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Old 4th May 2020, 19:27
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Aer Lingus

All pilots on 50% part time, April, May and June.

900 company wide redundancies (20% of workforce).

No pilot redundancies so far among the 150 junior pilots (20%), depends if it can be offset by voluntary severance, unpaid leave and part time. More comprehensive agreement in the next few weeks.
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Old 5th May 2020, 21:28
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UPDATE SAS: Norway no pay if furloughed, governmental support up to approx. 60% pay. Depends on your wages the last 12 months - if you are new, then approx. 15-25% pay. 14 days to 6 months notice period, paid. Changes to 6 months are 6 months of employment.
Denmark: 78% pay, between 1 to 11 months notice period.
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Old 1st Jul 2020, 19:56
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So would one indicator of a good employer be one who would look to share the pain across the patch rather than casting any individual onto the rocks below?

if so then I’d have to say and I admit it has surprised me, that Ryanair seems to have come good when it came right down to the real nitty gritty of it all, if of course rumours of a shared hit rather than making forced redundancies are true.

So maybe now is a very a good time to compare which outfit chose to share the pain and keep everyone safe and which decided to sling employees onto the rocks below. I’d suggest this is a good time to analyse who actually are the employers of choice.

To be used as a reference of course when things pick up and the better candidates are looking where to trust their career going forward. Now is the time to take note of the character and culture of an organisation as they are all being forced to show what they are all about

So who cut pilots adrift and who took a cut across the board?

Of course, my thoughts with any one involved in an unwanted job loss. Stay strong.
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Old 1st Jul 2020, 20:36
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"The Hall of Shame" on eurocockpit.be was intended to provide an insight into the very worst examples of mistreatment of personnel during crisis. However, some of its materials are no longer valid as more considerate arrangements have been reached at RYR and other carriers, protecting all the jobs or the majority of them. Needless to say though, many of the airlines who proved to be a bad example of crisis management have not been listed. And the struggle in many is not even known on a large scale since they're not big and famous enough to make newspaper headlines.
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I have updated the list with what I personally am aware of so if people want to add more they can PM me or post on here as appropriate. I personally do not believe that we will be looking back here in 2024 and thanking RYR for their incredibly generous offer of paycuts for the next 4 years when they clearly didn't want to get rid of any pilots in the first place, but I would be happy to be proven wrong, and I am glad that no more pilots are facing redundancy today 👍

Edit: Company names in bold is an indication of direct info from posts or PMs, keep em coming and best of luck to all.

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Old 2nd Jul 2020, 06:38
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thank god someone on this tread sees things how the actually are. I swear I can hear O’Leary laugh all the way down here in southern France🤨
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Old 4th Jul 2020, 14:17
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Any (educated ?) guess on which operator will be the first to clear all the furloughing and resume hiring pilots ?
My take is, based on available web info, 2023 ?
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Old 4th Jul 2020, 14:29
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It's anyone's guess. Certainly some amount of hiring here and there will take place well before 2023. Some limited recruitment takes place even now - mostly for corporate or special operations though. What are your individual chances of getting a job within the next year depends on a huge number of factors, starting with the development of the situation globally and in your region of interest and ending with your qualifications, experience, personality and connections.
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Old 14th Jul 2020, 06:07
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Update r.e TUI

New Agreement reached between the company and CC.

Zero redundancies. Zero long term changes to terms and conditions. All pilots 80% pay for 80% work rate from 1st of November. Staged recovery then based on commercial operation/requirements, going to 90% pay for 90% work rate and finally returning to full pay and 100% work rate by 31st October 2021.

Only when all pilots within base, seat, and rank, have had the opportunity to be stage 1 recalled, can stage 2 recalls begin.
Voluntary exit pathway also created for Cpts on pay point 20 or above.

Yearly pay increments as per previous pay deal maintained.

Subject to ballot result soon.

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Old 14th Jul 2020, 10:37
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That's a wonderful result, I have many friends at TUI so I am happy to hear it, update re Loganair also in the list
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Old 14th Jul 2020, 11:01
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Good on the company
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Old 27th Jul 2020, 07:43
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Good on the pilots, they are paying for it and voted for it. Probably not sustainable though going forward as they are massively over crewed.
it would have been have been nice if all companies had tried the same.
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Old 27th Jul 2020, 07:46
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When you say "massively over crewed", do you mean in the immediate term, or for the planned summer 2021 schedule?
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Old 27th Jul 2020, 08:06
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What is the 2021 schedule for any airline?
Sorry I cant answer your question because my info is second hand, I was told TUI was over crewed before caronavirus.

I was simply saying well done the pilots, they took one for the team so to speak.
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Old 30th Jul 2020, 03:19
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Great effort. For the lazy (me...) can we have the list alphabetized?
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Old 30th Jul 2020, 10:40
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Why would TUI have been over crewed before coronavirus? They took on 100+ Thomas cook pilots so they would have sufficient crews for a pre-covid summer 20 season, not to mention a handful of third party contracts. Indeed they were still recruiting when things ground to a halt in March. They’re obviously over-crewed now but are hoping if things pick up for summer 21 that they’ll have the correct number of pilots for that.
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If you remember, TUI and J2 recruited heavily on the back of previously planned and opportunistic growth after the demise of TCG. Added to that the return to service of the MAX they had a need for crews. The current situation has left them with too many pilots but they have done a great job of avoiding redundancies. So far.
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Jet2 Update

Some positive news from Jet2, while 70% salaries is now extended from Dec to April, barring unforseen circumstances 100% of pre Covid salaries proposed to be reinstated for all crew from April 2021 👍
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Old 6th Dec 2020, 11:42
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Someone is getting their Aprils fools in early
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Old 10th Dec 2020, 12:57
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Sadly, extremely negative news from Loganair

Phase 1 redundancies: roughly 30 pilot redundancies already made (mostly consisting of Chester ERJ crew). This number excludes many pilots terminated on grounds of “contractual frustration” during the summer.

Pilots also forced to accept reduction of contractual notice period to statutory notice period (1 week per year of service. Some pilots on as little as 1 week notice). Pilots given a choice between acceptance, or putting themselves at risk of redundancy.

Phase 2 redundancies: Roughly 70 pilots from all bases and fleets being earmarked for future redundancy, based on business outlook for S21. Recovery = redundancy withdrawn and they keep their jobs. No recovery = redundancy. This is all whilst being on statutory notice. Selection of those earmarked based on performance. (At any time in the future, those selected may be terminated with as little as one week’s notice).

BALPA trying their best to fight the company over the legality, morality, and mental health impact of what they are doing. Company playing hard and fast and unwilling to change stance, believing ends justify the means and it is vital to their survival
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