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I have to say, as the days roll by, I am becoming less and less inclined to apply
Then I wonder why you are inclined at all. Sounds like you'd just be wasting everyone's time including your own?

Fly a 737/757 for Jet 2 if you'd rather? It's a 'stepping-stone airline'. Everyone knows it's not a career. Join Easy if you prefer SH. At least you know you'll be doing exactly the same thing, on exactly the same aircraft, every single day of your working life until you retire. Or a charter airline if you prefer that kind of work? Or Virgin if you know SH would NEVER be for you (and you don't much like unions)

If those choices appear to have 'drawbacks', then consider BA. You may well join on the A320, who are the whipping boys of the airline. (Thanks to the influence of some of the employers named above!) After a maximum of 5 years you'll have a valid bid off onto B744, B777, B787, A380, A350. The choice is largely yours. You will travel the globe, staying in most of it's great cities. BA offer you choices that allow you to live anywhere in the World. There are pilots living in Aus and NZ. North America and Canada. Throughout Europe and probably many other continents too. Staff travel will allow you and yours the possibility of holidaying in First Class seats, if you're smart with your choices.

If you're basing your choice of employer on starting rates of pay, you may not be seeing the bigger picture?? Suit yourself. (Incidentally, top rate of basic in BA is in excess of 150k. A number are earning 200k.)

If you simply don't want to wear a hat, look at other employers! Like Monarch by the sounds?

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