnaby the Bear 4th Aug 2006 09:20

Looks ok to me. Better than the old one.

pipertommy 4th Aug 2006 10:48

Looks like BMI colours?Do you think ?

Richard Taylor 4th Aug 2006 10:56

First sign of an Eastern/bmi tie-up?

:} :E

tilewood 4th Aug 2006 11:16

I don't like that blue, it reminds me of the first Air UK colour scheme.

It was rapidly changed when they discovered that at night the
aircraft could not be seen on the apron, and ramp equipment
kept driving into them!! :=

Mercenary Pilot 4th Aug 2006 11:34

I like it, i also think it will look smart on the Saab's. :ok:

aeulad 4th Aug 2006 13:57

MUCH better, I love it!

The old scheme was old fashioned, the new one is striking!



DTVAirport 4th Aug 2006 14:06

When I first saw it I was disappointed, but now, I'm beginning to like it :) :ok:

HH6702 4th Aug 2006 16:44

Far too much like BMI should be red not blue

Topjet 4th Aug 2006 17:55

logo looks upside down if you ask me :}

J32/41 21st Aug 2006 14:07

Eastern at Norwich
Does anyone know how things are going for Eastern at Norwich now that Flybe have been in for a few months??

airhumberside 21st Aug 2006 15:37

Flybe have started MAN and gone double daily to EDI - Eastern have axed these routes

Flybe also announced ABZ but then cancelled it before starting it and Eastern continue to serve the route alongside bmi regional

J32/41 22nd Aug 2006 16:50

Do you know what happened to the crew that operated the MAN & EDI routes?


ATIS31 22nd Aug 2006 17:04

Are all the aircraft getting this new paint job including the Jetstream 32s ?

mmeteesside 22nd Aug 2006 21:41

I wouldn't think the 32's would get it, they'll probably be going soon

Jamesair 22nd Aug 2006 22:20

There can't be many 32's in the fleet now as as traffic builds up they get replaced by 41's on the thinner routes.

Eastern does a good job and succeeds where a lot of similar carriers have failed. Never hangs around with routes which don't work.

ATIS31 23rd Aug 2006 13:43

As far as I know there are only 3 x J32s left in the fleet one in service runnning WIC - ABZ and ABZ - SYY the other 2 appear to just sit at ABZ
wonder if the one left is service is going to be changed to a J41 anytime soon :confused:

Richard Taylor 28th Aug 2006 09:15

T3 expansion at ABZ
Eastern are to launch 4 new routes out of ABZ. No details of where as yet, they are in different stages of development, a couple are at "advanced" stage.

Also to add a 2nd rotation on ABZ-SYY, so whether this means more work for the JS32s left, or if it will be JS41 operated remains to be seen.

Wonder which new routes? Will CWL finally be one, & will any be international.

Good news for ABZ. (Sorry HUY...:} )

Dash-7 lover 28th Aug 2006 19:54

I would imagine there would be performance issues with the J41 and the 1600m rwy at WIC.

Mister Geezer 28th Aug 2006 21:29

Which should not be much of a problem for the 41. It will be slightly restricted if I can remember but the 41 is useless for short field ops. When I used to fly the J41 I remember doing a Wick - Luton charter and lifted a fullish load so Wick is not that limiting

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