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Ryanair Cancelling flights!

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Ryanair Cancelling flights!

Old 17th Sep 2017, 18:23
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why applying there ? are you serious?
it's really not the moment to apply there. You have choice now. Yes it's not easy, but you do have choice.
Everybody should stop sending applications to them.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 18:52
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Just a over a week ago MOL predicted (ranted) Norwegian (and Monarch) were going bust, apparently - according to Norwegian - because he is upset they are recruiting all his pilots.

Norwegian on Ryanair attack: O'Leary is bitter about losing his pilots to us - Business Insider Nordic

Now this...hmmm. In the words of the X -Factor, The Truth is Out There.

Anyway, lots of pilot jobs at Norwegian apparently

Norwegian careers

PS Including in Dublin

PPS Of course I meant X-files; just trying to lighten the mood
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 19:00
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Originally Posted by Greenlights View Post
why applying there ? are you serious?
it's really not the moment to apply there. You have choice now. Yes it's not easy, but you do have choice.
Everybody should stop sending applications to them.
That's right, everybody should stop sending applications to them. May be this way they will react and improve T&C'c.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 19:42
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Missing FR already

Originally Posted by Normal Pilot View Post
As I said, they have access to a lot of crew, simply call those FO's back who were command ready and put them straight on the command course, most would jump at the chance.
Like yourself you mean?
What happens after you get your Cmd, faraway Green hills await? Let me guess the desert isn't as you expected.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 20:01
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Originally Posted by Bravo Zulu View Post
Sounds like the wheels are finally falling off at Ryanair....!
And about time. This little nome is nothing but a crook. How he ever gets anyone to fill a pilot seat or pax seat is beyond me. In days long past this would be drawn and quartered.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 20:38
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RYR say they are sending e-mails to all affected pax a coupe of days before their flights. The numbers are staggering. 50-80 flights/day at 180pax/flt = 1400-ish emails a day. Who do they employ, if anyone, to handle this monumental task? Firstly someone has to decide which flights are cancelled and then convey the information. If RYR has staff levels cut to the bone who is spare to action this unexpected task? Not only that, all the ticket refund & compensation & expense refund claims that will be coming in. Swamped and drowning doesn't seem to describe it.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 21:57
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I'm sure it's a generic email that they can bulk send to everybody on a flight at the click of a button. I hope it isn't though, would be even more pleasing to see staff overworked and discontent in HQ as well.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 22:32
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Quote: "I would applaud the flight deck person who came on the PA and said "We've all got crap wages so would you all please put £10 in the hat as it goes round and I will ensure it gets shared fairly amongst us".

Perhaps off topic, but comment nonetheless: This is what I remember from flying around in Russia just after the "change" 1991/1992. Only the hat didn't go around for topping up crew wages, but for topping up fuel levels to actually perform the flight for which one held tickets.

Last edited by D Bru; 17th Sep 2017 at 23:00. Reason: typo
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 22:34
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Swamped and drowning doesn't seem to describe it...
perfect well said.
I love that they said its not about staff shortages ....... Liars

This will mean that the travelling public will hate and mistrust rhem just a bit more
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 22:51
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Originally Posted by jeehaa View Post
Funny it's mentioned to be 6 weeks - exactely when the winter schedule starts for which less people are needed anyway due to the grounding of airframes. So the actual problem will be disguised as 50-60 airplanes will be on the ground from that moment on...
Good point
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 23:27
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Originally Posted by RAT 5 View Post
What happened to the old pre-EASA 'trick' of zeroing pilots hours at the start old pre- financial year in April? Is that still allowed, or do all pilots, and rostering, keep a rolling 7 day, 28 day, 90 day + annual total? If the zeroing policy was stopped that would have an impact on increasing pilot numbers.
Since 2016 there's an additional limit of 1000 hrs in any 12 consecutive calendar months that prevents that.
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 00:08
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This seems to be a strategic move by Ryanair, it would not surprise me if they are making a strategic forced Leave / Holiday for their crew during this Off Peak season, to make sure they have crew later this year during Peak winter season that still have hours left they can work on.
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 01:21
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Hitler finds out Ryanair is cancelling flights - Caption Generator
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 06:18
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Where is rpg in this great opportunity....
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 08:30
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Stock markets open 20 minutes and share price already down 3.5%!

671,000 shares ditch at opening.

Also noticed that MOL sold 4million shares on the 17thjune for £76million!

