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Actual BA Pay

Old 19th May 2015, 18:52
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Actual BA Pay

Hi - I've had a good look around the forum regarding information on BAs basic pay, allowances, sector pay, pensions etc. Some of it appears out of date now that PayPoint34 is out there.

I just wondered if someone at the company can breakdown/explain what a FO SH LHR chap/chapess might expect to earn above and beyond that listed on pjn.

Thank you
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Old 19th May 2015, 21:34
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Have a look at the monster thread called "BA Direct Entry Pilot."

It's all in there.

Briefly, starts about 50kish, plus about 6k flying pay, and 3.30ish hourly duty pay. Pension is BARP, you pay choice of 1%-6%, company doubles your contribution, so their max of 12%.
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Old 19th May 2015, 23:12
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They were paying new pilots 23k basic (+ allowances/flight pay etc) in 1989 for about half the hours flown now....
Even engineering apprentices were making 300 a week gross.
Put all that into an inflation calculator.
Both with NAPS.
How times have changed.
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Old 20th May 2015, 02:06
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So, how many hours do they fly now?
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Old 20th May 2015, 05:05
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All of them.
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Old 20th May 2015, 08:45
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BA PP1 PP34 DEP 320

For those wanting a clear answer!

1st Jan 2013 is when our latest Pay Scales were updated. PP34 Year 1 was 51819 basic. We have had a 2.3% & 1.6% pay rise respectively since then so I make year 1 basic at....


With a standard 6% BARP pension contribution (269 per month) Net is 3021 per month.

FPA has been raised on SH and is now 715.46 before full tax so 429 net.

TAFB (time away from base/swipe in to swip out is now 3.99) taxed slightly differently... Slightly beyond me. I do a mix of 2/3 day trips with the odd day trip & before tax get between 7/800 a month easily. This equates to ish 600 net. Obviously if your doing more tours than day trips expect to make 1000, or if your a day tripper 4/500....

So all together that's is 4050 in a standard full time month PP1 320 FO.

I'm PP5 & comfortably clear 4600 net.

As we are short there is plenty of overtime. I believe the hourly rate PP1 is circa 47... This is fully taxed. If picked up at 1.25 rate... Therefore a 2 day 10 hr credit trip is 350 net plus the 120 TAFB so circa 470 net. Personally I think it should be more but hey ho.

I have friends that clear easily 5000 a month net with overtime.

I hope this helps! All said with usual Health warnings but 4000 will put you in the ball park.
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Old 20th May 2015, 08:53
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The Range

So, how many hours do they fly now?
Since you ask and to provide a limited comparision with the "in the day" Private Jet alludes to this is a snapshot of how my BA Long Haul widebody annual flying hours figures have progressed over the years:
I've ignored 90 and 91 since the hours were impacted by courses (initial on the 747 and conversion to the 744)..thereafter:

1992: 509 hours
1993: 531 hours
(Two ringer, Blindlines,(in the days of "long Harare's" etc))

Fast forward with a steady ramping up of the annual totals to :

'13: 832 hours (cue cries of "slacker")
'14 : 861 hours...
(Four ringer, Triplines, )

I suspect my short haul colleagues and many junior Long haul Blindline holders will be much much closer to the magic "all of them...." than I am.

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Old 20th May 2015, 09:01
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Shorthaul is in the low 700s generally, without overtime.

However, you will spend an awful lot of time on duty to achieve that. For example, earlyish pick-up in ATH (9am ish), three and a half hour flight back to LHR, sit around for nearly three hours, MAN and back. Very close to max FDP. Very frustrating.
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Old 20th May 2015, 11:23
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Thanks thats all really useful - very much appreciated.

Regarding report and finish times for LHR SH,

Whats the earliest you have to report for work? (looking at possible commuting options)
Whats the latest?
What does a normal working day look like for a blind liner...?
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Impressive income / lifestyle

Are we comparing apples with oranges here though - are you a recently joined FO, are your company recruiting and do they also provide a free rating?
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Old 20th May 2015, 22:34
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Has to be Jet2. Sadly not FO pay but it is available for year 1 new joiners. No PPwhatever here.

No recruitment right now but generally an annual occurrence.
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Old 20th May 2015, 22:44
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Do tell, who is flying 300-400 hours a year, UK based and home every night, earning 100k a year?

It sounds like Nirvana
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Old 20th May 2015, 23:18
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Has to be a Jet2 757 skipper
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Old 20th May 2015, 23:27
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75 skipper or a 73 skipper at a Royal Mail base.

Yeah, it is pretty good but have a read through the Jet2 thread and hear them moan. It's an overused phrase but there truly is no pleasing some people.

I guess this is what thread drift is....
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Old 21st May 2015, 00:26
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Take any UK charter outfit and you'll find the hours, salary and quality of home life are generally the same as what's been mentioned above. Maybe a 100 more hours.

BA short-haul sounds like hard work and I'm led to believe BA pilots swap planes mid-duty - yuck. I always thought that was the hallmark of inefficient Asian airlines? Hats off to you guys (Not that I own/want one ).

