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BA PP1 PP34 DEP 320

For those wanting a clear answer!

1st Jan 2013 is when our latest Pay Scales were updated. PP34 Year 1 was 51819 basic. We have had a 2.3% & 1.6% pay rise respectively since then so I make year 1 basic at....


With a standard 6% BARP pension contribution (269 per month) Net is 3021 per month.

FPA has been raised on SH and is now 715.46 before full tax so 429 net.

TAFB (time away from base/swipe in to swip out is now 3.99) taxed slightly differently... Slightly beyond me. I do a mix of 2/3 day trips with the odd day trip & before tax get between 7/800 a month easily. This equates to ish 600 net. Obviously if your doing more tours than day trips expect to make 1000, or if your a day tripper 4/500....

So all together that's is 4050 in a standard full time month PP1 320 FO.

I'm PP5 & comfortably clear 4600 net.

As we are short there is plenty of overtime. I believe the hourly rate PP1 is circa 47... This is fully taxed. If picked up at 1.25 rate... Therefore a 2 day 10 hr credit trip is 350 net plus the 120 TAFB so circa 470 net. Personally I think it should be more but hey ho.

I have friends that clear easily 5000 a month net with overtime.

I hope this helps! All said with usual Health warnings but 4000 will put you in the ball park.
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