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Alpine Flyer 21st Mar 2020 15:57

Probably written by management.....

Austrian government short-time-work subsidies require union and works council approval and Laudamotion insists (and is trying to prove in court) that their works council was elected contrary to statutory provisions and is therefore a legal non-entity. Having asked employees to elect several separate works councils (which is certainly illegal) doesn't help either.

Laudamotion management (a.k.a. MOL's puppets) would just need to acknowledge that their lawsuit against the works council is baseless, retract it and start talking to them to get an agreement.

PilotLZ 27th Jun 2020 10:38

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on with the Vienna base now? Looks like it will continue to exist, providing wet lease capacity to Ryanair. Will that reverse the previously announced job losses at least to some extent?

Full_blast 27th Jun 2020 16:39


PilotLZ 27th Jun 2020 17:06

Does that mean no job losses so far?

flyfan 28th Jun 2020 08:20

There will be some, especially ground staff working at Vienna HQ but als crew who didn't sign the new contract, which is even worse than what they had before.

dirk85 28th Jun 2020 11:05

It was already one of the worst contracts in Europe, was there really any need to make it any worse?
There is no end to corporate greed

skyboy83 18th Jan 2021 09:54

Anyone get called for an assessment last week? I am looking forward to see the new covid terms and conditions in this company.

dirk85 18th Jan 2021 13:43

They were the worst in the industry before, imagine now

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