I have to say, as the days roll by, I am becoming less and less inclined to apply.
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Old 21st May 2015, 02:29
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I have to say, as the days roll by, I am becoming less and less inclined to apply
Then I wonder why you are inclined at all. Sounds like you'd just be wasting everyone's time including your own?

Fly a 737/757 for Jet 2 if you'd rather? It's a 'stepping-stone airline'. Everyone knows it's not a career. Join Easy if you prefer SH. At least you know you'll be doing exactly the same thing, on exactly the same aircraft, every single day of your working life until you retire. Or a charter airline if you prefer that kind of work? Or Virgin if you know SH would NEVER be for you (and you don't much like unions)

If those choices appear to have 'drawbacks', then consider BA. You may well join on the A320, who are the whipping boys of the airline. (Thanks to the influence of some of the employers named above!) After a maximum of 5 years you'll have a valid bid off onto B744, B777, B787, A380, A350. The choice is largely yours. You will travel the globe, staying in most of it's great cities. BA offer you choices that allow you to live anywhere in the World. There are pilots living in Aus and NZ. North America and Canada. Throughout Europe and probably many other continents too. Staff travel will allow you and yours the possibility of holidaying in First Class seats, if you're smart with your choices.

If you're basing your choice of employer on starting rates of pay, you may not be seeing the bigger picture?? Suit yourself. (Incidentally, top rate of basic in BA is in excess of 150k. A number are earning 200k.)

If you simply don't want to wear a hat, look at other employers! Like Monarch by the sounds?

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What an arrogant bloody post.

Why wouldn't Jet2 be a career airline for someone? They maybe to some. The only thing I can think of is security and declining terms, but are you immune? Bidline/PP34??? Will it stop? No it won't. You know if they were perceived to be as secure as BA are perceived to be secure, I'd certainly look at less money for half the hours and a command in 5 years for 400 hours with 100k plus.

Money/variety??? Ha! You can keep your money. In fact if I were younger the only reason I'd apply to BA is the security. The lifestyle sounds crap. Also what sounds crap is the grating self entitlement that permeates from anyone posting on here from BA crushing anyone that dares to post that BA isn't a golden goose - bar a few grounded souls. I couldnt listen to that day in day out. Do you honestly believe your own crap smells better? I'll give you a clue, no one on the ramp these days looks at you swanning around and says "what guys, heroes". It's generally bemused smiling at the arrogance and a feeling that we wouldn't fancy it due the hours. And further still, laughter that some of you still swan around as if money and a hat were like some sort of answer to anything in life. Yes at the moment those of you up the tree may have it good on bids but I bet it won't be like that if someone's joins in ten years.

I fly long haul for a supposed top carrier that has plenty of variety. At my years you can keep variety. I'm not too arrogant to hold my hands up and say I'd jack in flying a fat arsed wide body 4 engines jet for a regional if I find someone willing to give me a go and I got to garden more, ride me bike and spend time with my misses. I think the UK flying industry is on a never seen before cusp where many pilots are finding at the other side of the rainbow there is no all round pot of gold and the best balance (as low as it may be and declining) was the job they jacked in flying for the likes of commoners like Jet2/Flybe. It's all on the slide.
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Why is it that every time someone starts a BA thread asking a genuine question, some will endeavour to hijack the thread with how much better their airline/job is? If I was interested in those airlines I'd go look on those threads. Touch of insecurity perhaps?

Very few jobs are perfect. I see some excellent facets of other UK airline jobs that I'd love to enjoy but there are always downsides in those jobs too.

There's a lot of people on this forum that write off/criticise the BA job having never experienced it!! BA can be frustrating and difficult in the first few years but long term I do think there's no better place in the UK.
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No I'm not with Monarch but another UK charter, so forgive the handle. I'm inn my first year. Over the summer, my take home will be around the 4k mark. I'll be flying around 70-80 hours then come winter that will be down to 20. I'm based out of a small base which despite living 30 miles from takes me 35 minutes to get to door to door (house door to crewing room door). That's a massive plus for my personal situation.

I honestly consider myself to have one of the best jobs in the country in terms of graft vs reward. Trutfully, even in summer, we hardly work. Just by flying to Turkey twice a week we reach company flight time limits. The quality of life I get by getting back home each evening (well at least 9/10 times) AND by not being worked into the ground by flying 4 sectors a day (we do a max of 2, occasionally 3) is amazing.

There is the prospect of mixed fleet or longhaul flying within 3-5 years too. Command time is comparable.

That's a lot of good stuff to give up for BA and many agree. I was all up for re-applying to BA just a few months ago (they've called me back earlier than expected) but I no longer feel it's for me due to the above reasons.
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Old 21st May 2015, 18:47
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Lots of 'My job pays loads and i do all.' Or 'I chose not to join BA for this reason...'

I think those people are lost.

Year 1 about 4000/month net.
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