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matt283 14th Jun 2017 14:33

Do I get it right:

60h included in the basic and sector payment only payed when working over 60h

and extra allowance when working over 15 days?

dirk85 14th Jun 2017 15:12

These look more like FO conditions honestly.

Sidestick_n_Rudder 14th Jun 2017 16:29

They're pretty much similar to any other in Europe. 6-7000€ after tax seems to be the norm these days...

Thepirate 14th Jun 2017 18:55

Your right €6-7k net is the norm left seat these days...... except the figures offered by SAS/uk/es are gross.....disappointing. This pay is lower than standard senior fo

matt283 14th Jun 2017 20:15

Those are conditions for uk. Anybody has details for Spain? I am sure they will get some weird exchange rate pounds to euros ;(

R T Jones 15th Jun 2017 09:44

£62k basic salary for a captain? That is not market rate, an UK based easyjet SFO basic salary is only just short of that....

Sidestick_n_Rudder 15th Jun 2017 10:01

I'd genuinely love to see those high-paying European DEC job offers.

Every time I get T&C's and crunch the numbers, I come up with 9-10k EUR gross, 6-7k EUR net. That includes perdiems, sector pay, hourly pay, overnight etc.

Unless you have a legacy contract somewhere, that's what you get these days...

dirk85 15th Jun 2017 10:23

The problem is that you won't see 7k net with that gross salary.

matt283 15th Jun 2017 16:15

New SAS Ireland airline to hire 40 at its Dublin HQ - Independent.ie

¨By basing SAS Ireland pilots and cabin crew outside Scandinavia, the new division's labour costs will be between 35pc and 40pc cheaper that those of the parent.¨

¨Its staff will be paid similar wages to their Scandinavian counterparts, but social charges and taxes will be lower.¨

Yeah, right... ;(

BluSdUp 15th Jun 2017 16:45

I did admire SAS but those days are over.

172_driver 15th Jun 2017 16:58

They don't care if pilots admire them or not anymore, they don't care about 'getting the best' or "we're Scandinavians" or "Nordic by-choice" or whatever their latest slogan is. They just want the investors to admire them to finance their great expansion of long-haul airplanes and A320neo's... I am just sceptical it's gonna work out better this time :{

Callone 15th Jun 2017 19:08

Originally Posted by fly4more (Post 9802967)
This is a legacy carrier who are biting the bullet and starting a low co operation.
Obviously the terms n conditions will suck otherwise why would they bother starting up a loco ? They could simply use their own guys.

They are asking for very little experience. 500 hrs on type command ... pretty low , so low pay . Thats it .

Plenty of EK Guys applying but no chance , its A320 rating guys ;)


Andrew7 16th Jun 2017 15:07

Money is low sorry , plus after UK taxes......plus working for an Agency and not a good one at that ........... not even a direct contract. Stay where you are at Emirates guys or go to EZ and get a direct contract and Seniority.

Alpha Golf Mike 16th Jun 2017 15:29

Does anyone know conditions for FO, and how to apply? Been looking everywhere but not able to find the smallest info.

matt283 16th Jun 2017 19:05

I would recommend you to send an e-mail to the agency:


Alpha Golf Mike 18th Jun 2017 20:03

Thank you!

semmern 22nd Jun 2017 11:20

FO basic pay: £3300/month. I think it was about £71/h over 60h/month.
Capt: £5500/month. Can't remember hourly pay over 60h, but it was proportional, so about £110-120/h.

dirk85 22nd Jun 2017 22:07

How exactly did you come up with 7000 EUR gross? Not from the figures quoted above obviously.

dirk85 23rd Jun 2017 09:13

I see. Then the above information is incorrect.

Not that I expect them to fly 960 hpurs per year, but still.

Luibar 23rd Jun 2017 12:09

I think it is risky to assume that you will be flying 80 hours a month, even considering 1 month off for vacation. As stated somewhere above, if they introduce a Ryanair style roster of 5/4 there is a chance that not every month you work 15 days so no €1000 on that month.

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