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The Range

So, how many hours do they fly now?
Since you ask and to provide a limited comparision with the "in the day" Private Jet alludes to this is a snapshot of how my BA Long Haul widebody annual flying hours figures have progressed over the years:
I've ignored 90 and 91 since the hours were impacted by courses (initial on the 747 and conversion to the 744)..thereafter:

1992: 509 hours
1993: 531 hours
(Two ringer, Blindlines,(in the days of "long Harare's" etc))

Fast forward with a steady ramping up of the annual totals to :

'13: 832 hours (cue cries of "slacker")
'14 : 861 hours...
(Four ringer, Triplines, )

I suspect my short haul colleagues and many junior Long haul Blindline holders will be much much closer to the magic "all of them...." than I am.

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