Last edited by littco; 18th Sep 2017 at 09:52.
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 09:48
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Originally Posted by littco View Post
Stock markets open 20 minutes and share price already down 3.5%!
this is awsome
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 10:11
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Nothing like some great news to start the day with
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 10:27
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Originally Posted by UAV689 View Post
Where is rpg in this great opportunity....
Probably the most pertinent question asked on this forum so far! Their silence is deafening
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 11:30
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Looks like the pilots is pissed off as well:

Dear Mr Hickey,

I am the ERC for the XXX-base and I am writing to you to inform you that today the ERCs of Italy have voted to reject your offer of temporary increased pay to tackle the pilot shortage issues we are facing.

We believe that these issues we are facing are only symptoms of a much bigger problem. This problem is caused by the complete failure of the senior managers of Ryanair to construct a solid employee base and IT structure to support the growth of the airline. We believe that continuing to patch up the symptoms of this problem are eventually going to lead to a major and possibly unrecoverable collapse in the service we provide. We are not prepared to follow these strategies any longer.

We now request from you:

Document One: A commitment to have a first draft Italian Employee Contract for all pilots and cabin crew based in Italy and to have a final draft ready for the summer season 2018.

Document Two: A draft plan and commitment to supply the resources (increased staff numbers, proper training and modern software) necessary to adequately staff the supporting departments of the company (crew control, rostering, payrol, maintrol etc.) and create renumeration packages for these staff members which will encourage them to remain in their positions gaining experience and developing into the world class support structure we need.

We believe the root cause of the problem is simply that the CEO, backed by the senior management team have, for decades, been blindly chasing the lowest possible fare while neglecting other critical aspects of building an organisation.

The above documents must be signed by the board of directors.

These issues affect the quality of the lives of the 10,000 crew members who are the engine of this company. We work hard for the company, many of us for many years. We work off days. We accept roster changes in the middle of the night. We fly rescue missions. We fill the gaps often paying for phone calls and taxis out of our own pocket... etc. And we do this almost entirely without any complaint. We are proud to be part of this dynamic company and we look forward to building the future.

Unfortunately we are not able to organise a company wide discussion on this topic, obviously it would be ideal to send this letter signed by all of the ERCs including all of their ideas but it is currently impossible. We encourage our colleagues in other bases and countries to take a similar stance and start now to demand the structures required to permanently solve these issues and take this company safely to the next stages of planned growth.

Best Regards,

And this:
Dear Diarmuid,

Itís now almost 4 weeks you came to CRL.
With Laurent, you agreed to organize a formal first meeting with the new CRLís ERC team before end of September.
At this date we donít see any meeting appearing on our rosters.

We kindly ask you to organize that meeting as soon as possible. We start to have difficulties to give positive signs to our colleagues about their future with Ryanair.
When we tell them that we have not yet started to work together we are usually facing disappointment or even sometimes some anger.
And last memo from the COO doesn't help to keep people happy. The fear of not keeping the 5/4 roster increases the pressure on them and may lead to unsafe situations.
On top of that we continue to be challenged about the following topics :

In case of out base duty, more and more colleagues are not receiving the support they are expecting from Crew control. No hotel booked or hotels booked via touristic website such as "booking.com". Someimes they even don't have the standard required by Part A. And of course not, as usual, not prepaid.
Taxiís to/from Airports are never booked.
Overnight allowance is no longer in line with the actual cost of hotel / restaurant meal. If you consider lunch + dinner itís even worst.
Very slow or inaccurate procedure to recover money after out of base duty.
Had/hoc leave system is useless as even ę green days Ľ are never available and Rostering takes up to 3 weeks to denied an available period in the system.
Moodles training is not yet included in duty time or considered as a duty.
Staff parking is not accessible to trainees at CRL and the cost of passenger Ďs parking is prohibitive for cadets.
Piltos ask us to clarify the situation concerning the 10.000 Ä incentive for new pilots. Sector pay keeps to decrease throughout the years. Are you going to give that incentive to the crews helping the company to make massive benefits for many years?
it is now mid-september and still no possibility to apply for annual leave for next year. Pilots are getting stressed by the situation. Many of them are complaining about family pressure leading once more to unsafe situations.

As you can see, there is major points to be discussed as soon as possible.
Looking forward to seeing you in a near future,

Best Regards,

The CRL Reps,
Someone who knows the deal the pilots in Italy have been offered?
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 11:55
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Am I the only who think the CEO should resign ? It's time to rebuild this airline on better fundations.
I enjoy not hearing this Oleary claiming his model is the best blablabla. Now he is not playing smart anymore
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